Befitting way of applying glitter eye shadow

Befitting way of applying glitter eye shadow

If there’s any eye makeup look that screams glamour then hands down it should be the glitter eye makeup that instantly adds that oozing factor to the look. This party-appropriate eye makeup can help to add drama and glam quotient to the look. However, the drawbacks of creating this look is the fall out of the glittery eyeshadow and up to some extent its staying power too. For all the girls who love creating this glamorous look knows the struggle behind making this eye makeup look perfect and making it stay for longer. There’s always one solution to it and that’s to know the right method of application. After you have mastered the technique, nobody can stop you from rocking that glittery eye shadow look and make it stay for longer hours. We have made a step by step guide for you that will help you to rock that glitter eye shadow like an absolute pro.

Prep your eyes

To make glitter eye shadow makeup work perfectly for you, it’s important to have your eyes all prepped up and the prepping begins a day prior the day. To make sure this eye makeup stays for longer, it’s important to keep your eyelids all hydrated and moisturized. But make sure you haven’t applied anything on the lids that is making them feel oily at the time of creating this look or else the pigment won’t show or even stay for that matter. You can start by using a hydrating cream a night before the day and you will notice how the skin around your eyes is looking hydrated and radiant.


Priming your eyelids are as important as priming other parts of your face. You certainly cannot miss out on this step as it is one of the key elements to create a perfect glitter eye shadow makeup. Applying primer to the lids will make sure that the eye shadow glides smoothly and also shows up nicely. But for that, you will need to make sure that the primer you are using allows the glitter to stick seamlessly to your eyelids and will also help to make your eye makeup last longer.

Apply the eye shadow

Now comes the main part and that is to apply the eye shadow. This is a do or die situation, one wrong move and your whole eye makeup can be ruined. This is why you will need to be extremely careful while applying the glitter eye shadow to your lids. We would suggest you to use your ring finger instead of a brush as it can easily mess up the look you are trying to create. The right technique of applying the glitter eye shadow to your eyelids is to do it in a patting motion or else just sweeping it off your eyelids will make it fall out across your eyelids and that’s not what we want. Even if you are applying it using finger, you should be extremely careful and apply the glitter by patting it gently on your eyelids. Also, don’t forget to keep your eyes closed while applying the eye shadow or else it will get creased.

Clear the glitter off your face

If you are a novice or have tried this eye makeup look for the very first time then it’s completely fine to see glitter fallout on some parts of your face. You can easily get rid of all the mess by using an adhesive tape by sticking it onto the parts of your face where you see any glitter fall out. This trick will ensure your makeup doesn’t get ruined because of the glitter fall out.

Set your eye makeup using a setting spray

Now the last and the final step is to set the eye makeup using a setting spray. Doing this will ensure that your eye shadow stays in place and doesn’t budge your eyelids all night. You can use the same setting spray that you use to lock your face makeup.

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