Blast from the past: Trends to carry forward in the year 2020

Blast from the past: Trends to carry forward in the year 2020

As a year goes by, we take along some really fascinating trends that slew our outfits every time we went out and we are also leaving behind some from the previous year. But there are literally so many silhouettes and trends that have been so prevalent in the previous years and so, they deserve to be carried forward yet again in this new year of 2020. This is because they have literally failed to let go of our closets and the reason is simple- they give us the perfect silhouette for all those outings when we want to look classy and sexy. If this is what you are hoping to do in 2020 too, then you are in the right place. We have listed some of the most unique trends that got popular because of their design and tailoring. Have a look and don’t forget to add them to your collection-

Victorian fashion

Talking about the blast from the past, this is the first thing that we will pick for our new collection. Victorian designs have always been related to elegance, royalty, and sophistication. They have been a part of our fashion line since the 50s and 60s or maybe even before that. At some point or the other, they have always made their way back in our silhouettes then why not have them as a part of our permanent collection? Victorian fashion is everything related to Bows, frills, and lace because these features are absolutely charming and feminine. You can pick any statement sleeves in Victorian fashion and flaunt the most vintage style in your dressing. This style looks best in pastels or oxblood colors.

Vintage Ginghams

Ginghams, checks, and tartans are all similar with a slight variation in the pattern and size. But they are more or less the same thing and just so vintage! If you are fond of checks and prints, then this gingham style fabric would be the perfect thing for you. You must carry this trend forward in the year 2020 as it is one of the most flattering trends from the bygone days. This gingham fabric is actually a woven fabric with multiple checks curated together to form one fancy silhouette. Style these in pants, shorts, skirts, etc. for the ultimate flattering.

Waist bags

Another fancy summer trend that became prevalent recently. It is one of those trends that makes us go la-la about it because of versatility as well as style. As the name suggests, a waist bag is the fanciest thing one can pick for herself because it sits on the waist on one side and makes you look uber-chic. This is one of those accessories that can make you a bit more tad stylish than others. Whether you prefer a mini belt-bag or a sleek baguette, this trend is an easy way to add some class and high-fashion vogue to your wardrobe. It became popular in summers with your boyfriend jeans and tucked-in tees but it can also be worn in winters perfectly.

Mules and Sliders

Shoe trends cannot be left behind when we are talking about the blast from past trends. The best thing about these mules and sliders is that they are super comfortable and easy to wear. Even if you do not have enough shoes, a pair of these two will sort every outing of yours. They can make you look stylish and also add to the overall vibe of your outfit, probably because of the way they are curated. This trend became prevalent recently and must be carried forward. The legacy of this exclusive piece should not be broken. These kinds of footwear literally look like zero effort has been put in them to style an outfit. With so many styles and variations, these team up well with all kinds of looks.

Corset dresses

This one had to be on the list! You must be thinking that this fashion became popular recently but the truth is that this been has a part of the fashion industry since forever. It kept coming back and created a rage every time. Then it vanished for sometimes but eventually made its way back. This is because if there could be one thing that could make us look slimmer and accentuate our chest area, then it would be this corset dress. It has the sexiest design ever which looks stunning and stylish for every outing of yours. Pick it in a shirt style or an off-shoulder style according to the outing you are heading to.

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