Having thin breasts can really make a girl’s life difficult. It can be really difficult to dress up for flat bodies and when the womanly curves are missing we get to hear unwanted comments from people. Well, it can be challenging but if you change the way you dress up. You can really make a difference and look pretty. Indeed the chest will be noticed but at the same time, your dressing will compensate for it. So, let’s talk about the hacks or the pieces that you can introduce to your wardrobe to have an amazing posture.

Over-Sized Clothes

People who have been telling you half or more than half of your life that you cannot wear oversized clothing; but these are your friends. Why? Because even when a 34 C size wears and oversize clothing, their bodies seem to flat as well, but you can tuck them around your waist to give the feminine curve. Besides dressing in this form of clothing has a superb feeling to it. It is a somewhat similar feeling as if you are inside a warm blanket on a cold winter night. The cloth will drown you into them and it will lay flat on your body similar to other body types. You can dress them casually as well as formally. For formal attire, you can choose to tuck or add on some layer to your dress because layering again makes the difference.


Layering jewels around your neck with a V neck could really not hurt your styling. Since the breasts are small there wouldn’t be a cleavage but the jewels seeing through the V neck with make it possible for you. Whereas, if heavy bodies do try this look they will look exaggerated, as there would be too much going on. So, to your benefit, you can add a pendant necklace, a choker, and a mid-length. It will be cool for casual hangout if you add on the funky pendants to these chains and for a formal make sure you are wearing the decent gold jewels.

Lingerie Pieces

Investing in pretty lingerie dresses can really be a fun dress for your everyday outing. Well, of course, you don’t have to wear those dresses in the way they are meant to be worn. Because stepping out in lingerie nights can really make people’s mouth open. So you need to style it with a subtly like you can wear a tee inside and slide these lingerie pieces over it. This can be really a fun way of styling but it isn’t something formal at all. You can also try these night-wears with the layering. Such as, you can pull up your jean jacket or normal leather jacket over it, and to add the sexy and subtle element in your dressing. Believe me, girls every woman wishes if she could show off her sexy lingerie sometime in their life.

Structure Tubes

Structured tubes are the tubes that are usually made of a thick material like leather. You can even refer to them as a corset of the earlier 18th century. The lace ties on a leather blouse could really add some glam to the look. You must not forget to wear bold necklaces with this as well. However, the necklace doesn’t have to be long-chain and pendants whereas, you need to wear medium length chains or neckbands with these. If you feel that you aren’t comfortable in the petit size you can wear a jacket over it or cover it with a scarf. There are many ways in which you could tie a scarf’s you can carry them as well.
We know it is easier said than done, but you need to trust on this one, ladies. We all have issues in life some have body issues and others have the outer worldly issues but nothing should stop you from thinking that you are pretty.

Ever thought of stealing or wearing a fashion article from your grandma’s closet? Well, now is your chance because grandma dressing is the latest talk of the town and it is one of those trends which is gaining huge popularity amongst all the fashion girls out there. Dressing like your grandma can now become a reality, as the arrival of these latest trends is strongly reminding us of our grandma’s closet which is usually filled with some granny stuff like knee socks, cardigans, outfits in tweed material, square toe shoes, and so much more. Some may call it retro fashion, but for us personally, it’s a collection straight out of a granny’s closet. Whether it’s clothing or accessories, fashion girls are experimenting with their looks and luckily enough, these grandma trends are allowing them to create some of the most enticing looks without having to put in a lot of effort. The trends in question are every bit of chic with a touch of retro vibes and more than being trendy; they have now become essentially mainstream.

Printed scarves

One of the grandma trends that we are all loving at the moment is the printed scarves, which used to be a vital part of granny’s closet. Many fashion girls are embracing this retro trend, which can do so much for your outfits in general. One of the best ways to wear these scarves is by wrapping them around the head, which perfectly imitates the granny vibes. You can ask your grandma to pass a few of her scarves to you and some of you may already have them. The best part about these scarves is that they can be worn in multiple ways such as around your head, as a hair tie, around the handle of your bag, and so many other chic ways.


Cardigans are one of the highly trending pieces that are seen replacing some outdated blouses and t-shirts in many women’s wardrobes. It is one of those classic styles, which doesn’t feel boring now and can be styled in a plethora of ways. You can easily find these cardigans in so many chic iterations featuring small details that add some freshness to the look and make your outfit appear fashion-forward and elevated.

Knee-high socks

When it comes to socks, crew socks are certainly trending at the moment and while they look cute and chic, if you want to take your fashion game to another level, then you must consider adding knee-high socks to your wardrobe. It not only reminds us of our grandma but our elementary school uniform as well. While grandmas originally used to wear them as an alternative to full-length pantyhose with longer hemlines, fashion girls seem to take things to another level by teaming this pair of socks with shorter hemlines. And we have to admit that this combination looks quite chic and sexy.


Pearls can never look dull and boring. It is not only one of the biggest and hottest jewelry trends of the season but it is also something that you can always find in abundance in your grandma’s closet. Pearls hold an amazing ability to transform your outfit and make it look spruced up in no time. From simple pearl studs to a layered pearl string, there are so many ways to incorporate pearly touch to your outfit.

Big sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses can completely change the way you or your outfit looks. They add a sense of style and chicness to the ensemble and keep things looking classy. And when it comes to the latest trends, instead of wearing those micro sunglasses, spice things up by adding the trending pair of big sunglasses. The retro sunglasses are back with a bang this year; look for them in square or geometric frames in warm-toned hues to add an extra flair to your outfit.

Summer is all about easy-breezy cool fashion and trending fashion styles? Well, when it comes to summer footwear they workout great as sunny summer footwear to try. In the season of the summer fashionable footwear can be your best friend to enhance the cool and stylish look of your personality. To ensure that you have the best casual shoes for the summers, we are here with an amazing list of footwear that can offer you total comfort and style to the feet. If you’re ready to sneak into the latest and trending footwear fashion of the summer season, this article has got the best shoes for you. To know you pay attention to this blog for more details.
With the help of this fashion blog, you’ll get every detail of the trending footwear that you can wear during this hot summer weather. Well, it’s time to check out the best footwear right here on this amazing article by checking out the details provided below. Therefore, don’t waste your time just check out the best details provided below about the latest summer footwear that you can wear during this hot weather.

Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers are one of the best casual shoes that you can wear during this summer weather. You can pick white, pink, black, yellow, blue, and red-colored canvas sneakers to have a summery fashionable look. Canvas sneakers are known to be the best footwear to serve total comfort and style for the whole season. Also, the canvas sneakers are available at every footwear store in online shopping hubs. Therefore, you can surely wear canvas sneakers in all weather too, but for the summer season, this footwear could be the best choice.

White Sneakers


In the current time, white sneakers are one of the perfect casual shoes that can be teamed up with every outfit and style. Classic white sneakers or chunky white sneakers, this footwear can be your best friend for this summer season. Wherever you go, these sneakers can perfectly fit with every location and occasion. Therefore, picking simple white sneakers can help to get a cool girl and a subtle look for the summer. So, if you’re ready to rock your summer fashion style you can absolutely say yes to the classic white sneakers to rock your summer styles.

Chunky Sneakers

Chunky sneakers are one of the popular and trending footwear these days to enhance the style and trendy personality of women. You can pick pastel to bright colored sneakers to highlight your trendy and cool girl look of the summer season. The chunky height will make u look tall and the cushioning of the sneakers will provide you extra comfort and style to the feet. If you’re ready to showcase your cool style for this summer weather, then you should say yes to the chunky sneakers to get a groovy cool-girl style for the hot weather fashion.

Platform Sneakers

What should be more funky and stylish like a platform sneaker? These are one of the quirky and coolest sneakers that you can wear in all seasons with every outfit to have a stylish look. We are sure that platform sneakers will win your heart for sure. Therefore, if you want to have a quirky and fun look of the summer weather then platform sneakers can be the best things that you must own. Still, wondering about theses sneakers? Just go on, and shop these super cool and trendy platform sneakers for yourself to lift your easy-breezy trendy look of the summer season.
Therefore, these were the best footwear that you should shop for this summer season to get total comfort and style. Thus, don’t waste your time just shop this ultimate footwear for yourself to get in a total super-cool style.

Being able to shop right from the comfort of your couch is just a different kind of luxury. Ever since the e-commerce websites have made their way onto the market, almost every person is enjoying and making the most of this amazing opportunity, which doesn’t involve going out, scouring the physical stores, or any kind of hassle. Just a few clicks and swipes are all you need to do to purchase things you’re looking for, and once the order is placed, it will be delivered right on your doorstep. That’s how convenient online shopping is. There is a wide range of shopping sites on the market when it comes to purchasing fashion articles. But it’s equally important to analyze the authenticity and credibility of the website you are shopping from to ensure that you’re not getting scammed and your money is in the safe hands.

One such shopping website we recently came across is “Free People”, which is a very popular fashion brand and happens to be based in the US.


Learn more about “Free People”

Free People is a US-based fashion store that originally started its journey way too earlier, but it reached the milestone in the fall of 2002 by opening its very first boutique in Paramus followed by several others throughout the country. It was only two years later when the company launched its official website FreePeople.com in October 2004, which again was followed by two other websites Free People UK site and Free People China site in 2012 and 2014 respectively. The company has always enjoyed huge success with online shoppers and continues to do so by offering an assortment of fashion articles, including clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Considering how vast their collection is, you can find almost everything on the website, no matter the style, design, trends, size, or color.


Products available

The website features an assortment of fashion articles of all types, including shoes, clothes, dresses, and much more. The articles are grouped into different categories, and each category features a vast range of items in all different sizes, colors, prices, etc.



No matter what kind of clothing piece you are looking for, there’s almost everything on the website. The company also keeps updating the website by adding seasonal clothing items and also based on the latest trends. From tops and jackets to shorts and skirts to rompers and sets, there is a huge range of clothing pieces available on the website.



Whether you’re looking for a casual dress, party dress, or any other dress, in particular, there is an extensive collection of dresses on the website in all different styles, colors, lengths, etc.


Tops and jeans

Buying something as basic as jeans and tops is also made easier with free people. It features an amazing collection of tops and jeans that vary in their styles, designs, sizes, etc. No matter what kind of piece you are looking for, you will certainly find something that caters to your need.



The website also features a category of activewear where you can find the latest and comfiest activewear pieces, including bras, tops, hoodies, outerwear, leggings, shorts, workout sets, gear, etc.



The company has not restricted itself to just fashion articles, you can also find a collection of beauty and wellness products on the website that ranges from skincare and makeup products to hair care products to tools and tech. There are all different kinds of brands available on the website, enabling you to purchase from brands you like.



Much like anything else, there’s also a pretty good collection of shoes on the website. From boots and heels to flats and sneakers, there’s every kind of shoe style available on the website that keeping updating according to the season and trends.



Accessories are also a part of this website. You can find almost every kind of accessory, including jewelry, hair accessory, bags, hats, sunglasses, scarves, belts, socks, gloves, etc.



Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt bra, strapless bra, or any other kind of bra, there are all different styles of bra and other lingerie pieces available on the website. Additionally, you can also purchase sleep and lounge wear from the website.


Shipping and return policy

Free People has easy and hassle-free shipping and return policy. The company offers free standard shipping on all orders above $100, and for every order below $100, an additional shipping fee would be charged. There are all different kinds of shipping options available; you can choose the one that works the best for you.

As for their return policy, in case you don’t seem to like the product you received for any reason and wish to return it, you can put a return request for that product, and you will have to return it within 30 days of the delivery date. Once the returned product has reached the warehouse in the original condition, the refund would be initiated. The return policy can vary for certain items offered on the website.


Shop at FreePeople

Leopard prints are really fascinating even if you are any animal lover you can wear these prints, not in the leather or fur but other fabric material. We can say that animal prints are timeless pieces because they don’t lose their style at any time. They are the perfect wardrobe piece and you can style in them for several occasions. Trust me one can never look bad dressing these prints. However, today our main focus is to style the leopard print in your regular everyday dressing. So let’s just begin with it styling the outfits for you.

Leopard overcoat

Dressing a leopard overcoat over a leopard dress can be tricky. But if there are color contrast and the fabric is merging with each other than you can pull this look. However, if you are wearing a neutral tone solid dress then wearing a leopard print can be the look for you. It is such a powerful print and makes a person feel that they have the power to run the world. So if you haven’t got this piece in your closet, it is time to add it because it is another basic that you need to have in the closet.

Leopard Dress

All leopard dress can be so easily paired with your black stocking. These can be drape dresses or any other forms that you like but these work for women of every age. A leopard can hide the worries on your face because you are dressed up in a powerful pattern. You can wear this dress alone; however, accessorizing it will lead to a more polished look. You can wear golden accessories on top and wear brown boots or heels with it. Depending upon the weather of the state you live in; you can wear a leopard coat over it if they are in a different fabric. Besides that, you can wear a brown belt and brown shoes with this dress to sort of look elegant and chic. The belt has to be a big brown solid, not a print belt.

Leopard Jacket


Leopard can be the stable of your outfit. It has to work that way because it is a busy pattern. So you have a leopard jacket then you need to style it with solid basics and nothing else than that. Firstly let’s get to the outfit you can pair with it. You can wear a white tee and light shade blue denim. Make sure the color of the denim is falling in the color tone of the jacket. Usually, leopard prints are warm tone so you need to wear slightly warm tone jeans. Now, you can tuck the white tee in the jeans and wear your jacket over it. This is a perfect well-dressed outfit for a casual outing. You can wear platform white shoes with it to give the finishing touch to the look.

Leopard Sweater

Leopard sweater can be worn both professionally and casually. So to wear the leopard print fur sweater you need to style the basic outfit first. Since your sweater is in fur it will look just awesome with the black leather leggings. The leather makes this busy pattern come out in a more graceful manner. If you happen to have a loose fit or oversized sweater than make sure you tuck it from the front or the side any place you like. If it is bigger in length then you can tuck them from the front and leave the back sort of rough and hanging. For the shoes, you can wear black heels or leather boots to elongate your legs.

Leopard Blouse

A leopard can not only be dress up casually. A leopard blouse with a pencil skirt can look equally great for regular office wear. Firstly, you need to wear the blouse and tuck it into the skirt and pull on nice nude heels for the toes. You can go for black or brown heels but nudes would look much better.

Heading to a beach this summer vacation well, you got to pack some necessities in your go-to back and your luggage. So let’s share what has to go in the go-to bag. Firstly, you need to keep your passport, a pair of goggles, a book to read on your journey, some tampons; as you never know when your hormones can play ugly with you. To be on the safer side it is recommended to take these along. Then, you will need your earphone for sure if you are traveling for a long time and finally, you need to have a pen. You must have a pen in your bag whenever stepping out. Just in case you are heading on a long journey you need to carry an outfit in this bag. That being said let’s start with your outfit packing.

Bathing Suit

Well, it is an obvious outfit that you need to carry while heading for a beach. You not only get to have the suntan but at the same time, you get to show off your body. Well, there is nothing more appealing in the world than seeing a woman in her bikini bathing suit. Don’t you want to agree to that? Well, I hold this opinion. Even, if you don’t have got some extra curves a nice swimsuit cannot look bad on you. Moreover, you are heading for a vacation and just be chilled and relaxed. Don’t bother what others will think. The possibility is that no one will know you there.

Bathing Suit Cover

If you are heading straight from the pool or the beach to the bench then you need to carry this cover-up suit to keep yourselves warm and protected from the direct sunray because whatever sunscreen you have applied has gone off your skin with the ocean salty water. You need to apply another layer of sunscreen to not harm the skin and but the time you reach to the bench let the robe protect you of the sun. Accompanying this you need to carry sunscreen lotion and face moisturizer that too which has a Pa level of three-plus and minimum SPF30 in it. You can look for SPF 50 as well. The robe has to be a loose fit and soft material which could absorb water in your skin easily.


Tees are cool and have a relaxed feeling to it. You can never go wrong wearing a tee on vacation. You can pack a tee and a short in your go-to bag just in case you get your luggage a little later than you are supposed to. Then, you can carry a couple of tees in your luggage which can be paired with the shorts and the joggers. These can be an evening street roaming look.


Carry some lightweight dresses that do not have bright color can be your go-to look for the night parties or even the day exploring the nearby monuments. You can carry a big beach hat with these dresses and in case there are any change or rain or slightly cold weather there is no harm in carrying a jean jacket along.

Joggers & Shorts

The last things you need to pack in your luggage are the joggers and the shorts. If you have kept a pair of joggers then you can go for the morning beach walks or jogs in them. Make sure you have kept your running shoes because you cannot go for a walk in the flip flops. There is nothing better than starting your morning by a walk around the beach. It’s healthy and refreshing. Coming to the shorts these can be again something cool to wear with the blouse as well as the tees you are carrying along.
These are all the articles of clothing you need to keep for the beach vacation.

While online shopping is all nice and fun, with that, it’s also important to shop from places that are known for their credibility and authenticity and not just any random website that seem to be offering some really tempting and irresistible offers, you never know, those websites can be a scam too. Therefore, it’s very important to only shop from reliable and trust-worthy places to ensure that your money is getting into the safe hands. Many fashion brands that originally started their journey by opening stores or boutiques have also launched their websites, and we personally find it really convenient considering, not every person has got the time to go out at the malls or stores and shop for everything they want, this is when these e-commerce websites come in super handy. If online shopping is what you enjoy, we would like to give you a brief review of one of the most popular fashion retailers “Urban Outfitters”, the brand that is known for offering an assortment of chic fashion pieces.


Learn more about Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a very popular fashion brand. It is a US-based fashion store that started its journey in 1970. The company describes itself as a ‘lifestyle brand’ where you can get your hands on updated premium basics and on-trend pieces. The website offers an assortment of all different products for both men and women along with a variety of home, lifestyle, and beauty products. Being able to shop for everything from just one place makes things a lot easier, and Urban Outfitters certainly win the brownie points for being extra considerate towards their customer’s needs. UrbanOutfitters.com came into existence in the year 2000, and since then it has become shopper’s favorite for buying a variety of things for their wardrobe as well as home.


Products available

Urban Outfitters has always managed to wow the buyers with its amazing and chic collection of fashion pieces along with so many other products belonging to lifestyle and home collection. You can find an extensive collection of every single category in all different types, styles, brands, prices, and much more. No matter what you’re looking for, you are sure to find it on the website.


Women wear

The website features a vast collection of women’s wear, which varies in types, brands, prices, etc. Whether you’re looking to create a capsule wardrobe or looking to transition your wardrobe for the upcoming season, the website keeps updating its products according to the season as well as the seasonal and yearly trends, allowing you to purchase pieces that define your style and serve the purpose at the same time. The collection includes dresses, rompers, coats and jackets, tops, bottoms, intimates, swim, accessories, shoes, and much more. You can find almost everything in all different styles, colors, prices, and brands.


Men wear

Unlike so many other fashion websites, the company hasn’t limited itself to just women’s fashion; you can also find an extensive collection of men’s wear on the website. Whether you’re looking to make seasonal purchases or on-trend pieces, you can find almost everything on the website. There’s an assortment of fashion pieces available on the website, including tops, graphics tees, jackets, bottoms, activewear, shoes, accessories, vintage finds, etc.


Home collection

Looking to upgrade your home decor or furnishing? Urban Outfitters has an amazing collection of home items that are as chic and affordable as their fashion pieces. You can easily find a variety of home items on the website, including bedding, furniture, art and decor, rugs and curtains, lighting, kitchen and bar, bath, and vintage finds. Whether you’re looking for an on-trend item or a specific design or style of home product, in particular, you can find almost everything on the website for your home as well.



Another thing that makes Urban Outfitters an amazing place to shop from is the availability of lifestyle products that we use on a daily basis such as vinyl and cassettes, audio, fun and games, books and stationery, health and wellness, phone accessories, camera and film, tech and pet items. You can even buy uber-cool skateboarding products for yourself, how cool is that!!



Along with all those fashion pieces, home items, and lifestyle products, the website also features a huge collection of beauty products for both men and women that include skincare, makeup, hair, health and wellness, beauty tools, bath and body, perfume and fragrance, nails, men’s grooming, etc. You can find the products in all different brands, making it easier for you to pick the product that meets your need and requirement in the best way possible.


Return and shipping policy

The company delivers all the orders above $50 without charging the shipping fee and for every order below $50, they charge an additional shipping fee of $4.95. There are 4 different kinds of shipping methods available; you can choose the one that works the best for you.

As far as the company’s return policy is concerned, it’s quite easy to return the product. You can return the product within 30 days of the delivery date, and the refund would be initiated shortly after the product has been received in the warehouse.


Shop Now at Urbanoutfitters.com

Pencil fit skirts are always considered as formal wear. However, you can wear this skirt down if you style it with some casual outfits. Although most of us try to style this skirt formally, so today we will be focusing on helping both genre people. One who likes to dress it down a bit and the one’s to like the traditional usage of the pencil skirt. On that note; let’s just style the outfits that are going to make you look prettier and give you a sense of dressing the pencil skirt in versatile ways.

Button-down Shirt

Wearing a button-down shirt with a pencil skirt can be done by most of the individuals. It is one of the known common ways of dressing an outfit. So what special are we going to discuss this form of dressing? Well, there is a twist. You need to pair these with a contrasting color and not the same color or shade and the twist is that instead of tucking the button shirt, tie it in a bow on the thinner part of your body. You can style it for the office if your office has more of a casual formal look, or if you have worn this shirt to the office and you need to head out for drinks with friends then you can pull this look to be settled in the environment vibe.

Block Pattern Skirt

Next, we are talking about prints in the skirt. Although we don’t get to have many prints with these if you happen to have a block or check pattern pencil skirt then you can pull this look nice and easy. Make sure you wear plain tops on this skirt because we don’t want to confuse the eye with patterns all over. This can be a chic look and definitely one of the traditional manners of wearing a pencil skirt. If you find the block print in black or white or black or beige then this can be another positive point because you can style a white button shirt or any blouse with this sort of arrangement. It can be turned into something non-professional if you style a tee on top of it.

Blazer and Tee

To wear this setting you can play by two sets of rules. First, you can play a little juvenile if you wear a graphic tee inside and wear a blazer on top. Or you can wear a pair with a collar neck tee and a blazer. If you chose the first look then it can be appropriate for the days when you are a fresher in and organization because it gives that sort of vibe. However, the second look with a solid round neck tee will make you look professional. This can be comforting as well as a stylish outfit. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will need a tee that is not having a deep neck. You can choose to wear a similar color blazer as your skirt or mix and match the contrast. For example, if you have a baby pink skirt you can wear a white tee and pull on a magenta blazer over it.

Blouse with a Blazer

This is a pretty serious business professional look. You cannot turn it down anyhow, but it is a perfect outfit for many formal situations. Like if you have a presentation at the office where you will be in the limelight then this can your serious professional look. In case you are heading out to meet any of your important clients then you can wear it. If somehow you have to go to court for various business meetings then this can be the outfit to be dressed up. You can take off your blazer and be in the blouse and skirt while you are sitting in your office. Make sure that the blouse neck is decent and not skin visible.

Some fashion combos never fade and no matter what trend is brimming these combos are inevitable and black & white combination is a perfect example to quote. Black & White outfit- is just a classy one to adopt if you haven’t. This classy combination- you can never go wrong with!
Black and white is a blank canvas for you that you can accessorize with literally anything. This combination goes well with any pop of color amplifying your style game much stronger! The striking disparity in these two hues is an ecstasy. If there is any stylish outfit we bet that surely comes out by combining these two hues. Even if it’s so much exciting to play with colors still the grace and bold look the white and black pieces cast when put together- is just irresistible. Sharp enough for the office, effortless for casual, and perennially chic for an evening party, black & white combination can take you anywhere from minimal to the maximum.
We all have black and white pieces in our closet. We mean these both are our fundamental wardrobe preferences so let’s just spice up both these hues and combine these classic hues in modern ways. Stay tuned!

Classic White-button Down Shirt and Black Jeans

A white button-down and a pair of black jeans is every closet’s investment. We guess we both have these basic pieces and when styled together these pieces come out as the most classic and worn combination of all times and something that is even in trend these days. This combination is a statement corporate look and even serves as the staple casual ensemble. If you’re looking for a contemporary and clean look this is it! Don’t forget to add a pop of color may be a belt would work great so that you don’t end up looking as if you’re in a uniform.

Black and White Striped Pieces


We all love this pattern. Black and white stripes add a noticeable feature to your entire look and when we talk about the ease of this pattern well, you can’t just go wrong in styling these pieces. Just blindly style this pattern with anything that comes to your mind and we bet you won’t look like a slob.
The black and white strip is the most flattering pattern that helps to lengthen your body and is available in different thicknesses (of the stripes) so you can opt for what matches your style and preference.

Culottes and Striped Shirt

Culottes are soon becoming every wardrobe’s preference and for all the comfort it renders. Mostly looked like a casual couture, the tailored style is also sharp enough to be worn during your corporate hours. Just throw a white and black striped shirt with black or white culottes whatever hue you have and voila you’re ready without forsaking your work dress code.
This look can even be turned out for a Sunday brunch by just giving your shirt a trendy knot from the front.

Checked Formal Dress


We splurge a lot on basic and monotone dresses that sometimes they look a bit tad, we can feel you girls. Why not branch out our dress collection by adding a few checked style pieces. Black and white check style is loved by all and instantly elevates your look. Heading for a party or office meeting this investment covers you for all.
Smokey eye look, loose bun, and a pair of chunky heels this just adds the correct dose of style to this ensemble and does complete justice to the look.

Given our current lifestyles, which mean keeping our eyes constantly fixed on electronic screens, such as phones, laptops, and televisions, it has become quite normal to have prescription glasses. The majority of the human population is struggling with eyesight problems, including kids. And the best possible thing we can do to avoid putting so much strain on our eyes is wearing prescription glasses. Apart from glasses, many people are also getting prescription sunglasses as they not only keep their eyes UV protected but also lend some style to their outfits. While we totally encourage everyone to wear prescription glasses to be able to see right and do things like every normal person does, it’s also no unknown fact that buying prescription glasses is not cheap. It can be an extremely expensive purchase, especially if you want everything about your glasses to be top-notch, including the frame and lens. However, this is not economical, as we mentioned before, the majority of the population is dealing with eyesight problem, and only a particular section of this population has access to glasses, this can be attributed to the high cost of these prescription glasses. This is when Warby Parker comes into the picture, which is an American-based online retailer of prescription glasses and sunglasses.

Warby Parker enables you to purchase prescription glasses and sunglasses at a more affordable price. The company promises to provide higher-quality and better-looking prescription eyewear to all users. The company’s primary focus is to keep their customers happy while making them look good in their prescription eyewear without having to break the account. If you have been meaning to buy yourself prescription eyewear, Warby Parker is the best place to check out, which focuses on different types of prescription eyewear.



If you are starting to have some trouble with your eyesight, take it as a sign that you need to buy a pair of eyeglasses for yourself. Double or distorted vision, inability to read clearly, or seeing halos around light sources are some of the signs and symptoms that indicate you need glasses. The website features a wide range of frames that differ in colors, styles, designs, materials, and prices. You can either try some frames virtually on the app or you can try five frames at home, which will be delivered to you after taking a quiz. And the best part is both the options are free to try, which is really convenient and pretty amazing. The company also gives you the opportunity to customize your lens as per your needs and requirements. The lens is made using different materials, prescriptions, and types; you can choose the options that fit your vision needs. In addition to that, you also get to choose your frame, which differs in shapes, sizes, and colors. Another great thing about Warby Parker glasses is each pair comes with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and UV protected lenses.





In addition to prescription glasses, you can also get yourself a pair of prescription sunglasses. You can keep your delicate eyes UV protected in style without disrupting your vision. Much like eyeglasses, sunglasses are also equipped with scratch-resistant and UVA, UVB protected lenses. You can try five pairs at home or try them on virtually on the app. The website features a vast range of sunglasses, differing in styles, designs, colors, shapes, and much more. In order to make sure that the pair you have purchased suits you, you should try picking the one that complements your face shape. Wearing the right pair will accentuate your features and make you look your best. For instance, round glasses and oval-shaped frames look best on square-shaped faces.





Eyeglasses might be your go-to prescription eyewear, but having contacts has its own set of advantages. On days when you have to attend a formal event like parties or marriages, you can use your contacts to look more attractive and not your nerdy-self. Warby Parker features a range of contact lenses. Depending on how often you use contacts, you can choose among a variety of daily, bi-weekly, and monthly contact lenses options. In addition to having their own daily lenses, Scout by Warby Parker, the website also features a bunch of other contacts brands including Acuvue Oasys, Bioinfinity, Dailies, Biotrue, Air Optix, and much more. In order to purchase contacts, you will have to upload a photo of your prescription, which should include your doctor’s information.
The company’s own daily lenses, Scout by Warby Parker, promises to be a lot more comfortable, breathable, and affordable. You can also request a trial of these lenses, which includes two options- $5 for a 6-day trial and $110 for a 3-month supply.





When it comes to eyeglasses or sunglasses, the most common problem with both of them is they get dirty and foggy very easily. It’s important to keep your glasses clean, safe, and fog-free, especially when you are traveling, and that’s when a few accessories can come in handy. Luckily enough, Warby Parker also sells a variety of accessories on its website. From clean my lenses kit and parker case to double parker pouch and parker travel case, the accessories available on the website will help in keeping your glasses safe and clean.

Parker cases come in a variety of color options, including wisteria, dark moss, midnight, walnut, primrose, and jet black. As far as clean my lenses kit is concerned, it contains lens spray and a microfiber cloth, which helps in keeping your glasses clean and protected. Double parker pouch is also an excellent purchase to make as it allows you to carry two pairs of glasses at once. You can use this pouch while traveling as it will allow you to carry both your sunglass and eyeglass by slipping the frame into each end of the pouch. If you are constantly traveling and cannot do without your pair of sunglasses and eyeglasses, buying a parker travel case would prove to be a great investment as it will allow you to carry multiple eyewear options, not to mention, this travel case can also double as storage, which is an additional advantage.