Having an inverted triangle body can be tricky for it often showcases a rectangular or athletic type of body once you wear anything. Yes, shopping for outfits needs some brain cells so that you can figure out what would look the best on you. If you have been struggling with not getting the desired appeal despite investing in expensive clothing every time you step out, this blog can help you in many ways. A such body has broad shoulders that reduce in width as it lengths down making the hips a bit smaller. Here you might feel your dresses are not bringing in the impact you are looking for.
Fashion isn’t only meant to burn your pockets but to make you look the best version of yourself. So, here are some very useful tips that you can use to look your best!
1. Focus on Lower Body

Since the upper body (shoulders and breast) have broader width, you have to balance your hips with that width so that a minimum hourglass can be achieved. Now hourglass is not your target here but not to look heavy on one pole only. You should wear clothes that have more detail on the lower body hence giving a denser hip.
A V-neck wrap-up dress or peplum dress can help you. Do not accentuate the volume on the upper body, the bust will end up looking bulky while your legs will have no share.
2. Say no to Tight Bottoms

Tighter bottoms are great when you are flaunting your curves, especially when you have an hourglass or pear-shaped body. But this can only help when you have broader hips, that is why in your case, this would be a big fail. You will either end up looking bustier than ever with thin legs or might look rectangular with no defined waist. You have to bring in more volume to your legs. Pleated skirts, flared pants, gypsy skirts, layered bottoms, ruffled skirts, wide-leg pants, etc. will do the job for you.
Adding more flare to the bottom will produce a voluminous bottom.
3. Work Your Neckline

Another trick to bring in the balance is to work on the shoulders so that it looks smaller. Necklines like Queen Anne, V-neck, one-shoulder, asymmetrical, jewel, and scoop straps create such an effect for you. Other straighter and broader necklines like off-shoulder straight or sweetheart, Grecian, balcony-cut, and sheer net, are sure to accentuate your upper body. This will broaden your shoulders and attract attention there, leaving your lower body with a sublime denouement.
Choose overcoats and jackets that have some straight-lined fitting to fade away the unwanted proportion.
4. Accessorize Smart

Your accessories and pieces of jewelry can be creatively used to equalize your dress-up. Want to know how? Have a read.
Long necklaces will effortlessly make the shoulders look narrow by adding extra length. Heavier shoes, boots, and heels can make your legs look heavy and sturdy. More embroidery on the bottoms is a great addition too!
Do not loathe yourself with heavy chokers or princess-style necklaces because then your bust will be more detailed.
Through these ways, you will be able to add more weightage around your lower body and create a peaceful symmetry. An inverted triangle body shape requires one to bring more attention and details to the hips because it has to look aligned to the broad shoulders. There are ways to dress up where you can also make your width look trimmed if you follow the right necklines. So, these were the tips for dressing and hopefully, next time your shopping spree will pay you off!

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