Having freshly manicured nails is another level of great feeling. It is a perfect way of adding an extra stylish element to the look and make yourself stand out from the crowd. From bright red colors to some really intricated designings, you can get your nails done any way you like. There’s a style and design made for everyone. While some like to keep their nails very simple some like to go really bold with the color and detailing. As there’s a saying life is too short to have boring nails, it’s time you go with the trend and get your nails done in the most amazing ways. There are so many nail trends that have been doing rounds all over social media, but there were some, that actually caught our attention and are worth experimenting with this year. Read more

Bags are the most loved accessories in the fashion line mainly because they have the ability to amp and transform any look for a better one. Because there are a lot of divisions in this category, it is hard to pick one. The thing is that there are a lot of crossbody bags, sling bags, satchel bags, etc. but little did we know that there are a lot more plush bags that have the utmost charm. You might not have heard about some of them because they have started to trend recently. Pick them for your unique collection and curate an interesting overall look for yourself. Read more

A scarf is that piece of fabric which offers functionality and style altogether. You can never run out of ways to style them with different outfits. They come in all different forms, styles, designs, and materials. Their versatility is one of the best things which makes them a must-have wardrobe staple. We all know how even a simple accessory can elevate the look and what’s better than having a beautiful scarf. Wear them to your evening affairs or a casual outing, they look amazing when styled the right way. Their easy and cheap availability is another great thing about having them. However, not all scarves come all inexpensive. There are some pieces that are made of fine quality and make for a luxurious piece to layer with your outfits. A gorgeous scarf holds enough power to transform the simplest outfit into a stylish and expensive one. Read more

Accessories have always been a part of our wardrobe. Some things never go out of style and accessories are definitely one of them. No matter how much you buy them, they’ll never be enough. There is so much in this category that you can buy from shoes to jewelry to shrugs and scarves and yet, it will never be enough! Every year sets some fashion trends in front of us and some trends fail to leave this place. They are so evergreen and timeless that even if you wear them again and again, they will work the charm every time! Some fashion accessories hold a special place in our hearts and we just cannot live without them. They have the potential to amp up any look in your wardrobe, we bet! Here are the best picks from our recommendation that will not only amp your look but will stay in your closet for years to come. Read more

How you smell says a lot about you. Weird but true! When we meet someone and they come up emitting this wonderful fragrance that we get swayed with it always feels nice and attractive, doesn’t it? But most of us are hesitant in investing in them because they are just so expensive and a small bottle of 20 ml costs equivalent four of our jeans. Not fair! But then again, it’s always nice to invest in something that you know will have an impact on the crowd around you & make you look and feel more attractive. It’s not the fact that others need to know how beautiful you smell but it builds up your own confidence and makes you wanting to lead the crowd. Now vintage doesn’t mean these picks smell like your grandma’s closet but they are actually an acquired taste that is still bestselling in the market. If you end up picking any of these, it is sure to become your signature scent for years to come. Every perfume enthusiast needs to get on whiff on these picks. Read more

When it comes to sunglasses, the options to choose from are very vast. There was a time when they were newbie’s and only a means to protect your retina from UV rays of the sun. The traditional ray bans were ruling the masses and are a classic today also. But with fashion extending its horizons to new limits and preferences of the masses changing from utility to styling, sunglasses have made a glorious achievement. One can clearly look at what all is trending in terms of shapes, colors and eras. Either way, it’s really important to be able to pick and flaunt all the latest trends now flourishing. A little piece of molded metal meant to shield your eyes and also instantly erasing the tired look off your face with additional swag is a miraculous invention. Read more

Bralette is one of the most effortlessly sexy pieces of clothing. It is the next big thing in fashion trending all over from street style to elegant partywear. Bralettes are extremely stylish and sexy and never fail to turn those heads around. You might think bralettes are just a more revised version of a bra and yes that is true, but that doesn’t mean bralettes are meant for innerwear like a bra. Bralettes are more like a crop top with features of a bra but definitely fancier. They are the answer to all your summer outfits when the scorching heat is getting right into your body and you don’t feel like dressing up. They are also a steal in winters when you want to show a little skin beneath that puffer jacket. You can pair these with anything from jackets to sheer transparent tops, trousers, and shorts- bralettes go with everything. Read more

Connecting more than 7,00,000 creative artists with millions of hardcore fans around the world, Red Bubble was incorporated in the year 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. The aim of Red Bubble was very simple and undeviating. They wanted to create a gateway for all the passionate artists around the world who have curated some of the best art in the era. It is a global online platform that not only values the art and cultural creations of artists in the world but also makes them available for the followers and fans. There are tons of talented artists around the world whose art is invaluable because it is quite abstract and very meaningful Red Bubble is basically a convenient passage to help them sell their creations to everyone out there. The art is so unique and distinctive that you won’t find it anywhere else. Such odd use of colors, dramatic splash, unthinkable props got us here! Read more

Accessorizing your look is a very wise thing to do, accessories can give life to the whole look. So, it’s very important to own some nice accessories and trusts me when I say you won’t regret buying them. Sometimes, we women just don’t feel like dressing up even if the occasion asks for it. But we can totally rock a simple outfit by adding the right accessories to our look. Here we have listed 5 fashion accessories that you should own. Read more

Belts are one of the most essential accessories in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s like a love-hate relationship. For boys, they are an everyday staple but for girls, they are used and styled as and when required. The power of a belt to transform any outfit is underestimated but it can do wonders. This accessory is very hard working 😉 Apart from adding an oomph factor to your outfit, it also aids in accentuating the curves the right way. Those who are conscious of their chubby bodies can use this accessory to the rescue. It helps not only in giving an illusion of something else but also creates division and definition in the attire. Read more