Bewitching way to cover dark spots and pigmentation using makeup

Bewitching way to cover dark spots and pigmentation using makeup

Our problems with skin just seem to be never-ending. Sometimes it’s the acne that’s causing the issue and sometimes it’s the stubborn dark spots and pigmentation that is raising concern, either way, having the skin of your dreams which is clear of acne, dark spots, pigmentation marks just seems like an impossible dream now. If the skincare regimen or the products doesn’t seem to be working for you then you need not fret, as long as you have makeup to back you up, there are no skin woes that can come in your way from achieving the desired look.
Pigmentation marks and dark spots are one of the most common skin woes that many women deal with and there’s nothing to be ashamed of but concealing them is also not a bad idea. No matter how stubborn those dark spots and pigmentation marks are, with the help of makeup, you can easily cover each one of them effectively.
We have formed a guide for you that will help you in concealing your dark spots and pigmentation marks the right way.

Know your undertone

First things first, knowing your undertone is one of the most important aspects of this whole process. You cannot continue with it unless you know what your undertone is. You should always purchase makeup products according to your undertone and the best way to identify it is by checking the color of your veins. If the veins appear blue to you then you have a cool undertone and if they seem green to you then you have warm undertone and in some cases you can also see the mix of two colors which indicates neutral undertone. Picking foundation and concealer that matches your natural undertone always work the best.

Use primer with blurring effect

Primer is one of the most important products to apply whenever you are trying to do makeup. You certainly cannot skip this step as it not only helps you in providing a soft and smooth canvas to work on but it also helps in creating a blurring effect which can help you in concealing your dark spots and pigmentation marks effectively. Primer comes in a huge variety and you will have to make sure that you buy the one that produces a blurring effect. It will help you in blurring out the imperfections whilst also providing a matte finish to the face.

Use an orange color corrector

Color corrector is designed for a reason and you should put it to use when needed. This product comes in different shades that are meant for different skin woes, but for concealing dark spots and pigmentation, you will require an orange color corrector. It can help you to hide all the dark spots, pigmentation, and even your dark circles. Just make sure that you are buying it according to your skin tone, such as peachy tone will work best for fair skin whereas, a redder-orange tone will work best for dusky skin.

Layer your foundation before setting it up with powder

Layering is no longer limited to your mascara only; your foundation can also be used in a similar way especially when you are trying to conceal the problematic areas on your face properly. Layering your foundations allows you to cover all the dark spots and pigmentation make quite seamlessly. And before you set it up with powder; make sure that the foundation has settled onto your skin nicely.

Apply loose powder before putting on the concealer

Firstly, you should know that concealer always goes after foundation and if you have been doing this the other way around then it’s time that you change your makeup technique and follow the right method. Coming to the point now, before you put on the concealer on the problematic areas, make sure to dab some amount of loose powder on the spots and then apply the concealer to achieve a more seamless finish.

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