How you smell says a lot about you. Weird but true! When we meet someone and they come up emitting this wonderful fragrance that we get swayed with it always feels nice and attractive, doesn’t it? But most of us are hesitant in investing in them because they are just so expensive and a small bottle of 20 ml costs equivalent four of our jeans. Not fair! But then again, it’s always nice to invest in something that you know will have an impact on the crowd around you & make you look and feel more attractive. It’s not the fact that others need to know how beautiful you smell but it builds up your own confidence and makes you wanting to lead the crowd. Now vintage doesn’t mean these picks smell like your grandma’s closet but they are actually an acquired taste that is still bestselling in the market. If you end up picking any of these, it is sure to become your signature scent for years to come. Every perfume enthusiast needs to get on whiff on these picks.


Yves Saint Laurent is one of the most fascinating luxury brands and this Opium perfume by this store is actually inspired by bewitching and mysterious features. It has a very deep fragrance of myrrh, carnation and jasmine. As the perfume lingers on our body, base notes of sandalwood, vetiver and amber come in focus. It feels like you’re in between lush floral, rich spices and deep wood notes when you wear this perfume. Sweet mandarin orange instantly catches your attention with the first whiff. It is the perfect pick for a long-awaited date night to spice things up.


Absolutely one of the most captivating fragrances ever, this has an essence of opulent flowers with top notes of lavender, peach, rich spices and narcissus. It has been claimed as one of the sexiest fragrances ever created and even after 50 years of its creation, it is sure to enthral like this with its everlasting sensuality. With a very timeless appeal obviously, it has long been revered as a bewitching perfume with notes like rose, vanilla, musk, lily of the valley thus, lingering all over the body and attracting everyone around us. You walk in and you slay!


The nose behind Dioressence is Guy Robert who created this one with sexy notes by infusing ambergris for sophistication and elegance. The top notes in this vintage pick are orange, fruity feels, patchouli; the middle notes being carnation, violet, jasmine and base notes are musk, vanilla, oak moss, styrax. This is a very feminine oriental fragrance with a mysterious sensuality captured in cinnamon and patchouli mainly to bring magic in your day. This is available in travel friendly sizes as well. It is undeniably enchanting so make the perfect use of it in the evening. Its memorable essence turns head wherever you go.


The name of this scent sounds way too girly and gives the image that it’s made for teens and younger crowd but actually inside this little bottle, there is an artistic feature. Marc Jacobs is a superb fragrance designer for over a decade now and there is no doubt in saying that this one is a classic piece. Daisy i a fresh and feminine fragrance with notes of wild strawberry, violet petals and a luminous blend of gardenia and jasmine. As feminine as it sounds, there are also accords of birch and cedar wood to add a contrast feature of intensity. This one lingers for hours in its warm vanilla scent as well as soft musky undertone.


Mitsouko, as the name looks, is a very mysterious, chypre-fruity fragrance and is sure to impress the ones who prefer strong perfumes. Women usually look for feminine floral and this one comes with an additional strong woody scent along with fresh citruses. This is definitely a classic masterpiece for all women out there who love the notes of jasmine and rose with strong wood. Heart notes of lilac envelop you in a heady daze. Its longevity makes it a powerful buy and is ideal for all those days when you want to stand out in the crowd.

Give them a try and you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised.

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