The one form of apparel none of us can go out without would be jeans and trousers. We can be stylish and comfortable at the same time with a pair of jeans throughout the year. There is no season attached to it because the fabric is such that it can be worn in every season. Just pick the right blouse with it and you’re off to a comfy day ahead without any fuss. It’s true for most of us that we do own a lot of pairs of jeans but wear only one or two. But still can’t get over buying lots of them because hello? How can we stay outdated! Confusion arises when you look at hundreds of pairs of jeans and are not sure as to which one suits best for your body type. So we are here to give you an insight on the best jeans that suit every body type and look stylish always.


Skinny- as the name suggests, skinny jeans are body-hugging jeans thus showing your figure so precisely. These skinny jeans are fitted right from the waist and stretch all the way down till the ankle. Skinny jeans are obviously stretchable so it’s easier to get into them and feel comfortable all day like leggings. They have so many washes and colours varying from sky blue to navy to blacks. They take the shape of your legs so you can flaunt that style. A variety of mid rise, high rise and low rise jeans are available in the stores according to your preference. Women with hourglass shape or anyone with slim legs can wear them. Pair them with anything from your wardrobe- just anything!


Cropped jeans stretch down and end way before the ankle. The perfect refinement of Capri jeans are cropped jeans-much more stylish and ready-to-wear. Cropped jeans let your ankles breathe and look very cool with sneakers and boots. These types of jeans are usually high-waist with folded ends for that X factor. Cropped jeans come in varied styles too- they can be skinny or flared or straight mom jeans; whatever you prefer. Those with round or pear-shape bodies can avoid this one. Wear a fitted tucked in top with this one and you’re ready to slay!


This one has made a comeback with a bomb! The class of 80s and 90s have grown up wearing this style of jeans and there’s no denying the existence of bell bottoms. They are more tapered then the original ones and going right with the millennial trend. Wearing this pair has some magic attached to it as it has become the new hot favourite for ever woman. The fit of this jean is very different as they are fitted till the knee and then subtly open out past your calf muscles. Wear these with heels to avoid cleaning the floor with the hems. These are also tailored in cropped style and are suitable for all body types’ especially curvy women.


For all those who want to wear snuggled jeans but are too conscious to carry them-this one is your definite pick. Straight legged jeans are a saving grace for those who can’t pull super-skinnies. An in between pick between skinny and boyfriend jeans; these make your legs look longer than they actually are because of the straight design. Suit best for most body types because of this factor. This one is quite similar to cigarette jeans and look best when paired with pointed heels or even flat sandals. Opt these for a relaxed fit.


A mixture of jeans and leggings are these comfortable jeggings. With very soft material and extreme stretching, these are something else in comfort. For all those who don’t like the rigid and thick stuff of jeans, they can grab this pair of babies and be at ease 24/7. They come with a stretchy waistband instead of standard buttoning style. They make you look slimmer by compressing the extra fat with the stretchy material. Just like jeans, jeggings also come in a lot of shades so stick to darker ones if you’re conscious about your legs.

Go on a shopping spree and invest in the right denim according to your body type.

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