There’s really no other piece that screams more like a party than sequin dresses and outfits. While we agree that they look incredibly chic and glamorous but you can easily go wrong with this piece which can make you grab attention for all the wrong reasons. Back then we were kids, it was way too easier to get your way around with sequin number as there was nobody to judge you for your fashion choice but now that we have fully grown into mature adults, we cannot take that risk again until we are certain of that piece or confident about our styling skills. It doesn’t take much to get your way around with sequin numbers. And if you have got your styling skills on point then there’s no way in the world that you can’t rock your sequin pieces beyond the parties and celebrations.
One wrong move and you can end up looking tacky as anything because of either your poor dress/outfit choice or lack of styling skills. And to prevent that disaster from happening, we have listed some dos and don’ts that you ought to follow whenever you wear sequin numbers during daytime.

Do tone down your daytime sequined looks

As much as you would love to go all out with your sequined numbers, keeping things simple for the day time look would possibly be the wisest thing you can do. Sequins instantly call for attention and too much of bling is only going to attract extra attention which is not necessary during day time. And toning down the sequined look can get a little hard sometimes but it’s definitely not impossible to achieve. You can wear sequins during day time but make sure to wear them sparingly, meaning that no blingy accessory, no bold patterns, and texture, no loud makeup can become a part of your day time sequined look. Let your sequin number do all the talking and be it the only statement piece in your ensemble.

Do pair it with denim

There’s no other piece in our wardrobe that looks as casual and chic as denim articles. And the combination of denim and sequins can never possibly go wrong unless you seriously lack those styling skills. Whether it’s a sequin top or jacket that’s calling out to you or it’s your favorite sequined skirt that’s waiting to be worn to a party, either way, you can totally rock these pieces any time or any day you want beyond just the party looks. By pairing it with denim, you can easily give your outfit a very relaxed, casual, and laid-back feel whilst still exuding that little glam. For your sequined tops, you can consider pairing it with cut-offs to give it a different edge and as for your sequined skirt, a tucked-in chambray shirt would totally work.

Do keep things in balance

Sequins hold amazing power to completely overwhelm your whole look and that’s not what you wish to happen with your day time look. The key is to keep things in balance and you can start by using elements in your outfit that can help to provide a casual vibe to the outfit. You don’t want to make yourself seem like you’re heading to the club which is why you have to try keeping things as balanced as you can. For instance, if you’re wearing a sequined jacket then you can easily balance things up by pairing it with a jean and sneakers.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns


While mixing patterns with sequins can be a little daunting thing to do, but as long as you are doing things the right way, you shouldn’t be afraid of wearing patterns with sequins. The key to making this styling trick work effectively is to keep the size of patterns considerably small so that things look in balance and it doesn’t look like the two of them are trying to compete with each other for their bold looks.

Don’t pair with dark colors


You can keep those dark colors for the nighttime look, but for the day time, you cannot pair your sequined number with dark colors. The objective is to make your sequin outfit look as day appropriate as you can and which is why you need to steer clear of any dark color such as black and navy. Instead, you can team up your sequin numbers with colors like taupe, beige, baby pink, powder blue, etc. to make things look more day friendly.

Are you invited to an amazing dinner party and have no clue what to wear? Well, choosing an outfit can be sometimes really confusing. But, don’t worry today we are here with a proper style guide. The style guide will help you to have the ideal outfit that you are looking for and that can be easily worn at the dinner party. So, relax you don’t have to stay much worried. From trending designer styles to statement timeless outfits we have brought all kinds of stylish eye-catchy dresses for you. Are you ready to have a sneak peek look on our style guide?
Yay! Then let’s get started we are sure that this style blog will help you to get your dream dress for the party. If you want to impress everyone and want to get attention then we will surely help you. If you want to look like a fashion-forward diva then ladies it’s time to make your dream come true. Therefore, keep sneaking on the style guide information mentioned below.

Silky Shirt & Skirt

Style like a formal diva for the dinner party! If you want to have a sleek and feminine look for the night party then you can wear a silky satin crisp shirt and pair it up with a nice pencil skirt or with any skirt that you could match with your shirt. This attire will help you to get a stunning style and gorgeous look to your body. Apart from that you can also choose any silky or party wear blouse and combine it with a black skirt to have an ideal stylish look for the dinner party.

Velvety Feel With Velvet Dress

Velvet Dress is one of the popular and trending outfits that you can wear for any nighttime party. You can choose pastel-colored to dark-colored velvet dress and flaunt your elegance. The velvet dress is one of the top statement outfits that are never out of style. You can pair your velvet dress with the most stylish pair of heels and rock your elegant gorgeous look. We are sure that this elegant dress will give a rich and impressive style for every party. So, don’t waste your time say yes to the velvet dress.

Sheer Blouse With Any Bottomwear

A sheer blouse is one of the hottest trending stylish fashion blouses that will surely win your heart. You can wear a nice camisole top matching to sheer blouse color, wear a sheer blouse, and match it up with a skirt or pants to have the chic style look. The sheer blouse will offer you excellent style, comfort, and grace for the dinner party. If you want to shine a darling on the dinner party then grab your sheer blouse pair it up with matching camisole, pants, skirt, and with heels to have ravishing eye-catchy look for the dinner party.

Solid Colored Midi Dress

Dress like a charming lady! You can choose a nice plain solid colored midi dress to flaunt your simple and attractive look. You can wear the most outstanding fitted midi dress to flaunt your attractive figure and gracious style for the dinner party. You can choose to wear some elegant accessories with the dress to have a stylish diva look. If you want to little sexy feel then you can wear plain black dress pair it up with your favorite gold jewelry and match it up sexy black pump heels. Yes, for sure that solid colored midi dress will offer you excellent style and subtle look for every party. Apart from that, you can choose the other party wear outfits too, but the outfits that we have mentioned are one of the hottest timeless party wear styles that you can surely wear it next time for other parties too.
Therefore, we hope that our style guide has provided you the best fashion information about styling for the dinner party. Thus, hurry ladies dress up now and step up in style in the party and grab up the best compliments for your elegant style.

Summer is itself a happening, beautiful season. Shining bright and blooming in this season should be your look during this time of the year. We have everything from neutrals to all colorful collection dresses that you will just love and inculcate in your closet right now. So without due let’s get on to the looks.

Chiffon Pastel Dress

As you know, pastels have gained popularity over the passing year; no closet is complete with pastels in it. So get your selves some full sleeves top and pair these with your jean shorts. Otherwise, if you have seen pastel maxi dresses and observed their beauty then, you would have bought it by now. What can be your look in these? If you know how to make plat, then, pastel dresses look fabulous with braided hair. However, you have short hair then, small is the time for short hair going for bob in this season can never go wrong for any face shape. Pairing these with mules or normal gladiator flats can be done for your feet. Finally to accessorize carry a small sling. We shouldn’t add more volume to the look getting a structured or tote bag.

Boyfriend T-Shirts

Who could have thought of that wearing your boyfriend’s t-shirt will inspire a range of new clothing for women? There are major brands that have launched their series of t-shirt which have those funny, cute quotes on them for sweet girls. You can dress up in these wearing a high rise short and tucked in t-shirt. In order to not get those visible folds beneath your shorts, tuck in the t-shirt end under your bra. Now, you can wear these loose t-shirt without tucking and hidden shorts beneath. Finally, you can pair this dress with sports shoes or platform shoes as you like, as you know it’s a little bold look so wearing shoes will be best.

Wide Neck Dresses

We all have some dresses that have a wide neck like a square from the top. It is both seasons dress. However, during winter you have so many layers on, and under it doesn’t come out well, so getting these wide neck dresses will bring something new for your closet. Moreover, if you have got a flawless neck bone then you cannot imagine how amazing you will look. You have asymmetrical, mini dresses in this combination. They look so cute in a floral print, pair with sneakers. You can wear heels as well but we all know how comfy the sneakers feel. If you like you can wear a jean jacket on top but that will hide the wide neck.

Center Knot Jumpsuits

Knot jumpsuits are beneficial in hiding the little bump on your stomach. If you find these in pastels or any solid color reflecting your skin tone then, you must grab it at once. Black and blood red jumpsuits are most commonly desired by women these days, yet if you get it in a pattern such as a tie-dye or polka dots then, they look exceptional. Animal print in mini jumpsuits looks so cool and refreshing. You can wear these with flat sandals or heels depending upon where you are wearing it. If it’s an office then, wearing pencil heels with the jumpsuit pant lifting just above the floor-length give a lady stunning look.

Blouse and Pants

A cropped blouse with fluffy sleeves and knee-length pants has a charm of their own. A normal t-shirt can work finely with pants but the blouse makes the look way more exquisites. If you like wearing off-shoulder tops then, they pair nicely with the pants. A plain collar shirt with pants and pencil heels is a perfect office look for any smart working lady. To keep it casual you can pair these pants with a solid v-neck blouse with small sleeves. The color combinations in this look are plain yellow or royal blue color with a white blouse, pastel blue with ivory, grey with blush pink, etc.

It might be obvious but who all doesn’t like to revamp their wardrobe with new styles and pieces. With the new season upon us, it’s the best time to get hands-on a few core pieces that will just tie up all our basics and formals together!

Wearing thousand times the tee, shirts, and tops in the same typical manner can be a bit turn off instead stashing your wardrobe with new bottom pieces can just effortlessly bring a new perspective to the old stuff you have. Twill pants are all in trends these days and can impeccably elevate your style quotient. Be it an office or a casual day this utility-style sizzles all-purpose. The straight wide-leg silhouettes proffer a relaxed fit and unfussy style that can be a great addition to your wardrobe. These twill pants are your all-season piece, available in several colors and definitely a staple addition to your closet.

The feed will assist you in styling these twill pants so, that you thrive to come out with the most voguish look. We’ve compiled a list of styles that you can pair twill pants with and hit the ground with stylish self! Let’s get hip to the twill pants style guide.

Blouse and Mules-

Bracing twill pants with a blouse top is just an effortless manner of raising your style quotient. Whether you’re heading for a casual date or a brunch throw a little curveball with this duo. The overall outfit will look sassy with a pair of mules, and raising your style bar. You can without doing much wear the high-profile look and we are sure you’ll be obsessed with how it would turn out. Comfort and style you get both and what else we could ask for, right?

Shirt and Pumps-

Looking forward to attending a meeting or cracking the ideal work dress code with some trend why not put on your usual formal shirt with twill pants. The look will not only project the professional image but will also help in crafting the voguish appearance without breaking your workplace code. To bring the best, you can pair the look with pump heels that will just be just apt to the workplace formal attire. We know the office is something a strict place stumped by a wear code with least liberty to style and play, of course, something to fresh you up daily without violating the code is our goal!

Tee and Sneakers-

Show some creativity by twinning the basic tee with twill pants. Wearing tee in a usual style has turned to be a bit monotonous and it’s the best time to play with pieces and lift your style a notch up. Tee-shirts are our fave wardrobe pieces and wearing it with besides a pair of denim, is something we need to throw a more effortless but dressed up vibe. If you want to dress up low-key without investing much of the effort and time just wear your fave piece with twill pants and you’re ready to slay your day!

A classy pair of sneakers will just complete the look.

Tie Front Crop Shirt with Heels-

Attending a semi-casual rally or heading for brunch this outfit look is perfect for every occasion. Tie front crop shirt with twill pants just elevates your style bar and makes you look as if you have invested much in bringing out the look but actually you haven’t. The tie front style appears much more flattering than the usual tucked in style. Be ready to fetch some great compliments.

Pair it up with your fave heels to bring out the best in the look and add some femininity to the drapey aspect.

The only downside of trends is their built-in expiry dates that can go out of fashion at any time of the year. And as much as we hate to admit it, we still willingly follow all the trends to be on the top of our fashion game and make some really stylish and statement worthy appearances with our outfits. We all are somehow guilty of following the current trends and sometimes, in a desperate attempt to keep up with all the latest and new trends, we forget about the trends of the previous year. While trends don’t usually last this long, but there are a few trends in particular that make a strong and lasting impression on the audience and are still believed to be going strong in the trend game. And speaking of this year, while we saw so many trends making their way into the fashion world, but there are still a few trends from the previous year (2019) that are still going pretty much strong and can easily be worn this year as well.
To give you a head start, we have put together a list of some of the previous year’s trends that are still very much in fashion and can still become a part of your wardrobe this year.

Bucket hats

It’s almost that time of the year where we will be seeing a lot of sun and plenty of sunny days. And for all those days we need to have a hat that can keep our eyes and face covered to protect them from harsh sun rays. Bucket hats were one of the hottest trends of the previous year and they are still believed to be going strong which is why if you already didn’t have one of these in your wardrobe, now’s the time you get one for yourself as you probably will be getting out more and more to bask in the sun at the beaches. The coolest part, you can find these hats in so many pretty designs ranging from solid colors to gorgeous patterns.

Thong heels

This one was again one of the most followed trends and it still continues to be a part of the trends for obvious reasons and that’s because of their unconventional but pretty comfortable style. This might not be your usual pair of shoes that you can wear just anytime but it certainly grows more on you, once you get used to the style. These thong heels are available in various colors and patterns that look equal parts chic and practical.


It was only last year when tie-dye made a surprising resurgence and soon after it was all over the feeds and the fashion runways. However, we thought just like previous times the trend isn’t going to last for more than a few months but shockingly it stayed and has been one of the previous trends that we are still seeing a lot this year. Don’t believe us? Check it for yourself as tie-dye is all that we are seeing on our feeds. The best part, even if you don’t have any tie-dye piece at the moment, you can create one on your own.

High cut bikinis

Bikinis are a major part of summer fashion and now that we will have a lot of time to bask in the sun as summers are almost here, we better take out all our bikinis and pick out the best pieces that we can still wear this year. These 80’s style high cut bikinis were all the rage previous year and they still continue to be so. Their high cut design looks very chic and it also gives an illusion of longer legs which was one of the most appreciated things about this bikini style.


We women can’t do without our jewelry and no matter the style or the category; we always find ways to incorporate them into our looks. Similarly, anklets were the talk of the town in the previous year and they certainly grew on the majority of women because it’s quite rare when wearing anklets suddenly become a trend so when given the chance we certainly can not miss out on wearing this piece of jewelry which we used to wear as a child with a fun and colorful pieces added to it. However, today’s anklets are more on the sophisticated side which looks very elegant when paired with swimwear and open-toe mules.

For every concert that you are going to, you should know that people-watching is as much a thing as watching musical performances. This means that if you are planning to go to one, you will be looked upon from head to toe and that is why you must dress in the chicest way possible. Now that we have styling tips for everything, a concert outfit can also not lag behind. There are a lot of ways in which you can dress sassy at a concert and make your presence noticed. These outfits here with minute detailing are something everyone can carry easily and comfortably. All you need to do is curate a signature style for yourself and then add a mix and match to the outfit. Stand out from the crowd and make this concert a memorable experience for yourself. Read more

With the spring season just around the corner, it’s time we start upgrading our wardrobe with some of the most amazing spring staples that every girl needs to have in their closet this year. After the dreadful and chilling weather, we went through; we all are up for some easy and light layers in replacement to those heavy and warm puffer jackets. And as the season is approaching, we all have already geared up to replace our winter wardrobe with more spring friendly pieces. This year we can look forward to many fabulous trends that are ready to make their way into the spring season. But if you are wondering what all pieces will be serving as your backbone this year then you don’t need to be worried as we have got you covered. We have listed some of the best staples that will get you through the spring season in style. Not only these pieces are very high on fashion and trend but they are also very versatile as you can easily mix and match them with other items in your closet to create a spring capsule wardrobe. Let’s take a look at all the pieces. Read more

Each one us needs a pair of boots that will take us places, keep us comfortable and adorn a stunning attire for us. These boots will not only become a wardrobe staple but will prove to be a part of a fancy silhouette for all of us. Have a look and pick them right away. Read more

Planning your next adventure ski trip? Well, then this ski trip is going to be one of the most thrilling experiences for you. If you are planning it right now, then you would need a full-proof packing list for flaunting your style in the best possible way there. One should ever compromise on style and that is why this ski trip should be just another way to dress in chic style. There are so many pieces that you can pick but they all should be picked on the basis of two factors- comfort and style. Comfortable clothing is imperative for a ski trip and this comfy clothing should also be stylish. Here we have listed some of the best pieces that will not only look pretty but will also make this trip a successful one. Read more

Jackets are literally the most practical pieces of apparel because they are chic and are also full of utility and functionality. There are so many ways in which you can style your jackets and out of them, a fancy puffer jacket is something that will take you everywhere. It has that sense of charm and feminity to it that can never go wrong. It is just one of those mainstream clothes but with so much style and function. If you come to think of it, you can literally style this jacket in a lot of distinct ways and all of them will grab attention everywhere. Think out of the box and pick bright colors, unusual patterns, sporty looks and make this one a go-to for yourself. Read more