Blush, Glow and Shine in the Summer Outfits

Blush, Glow and Shine in the Summer Outfits

Summer is itself a happening, beautiful season. Shining bright and blooming in this season should be your look during this time of the year. We have everything from neutrals to all colorful collection dresses that you will just love and inculcate in your closet right now. So without due let’s get on to the looks.

Chiffon Pastel Dress

As you know, pastels have gained popularity over the passing year; no closet is complete with pastels in it. So get your selves some full sleeves top and pair these with your jean shorts. Otherwise, if you have seen pastel maxi dresses and observed their beauty then, you would have bought it by now. What can be your look in these? If you know how to make plat, then, pastel dresses look fabulous with braided hair. However, you have short hair then, small is the time for short hair going for bob in this season can never go wrong for any face shape. Pairing these with mules or normal gladiator flats can be done for your feet. Finally to accessorize carry a small sling. We shouldn’t add more volume to the look getting a structured or tote bag.

Boyfriend T-Shirts

Who could have thought of that wearing your boyfriend’s t-shirt will inspire a range of new clothing for women? There are major brands that have launched their series of t-shirt which have those funny, cute quotes on them for sweet girls. You can dress up in these wearing a high rise short and tucked in t-shirt. In order to not get those visible folds beneath your shorts, tuck in the t-shirt end under your bra. Now, you can wear these loose t-shirt without tucking and hidden shorts beneath. Finally, you can pair this dress with sports shoes or platform shoes as you like, as you know it’s a little bold look so wearing shoes will be best.

Wide Neck Dresses

We all have some dresses that have a wide neck like a square from the top. It is both seasons dress. However, during winter you have so many layers on, and under it doesn’t come out well, so getting these wide neck dresses will bring something new for your closet. Moreover, if you have got a flawless neck bone then you cannot imagine how amazing you will look. You have asymmetrical, mini dresses in this combination. They look so cute in a floral print, pair with sneakers. You can wear heels as well but we all know how comfy the sneakers feel. If you like you can wear a jean jacket on top but that will hide the wide neck.

Center Knot Jumpsuits

Knot jumpsuits are beneficial in hiding the little bump on your stomach. If you find these in pastels or any solid color reflecting your skin tone then, you must grab it at once. Black and blood red jumpsuits are most commonly desired by women these days, yet if you get it in a pattern such as a tie-dye or polka dots then, they look exceptional. Animal print in mini jumpsuits looks so cool and refreshing. You can wear these with flat sandals or heels depending upon where you are wearing it. If it’s an office then, wearing pencil heels with the jumpsuit pant lifting just above the floor-length give a lady stunning look.

Blouse and Pants

A cropped blouse with fluffy sleeves and knee-length pants has a charm of their own. A normal t-shirt can work finely with pants but the blouse makes the look way more exquisites. If you like wearing off-shoulder tops then, they pair nicely with the pants. A plain collar shirt with pants and pencil heels is a perfect office look for any smart working lady. To keep it casual you can pair these pants with a solid v-neck blouse with small sleeves. The color combinations in this look are plain yellow or royal blue color with a white blouse, pastel blue with ivory, grey with blush pink, etc.

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