For all those pretty brides to be, everything you pick for your wedding day is unique and gorgeous. You make sure that whatever you pick for your wedding day has a touch of charm to it and looks stunning from a distance. You crave to be the center of attention on this special day of yours and if everything is paid so much attention, then your footwear should not lag behind. This is an extremely important aspect because you are supposed to walk in them the entire time and so, they should be comfortable and soft. Your pretty feet should not feel suffocated in them. Therefore, we have this style guide for you so that you pick the right pair of heels or flats for yourself. Keep in mind the following points before buying your wedding day shoes! Read more

A jersey or football jersey is something each one of us has; either of our favorite sports teams or from the cheerleader team in college. This jersey is exceptional as it reminds us of our favorite players and favorite sport as well. If you have one and feel like wearing it for your next match outing or for a sporty event, then you are doing absolute justice to your thought process. Pick any of your jerseys from high school or college and flaunt them for your next outing. They look uber chic and there is no doubt about it! Check out the mist stunning ways in which you can style this football jersey and look ultra-cool. Read more

Gone are the days when mesh clothing was just a part of athleisure trend and was seen sporting in leggings as well as layers over your activewear and gym clothes, etc. This trend had been the most loved piece of apparel for the sole reason that it added a unique style to a simple outfit with just one layer. Mesh clothing is basically a type of fabric that is knitted closely but spaced holes are visible. This is done so that your outfit beneath the mesh apparel can be spotted easily. Usually, neons and bright colors are picked beneath mesh clothing so that contrast is created in the overall look. Here are some of the best edits that you can pick in mesh and flaunt them almost everywhere. Read more

Winters are the best excuse for anyone to wear tights. It not only helps in keeping legs protected from blistering cold but also helps in making the outfit. Though some are brave enough to keep their legs bare in such frigid weather but tights can always come handy not only as an extra layer for warmth but also to add some character and drama to the look. Wearing tights with your outfit can do a lot of good things for your look and it also possibly helps in upgrading your outfit in a go. However, just as simple as wearing tights are, wearing the right shoes with them is equally dreadful. Determining which pair of shoes will work best with them can be quite daunting but definitely not impossible. There are definitely some fashion rules concerning the pairing of tights and shoes, but as long as you are maintaining a line between good and bad, you can rock many different shoes with tights. To help you decide what shoes will work well for you, we have rounded up a list of 5 different shoes that will help you streamline your look and make you feel like a fashion diva in no time. Read more

Footwear is a significant part of our apparel and has the ability to amp our look or totally dull the vibe. Whatever you are looking for, you will find in some unique and drastic pieces that can transform your look in no time. There are a lot of stylish pieces out there that have made their way in fashion and are waiting to be picked by you. Look out for these unconventional shoe styles in heels, boots, and sneakers that will grab your heart. Pick these classy ensembles and flaunt your looks! Read more

Wondering how to fight the winter cold without sacrificing your fashion sense? We’ve all been there. Everyone’s winter wardrobe varies based on climate and how cold one feels. Someone will be seen wearing layers of clothing in November and some might be flaunting just one hoodie even in January. Building wardrobe with the best fashion pieces has a lot of influence from personal style. If you tend to go out often, you will need dressier styles rather than casual heavy wear. From skinny jeans to trench coats, from baggy sweaters to turtle-neck jumpers, everything looks great in winters because of the feeling of being cold and still warm, such a dramatic transition isn’t it? Read more

There are times when we run out of options to wear and end up dressing in the most boring way. People tend to judge each other on the basis of their outfit choices. So in order to save ourselves from being judged for our boring outfit, we can use some styling hacks and tips to avoid those looks and gossips. You don’t need any stylist to do that, this can be easily done on your own. These styling hacks can really make a mundane outfit look uber- chic and can make you stand out from the crowd. To achieve that fab look just follow these styling hacks. Read more

Summer is the best season to wear those stocked flats in your wardrobe. Beating the dust, it’s time to take them out and flaunt in the summer sunshine. Flats have this amazing feature that they go with everything you name. They go well with your long dresses, short skirts, rugged jeans and shorts, beachwear and partywear. They are extremely versatile; even if you’re wearing a casual tee and jeans, just pick a flashy pair of flats and make your move.

If you are the kind who loves flats, then you are going to love the following picks. We’ve listed our favorite styles in flat sandals that look great in summers so effortlessly. They are fashionable and comfortable at the same time! What bliss! Read more

Rainbow reminds us of all the beautiful colors in the world. ‘VIBGYOR’ as we term it, the rainbow colors are made of Violet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and, red. Dressing up in streamlined colors is a thing of the past when stereotypes were rolling in all the time. But now it’s all about picking unique colors from the color palette. No one would have ever thought that clubbing all these colors together would actually bring out one mind-blowing outfit.

The rainbow fashion trend is the existence of all the rainbow colors in an outfit either in the form of stripes shirts or Technicolor skirts. As the saying goes, ‘You got it? You flaunt it!’ So if you have a closer look at this particular trend, you’ll know that there is no other way to brighten up your look than this one. We’ve picked the best out of the lot and listed some combinations from the rainbow trend that you can flaunt on your next outing- Read more

Definitely an accessory with the most utility and fan following! Every woman loves this accessory because it has multiple styling options and also is very convenient to carry around all day. It is the ultimate wardrobe staple for fall and winter. One cannot deny the importance of wearing a shawl in breezy winters. You also get to flaunt a cool vibe with it. You feel instantly all dressed up so what else do you need? You need a style guide to wear that same shawl in different ways with different outfits and occasions. Whether it’s knit, silken or infinity shawl, it can be worn universally with everything in the chilly weather. We have shared the best styles to wear this fall season to step out in style- Read more