Best vitamins to include in your diet for healthy skin

Best vitamins to include in your diet for healthy skin

When it comes to maintaining healthy and glowing skin, the combination of proper nutrition and good skincare always works. Not only your skin needs extra care and attention in the form of skincare products like cleansers, toners, and moisturizers, it also needs to be cared for from the inside, and that’s what vitamins are for. Keeping your skin happy from the outside wouldn’t lead to healthy and glowing skin; you need to do a lot more than that such as consuming a nutrition-rich diet on a daily basis.

Vitamins play a crucial role in keeping your skin glowing and healthy. In addition to using vitamin-based skincare products, you can also include vitamin-rich foods in your diet to promote youthful and flawless skin. Failing to provide vitamins to your skin in sufficient amounts leads to dull and prematurely aged skin. You may have to take supplements in order to make for vitamin deficiency. But you can prevent all that by including the right vitamins in your diet and eating them on a daily basis to achieve healthy and glowing skin.

Ahead, we have jotted down a list of some vitamins that are vital for keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most popular skincare ingredients out there; it is widely used in a lot of skincare products, especially anti-aging ones, such as serums, night creams, and sunscreen. Considering vitamin A contains antioxidant properties, your skin can benefit a lot from this vitamin. The regular consumption of vitamin A helps to strengthen the protective layer of your skin, thereby preventing skin damage caused due to environmental stressors. Other than that, vitamin A also helps reduce the signs of aging by slowing down collagen depletion. Sweet potatoes, eggs, and green vegetables are some of the best sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C doesn’t even need any introduction as it has long been a part of our skincare routines, and we are very well aware of all the benefits of using this ingredient for our skin. Apart from giving your skin a healthy glow, vitamin C also helps address a lot of skin problems. While vitamin C is primarily known for its skin brightening properties, it can help with so many other issues as well. Consuming vitamin C on a daily basis helps boost collagen production, thereby keeping the skin firm and youthful. Additionally, vitamin C-rich foods help reverse sun damage and accelerate the skin healing process. Citrus fruits, broccoli, pineapple, and cauliflowers are excellent sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin D

Although sunlight is the most natural and effective way to get your daily dose of vitamin D, you can introduce this vitamin in your routine in the form of food too. Vitamin D is known to contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that collectively help combat acne. The deficiency of this vitamin in your body can lead to acne, therefore, it’s essential to get your daily dose of vitamin D. And if it’s not possible to get it directly from the sunlight, you can get it from some foods, including cereals, fatty fish and eggs dairy products.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is found in abundant amounts in a lot of food items. You will never really come across a case of vitamin K deficiency as both vitamin K1 and K2 are found in abundant amounts in several food items. Including this vitamin in your diet can help address a myriad of skin issues, especially the issues that cause darkness on your skin such as dark circles, spider veins, scars, etc. Cabbage, sprouts, fermented foods, and fish are some of the best sources of vitamin K.

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