There are many ways in which you can style in a blue denim jacket. This jacket can really make a pretty funky casual look. Now, to get this look you need to have some basics and a blue jacket. Denim jackets aren’t something to be worn during the summers because it is somewhat heavy material but these are ideal for the before fall and springtime. When you feel isn’t too chilly outside and a denim layer can protect you from cold. What, what can be done to style a perfectly chic denim jacket with the preexisting clothing? So let’s begin styling.

Grey tee

If you have a classic blue denim jacket then you obviously wonder a way to style it with black jeans. Most of the time when you are wearing a denim jacket you have to wear it with matching blue denim. However, to pair your blue jacket with black paints you need to wear a grey top and you will see this combination working well together. The grey color looks good with the black pants as well as work well with the blue jacket. Lastly, you will need to wear black vans or flats in your toes. You can wear loops in your earring and wear your leather strap watch with it. It is a perfect outfit for fall.

Dark Blue Jeans

Wearing a denim jacket with blue dark denim is easy. You can wear a light or dark shade with it. All works well with dark blue denim. For the top styling, you can wear a white top over it the denim jacket. It is a super chic look for causal work outside. You can wear it to your office for the casual day dress up and to accessories this look you can wear a small choker around the neck. Now, depending upon the place you are dressing this outfit for you can wear vans or sneakers with this outfit. There can be nude vans or white sneakers that can go along this outfit.

Baby Pink Shirt

If you have a baby pink tee than you can do this combo as well, however, the more stylish outfit will be to have a baby pink shirt. So to style this outfit you can match the shades of your denim and denim jacket. It will look way cooler or you can opt for a dark and a light shade combo. Suppose you are wearing a dark wash jean with a lighter shade denim jacket. Now, the extra thing that you need to do here is to fold your denim sleeves and rollover your shirt sleeves over it. This will add the baby pink touch to the sleeves as well, making it all come out in symmetry. Talking more about the jeans, you can wear boot cut jeans with this look. It can be cropped from the bottom or a straight leg cropped jeans can be your look as well.


Wearing a hood with a denim jacket is a pretty good combo for a boho look. Now, if your hood is cropped then you can style it with high waist jeans or you can wear shorts. Anything high waist will look good with a cropped hood. However, a high waist A-line skirt will be something you can style during the fall. As it isn’t quite chilly and you can put on layers on the legs. You can wear the knee-high bootie with this look to make it more elegant and fall appropriate. You can work in a similar combo hear. Like if you are wearing blue denim with a black hood then wear the dusky pink skirt will add the color to the outfit. It is more of a summer color however, it looks pretty good during the autumn season.

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