There are so many things out their just waiting to be purchased. All have their own charm, but have you thought of it do you really need it or you are just fine without them. People, we have been made enough aware of the minimalist approach towards life for a decade now. But we are still not into that approach. However, some of the minimalist practitioners have said it many times and again that they have more sorted life after they have adopted this approach. Besides, do we really need all those colorful things to work our life? Can’t we survive with five essentials things? Well, I am going to share a few tricks with your today to balance your wardrobe once and for all.

Seamless Garments

It is very important to have a skin tone matched seamless undergarments. No one likes to see a visible line of your bra while you are wearing a t-shirt or your panty line while you are wearing skinny pants. If you purchase your garments matching your skin tone then you will not have to think of, what color to wear. You will just grab one and be done with it. Sometimes when we pick up a white or blacktop for our dress up, we prefer to wear a similar color bra underneath. But doing so we highlight or bra area and the white or black color appears darker from those spots. If you wear a skin tone seamless bra you will find the results to be more pleasing.

Neutral Blouse

Now, here you should never go for the exact skin tone, take a darker shade of nude, not lighter. However, cream, ivory snowy blue can be purchased without a thought. You might want to notice the skin tone. Sometimes pure white doesn’t look good on warm skin tone people; if you have cool skin tone the color will look great. Similarly, for the shades, you can go for the black, grey, charcoal, etc for excellent looks. You can also grab a bunch of t-shirt in neutral if you like because they are really easy to work with.


We have a few pairs of jeans; the color, however, may vary as some of us really love the indigo color original jeans and some of us lean towards a bluer jean. So which side are you on the blue or the lighter shade? Well, girls, we need to work in combs here. You don’t need anything dark and you don’t need anything extremely light (except white as these are classic). You need to have faded blue washed jeans and a dark grayish texture wide-leg jean. These are two classic except the white ones. Now, you have the trend of utilitarian jeans as well. If you like to dress up in a cool manner then you can switch for that. Now, the skinny jeans and the high waist jeans are also running in trend you can get them in any of your favorite colors.


The shoes of the minimalist approach have to be a neutral color so that you don’t have to overthink and sort of slide your feet in them. Well, a truly minimalist approach is to get two footwear, one is flat and one is the heel. But today we are not going that far, it’s about baby steps. So you need to have two loafers, one in black and another one is a sort of red topaz color. This color is like a mixture of brown and red tones, which makes it the best one to wear with any possible dress. Next, you need to have black pumps and white sneakers. These all comprise to form a total shoe collection.


I know it’s just a saying, ‘women love jewels’, some don’t. Ladies we look good in them, so what is the harm in getting a chained necklace and a gold plated choker. Or you can just get a medium length chain with a pendant in it. The old patterns of pendants look dam classy and are a forever style.

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