There’s no faster way to update your everyday looks than picking different types of bags. Having a range of gorgeous bags is an obsession and we support it with a whole heart. Bags are literally that one accessory that must be picked every time you go out. You should not miss out on them and that is why here are some of the most exclusive pieces for you. Everything that we love in the world of bags is here. Check them out- Read more

Being fashionable is not a matter of a day or two. Someone who pays attention to details thinks of fashion as a lifestyle and not for one particular event. There are so many ways in which you can build a fashionable look for yourself and this statement will grab attention everywhere. But amidst these fashion habits and lifestyle, you might encounter some fashion faux pas too. And they must be avoided at any cost. Fashion faux pas can turn out to be a big turn off for anyone who looks at you and so, you must take care while dressing up for a season or an event. Sometimes we fail to understand what looks good for what kind of occasion and that is when we make a cartoon of ourselves. Read more

There is nothing like accessories that can help to elevate the overall appearance of your outfit and believe us they can work wonders for the way you look. Every time we need to spruce up the look of our outfit, jewelry comes to the rescue. Whether it’s a chunky neckpiece or chunky earrings, with the help of these accessories you can transform your outfit from drab to fab in no time. Be it a dress, blazer, jeans top or even a sweater for that matter, with the help of some trendy jewelry pieces, you can make yourself look like a complete diva in no freaking time. As the year 2020 has commenced it’s only wise to trade our old jewelry pieces with the new and trendier ones. And to help you with that, below, we have listed 5 jewelry trends that you will be going to see everywhere in the year 2020. Keep on reading to know about them. Read more

When we speak of accessories, they are mostly known for their ability to spruce up the overall appearance of your outfit. While each accessory holds different importance and purpose, a watch is something that is known for its versatility and tends to go well with almost every different look. Every person has different beliefs regarding watches, for some, they are not such a big deal and are only used for one purpose, and that is to know the time whereas, some people have a thing for watches, even if it means buying all different types and styles of watches.

Speaking of types, besides the look of the watch, each type serves different purposes and features. And for all the women who are into watches and loves hoarding all different types of watches in their wardrobe, you may find this article to be of great use because we will be enlightening you about 5 different types of watches that vary in their features as well as the looks. Read more

Scarves are not only a basic need during winters but are also ultimate winter accessories that can keep you warm and stylish throughout the winter season. Not only they hold the capacity to provide you extra warmth but also make you appear super stylish and chic in no time. When nothing else is working for you, just simply adding scarves over your winter outfits can do wonders for the way you appear. No matter if you are wearing a dress or jeans, a scarf can work with everything, and it always manages to look amazing regardless of your outfit choice. And speaking of their variants, scarves come in all different hues, materials, prints, and designs that you can match with many different outfits. There are not just one or two kinds of scarves that are available in the market, but you may be surprised to know that there are multiple types of scarves out there that serve different purposes. To give you an idea about some of the scarves styles, we have rounded up a list of 5 different scarves that are here to keep you warm this winter season. Read more

With intricate detailing and color options, chokers are the most adorable fashion accessory. If they are chosen correctly as per the occasion, they can cast an everlasting impression. Thus, if you are looking forward to creating different looks for yourself, then this fashion accessory is your ultimate getaway. Go for any of the following choker styles and beat everyone out there. Read more

We girls tend to pay a lot of attention when it comes to our clothes, shoes, and accessories, but when it comes to buying a pair of socks, nobody pays as much attention as they should. Much like any other accessory, socks also play an important role in tieing a whole look together and make one look fashion-forward as well. Today socks are also being used as a fashion element that can be sported with different outfits to create an unconventional yet extremely chic and stylish look. They are not only seen for their comfort and functionality but also for their different styles and purposes. Depending on different needs and requirements with different outfits, you would need to own different pairs of socks in your wardrobe. Socks come in many different styles, materials, and colors, with each pair serving different needs and purposes. To brief you about some of the pieces, we have listed a few socks styles that every woman must have in her wardrobe. Keep on reading to know about them. Read more

Winter season brings along some really sunny and windy days wherein you have to deal with the cold
and still flaunt your style. For such days, you need to add a dash of accessories that protect you from the
cold but also do not compromise your style in any way. We have jotted down some of the best
accessories that are worth your style and will also save you from the cold days. Have a look and pick
them right away! Read more

A blanket scarf is probably one of the biggest accessories to own in your winter wardrobe. It serves as that winter staple which you can not miss out on having in your closet. Many of you may not know about this type of scarf, but we may tell you that blanket scarf is one of the hottest trending pieces that can be seen everywhere, from celebrities and influencers to stores and street style look, everybody has started to get the taste of this scarf style. And now it’s your time to shine with this blanket scarf. It can be styled in numerous ways and can be paired with many different outfits. And before we go ahead with discussing different ways of wearing a blanket scarf, we firstly would like to tell you what a blanket scarf basically is. Read more

With so many accessories in the fashion line, scarves are our favorite ones. They are minimal in style and yet cast such an incredible impression. The best thing about wearing a scarf is that without much effort, it adds division to your outfit and makes it look unique. This effortless vibe of a scarf brings oomph to the attire and once you start using this as a staple wardrobe pick, there is no going back. Pick fancy scarves in silk, wool or plaid and curate the perfect look for yourself every day. Here we have narrowed down the most durable and fashionable scarves that cast a great impression every time they are worn. Have a look! Read more