Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features on our face and if they are done the right way, they can work favorably for our looks and make our face appear more defined and attractive. They are possibly the only thing you can get in shape without needing to exercise, it’s important that you have them in the right shape so that you don’t do any beauty blunder. Taking care of your brows, keeping them in shape and nicely filled in is something that requires a lot of effort; basically it’s not that easy. While you may have mastered the art of doing wing eyeliner or contouring your face, but when it comes to your brow, things can get a little too tricky. Today, there are many high-end techniques and treatments you can rely on to keep your brows on fleek all day every day, such as microblading, but that can be quite expensive.
However, there are certain mistakes that many women tend to make with their brows and that can easily pull their look down making them look old or strange. To make sure that you’re not making the same mistakes with your brows, take a scroll through the article where we have listed some not so common eyebrow mistakes and how you can correct them to keep them looking on fleek.

Shaping them too thin

Thin eyebrows used to be a thing in the 90s but as we speak of the present day, they are one of the biggest beauty blunders any woman could make as they are not only out of the trend but are also the most unflattering thing you could try right now. Thin brows do nothing for your look, in fact, they may bring your whole look down, which we are assuming you wouldn’t want to deal with. Therefore, if you are one of those many girls who still believe that thin brows are still a thing, then my dear friend it’s time you get a reality check and embrace fuller and more flattering brows.

Filling them too dark

The key to acing the perfect eyebrows is filling them the right way and make them look as natural as you can. The objective of filling our brows is to make them natural and not made up and that’s exactly why you need to look for eyebrow products in one shade lighter than your natural hair color. Your brows are one of the best features of your face, and you should make them work favorably for your face and not to overpower your facial features. Going too dark with your brows is only going to make them look fake and unappealing, which is why you need to be very careful of the products you are purchasing and know the right technique to fill the brows.

Using a magnifying mirror

Yes, your mirror too plays an important role here but that has nothing to do about the way you fill your brows in fact, it’s about how you are taking care of them. Tweezing extra hair that grows back in and around the eyebrow area helps in keeping them look nice and defined but the kind of mirror you’re using at this time really matters here. Doing all that tweezing in front of magnifying mirrors can easily mess up the shape of your brows as it’s not possible to get the right proportions when you are looking at your face so closely. Wall mirrors are your safest bet and try to exercise this in as much natural lighting as you can.

Adding lots of highlighters

Adding a pop of highlighter to your brow bones is a great way to accentuate your brows but we would not advise you to go overboard with this whole highlighter thing as that can work negatively for your look. Apply the highlighter in a gentle motion using a flat brush underneath your brows. Sweep the brush in back and forth motion and you’ll notice how your face is looking lifted and your brows striking.

Applying makeup products on your brows


Intentionally or unintentionally, applying makeup products such as face creams, foundation, gel, sunscreen on your brows can work against them. Allowing the product to settle on your brows can damage them and that can result in your brow hair falling out as well as no hair growth. Therefore, we would suggest you to be extremely careful while applying any product on your face especially around the brow area. Massage your brows with castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil or aloe vera, to promote hair growth if you’ve scanty eyebrows.

It was such a piece of wonderful news to hear that the fantasy wedding gowns are now turning into reality. I believe that every girl since their childhood would have imagined being dresses like Disney characters when they are grown up. The beauty and beast, belle wedding gown was one of my favorites. Well, finally someone has taken a step to fulfill our fantasy. They took the challenge and presented us with the beautiful wedding gown resembling the outfits of these timeless beauties. We will discuss with you the looks and design of these gowns one by one.

Ariel: The Mermaid

According to myth mermaid are the most beautiful creatures on the earth. They are not only attractive but holds such a voice that can mesmerize any human being. The wedding gown based on this character does the same to the human race.  The off-shoulder perfect fit gown will surely cut a dash. It is something that will add focus to every inch of your upper and lower body as it is a body fitted gown. However, the flair start from the knee and followed ahead till the toes. The dress is perfect for those who wish to have a little fitting and similarly have flares in the dress which will give volume. Since the wedding is a celebrating occasion, dancing is a must. The flares below the knee will give you space to move your legs freely while dancing. You can also add a net cap followed by your neck.


Snow- white
Snow-white wedding gown was my favorite of all, the fluffy sleeves with gloves a never-ending veil from head. It seems like an ideal wedding dress. There are so many flare to the dress from the waist, which makes it appear bulky and heavy. This is an actual fairy tale dress that looks somewhat like a ball gown. The skirt of this dress will begin from your waist and add more and more volume with its fall. The similar-looking gowns are worn by many celebrities and the royal duchess as well as princess. I believe this dress gives a princess look to every girl getting ready to be wed.


Tiana: Princess And The Frog

The frog princess wore an A-line dress that falls straight, the body fit is given to the upper half and the rest is left natural to flow. This dress combines a sheath style and a ball gown comprised to form a wedding gown. The dress has a perfect upper body fit and the lower body is covered with the flares of the dress. The dress has laced net all over it. The upper half is totally covered in net and as the dress falls the lowers half becomes less embroidered but spreads to covers more area.


Belle: Beauty And Beast

She wore sweetheart neck, which was body huggie and dress was embroidered from neck to the length. The inspired dress has a lot in similar, the neckline and the back design of V shape, this is something too elegant yet hot. The structure of the dress is like, a body fitted blouse along with flares and flares of the skirt in the back. The dress is perfect for a person who likes to show a slim look in the front and add a look like a torso in the end.



Cinderella is the most lovable character of all. The girls admire her for facial features and the jolly nature of this Disney character. Many are inspired by the bravery of this character and fall in love with her at a young age. Naturally, her wedding dress is something most wanted by the girls since their early childhood. The Cinderella dress was somewhat the ball gown look. The dress has a long flowing cape, with a floral pattern on the borders and a dense look in the end.

Dealing with oily skin problems can be a pretty annoying and tiring thing, to say the least. It’s not that either of you has signed up for any of these problems but whether you like them or not, they don’t really stop troubling you until you have taken some serious precautionary measures to keep all those skin woes at bay. If you are one of many people who have got oily skin and is dealing with a skin problem for a long time, then it’s time that you start taking your skincare routine seriously and pay heed to what all products will work in favor of you and will help you to get rid of all your skin problems. From pesky, stubborn acne to annoying blackheads, there’s an effective solution to all your oily skin woes and it’s time that we put an end to them once and for all.
We have listed some of the most common skin problems every person with oily skin deals with and along with that, we have also mentioned an effective solution that will bring you one step closer to achieving flawless and healthy-looking skin.


Acne is possibly one of the worst things that can happen to your skin. Nobody likes to see those pesky, stubborn acne popping up every other day, they are just so frustrating and annoying to look at. The reason behind the formation of acne is the acne-causing bacteria that find oily areas on your skin as a safe haven. And once they settle down on your skin, they start to multiply and spread to the other oily region of your skin. Therefore, it’s extremely important for you to keep your face clean all the time. Use an anti-acne cleanser/face wash to wash your face twice a day. Good hygiene practice is also really important and you should never touch your face with dirty and oily hands, this is just unacceptable.

Blackheads and whiteheads

Blackheads and whiteheads might not be as frustrating as acne is but they can definitely be pretty hard to get rid of. The reason for their formation is the excess oil on your skin that settles into the pores which later on gets oxidized and becomes blackheads. Another reason is the dead skin cells that clog skin pores and form blackheads and whiteheads. What you can do is exfoliate your face on a daily basis to get rid of all the impurities and gunk; you can also use face packs made of natural ingredients like egg white to help in getting rid of whiteheads.

Dull skin

An unhealthy lifestyle, poor skincare routine, and several environmental factors can be held responsible for your skin lacking in luster and glow. All the excess oil that gets produced brings down your complexion resulting in dullness which can also make your face look tired. An easy and effective solution to this problem is exfoliating. Exfoliate your face thrice a week and you will be good to go.

Visible pores

Much like any other oily skin woes, large visible pores is one of the many problems people with oily skin deals with. The oil that your skin secretes leaves the pores open and makes them look very prominent. However, you can save yourself from dealing with this problem by applying a toner twice a day. Toner will help in shrinking the size of pores and will give you a smooth and clean canvas to work on.

Excessively oily regions

Your face looking like it has been bathed with oil by the time its noon is possibly the most irritating and messy things you have to deal with. While there are ways that can help you in minimizing sebum production but for the time being, when the parts of your face start to look shiny and grimy, you can use facial wipes or blotting paper to get rid of excess oil. Just dab it on your face and you will have fresh and oil-free skin in no time.

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when we speak of spring fashion? Probably vibrant, floral pieces and fun skirts, while they may be an important part of this season, but this year it’s all about big collars which is quite a refreshing and energetic trend that is too hard to be ignored. Everybody likes to wear collared pieces whether they fall under the formal or casual category, and when we have the chance and all the right reasons then why miss the opportunity and not try this dramatic collar trend in the upcoming spring season. The year 2019 was all about exaggerated sleeves and this year the drama got intensified and got translated into the collars to make a statement. No matter the style of collar, each one of them looks equally ravishing and dramatic in their own different ways. To add some drama and edginess to your look, you can swear by these collared pieces to do the trick for you.
We have rounded up a list of all the statement collar styles for you that you must keep an eye on this spring season.

Oversized disco collar

If you are wondering where did it get its name, as the title suggests, it was the 70s aka disco era from where we got the inspiration. No matter how you decide to style this, this collar style will keep up with all different types of looks. Its versatility is truly the best thing about this style as you can easily make it work for any kind of look regardless of whether it’s a sharp or chic look that you are trying to recreate. It will look equally amazing with a blazer as it will look with casual denim. It’s needless to say that this piece is a perfect sartorial choice you can have in your wardrobe.

Oversized bib collar

This style of collar is somewhat similar to oversized disco collar but the key difference between the two is the flat styled bib collar which makes it set apart from the other. However, in this collar style, the collars don’t really fall on the shoulder; instead, they lay flat on the chest making them appear pretty unique but really chic to pair with many of your outfits. If you are someone who loves experimenting and wants to add a chic flair to your wardrobe then this is just the right option for you to try this spring.

Peter pan collars

For all the cutesy looks you are trying to recreate, this Peter Pan collar style is just the right choice for you. This year it was introduced in a more modest version but it still had the same appeal and cutesy feel to it, making it yet another collar style to keep an eye on this spring. The flat style of Peter Pan collar happens to lay flat on the torso and its cutout is made to fit around the neckline perfectly. While peter pan collars never really go out of style and are an evergreen choice, they are having quite a major moment right now which is why you should waste no more time and stock some of these pieces in your wardrobe to keep yourself looking incredibly fashionable throughout the spring and of course, beyond that too!

Victorian collar

To all the girls, who have a thing for vintage clothing, you would be happy with the arrival of this 19th century inspired Victorian collar style. Exuding major Victorian vibes, this collar style deserves more credibility than it gets because of the amount of elegance and sophistication it reflects, no fashion junkie would ever be able to keep their hands off this style. This classic collar style is something that you must definitely consider splurging on as no matter what you are pairing it up with, it will look super amazing with just the right amount of glamor to it by slipping into a pair of pumps.

Makeup is one of the most powerful tools any woman could possess and when it comes to naming all the products that fall under makeup then the list would be never-ending. While each makeup has its own importance and value but there are a few which we woman certainly cannot do without. One such product besides mascara is a highlighter which is a literal lifesaver for many girls. If there’s anything that can give your face a healthy, beautiful glow in just a matter of a few seconds then it has to be a highlighter. But for it to work wonderfully for you, you must apply the highlighter the right way. No matter how good of a highlighter you have purchased, but if you don’t know the right application then it’s good for nothing.
Much like many other products, highlighters also come in many different formulations, from powder highlighters to creamy highlighters; every highlighter has a different formula that should be applied accordingly. To make sure that your skin looks glowing and beautiful and not garish, go through our guide that will be explaining to you about all different types of highlighters.

Powder highlighter

Powder highlighters might just be the right choice for no-makeup makeup look but if not applied the right way then it can look stark because the glitters in this highlighter can be chunky sometimes which can get a little hard to blend on your skin. However, if you are pro at applying a powder highlighter then it can give your face a very beautiful and subtle glow that can be worn on an everyday basis. By taking a fan brush, you can apply the highlighter on your cheekbones and other high points of your face. Just make sure to stroke the brush very lightly so that you don’t go overboard with the highlighter. You can always apply a bit more if you aren’t satisfied with the way it looks. 

Cream highlighters

For all those dressy and fancy occasions where you want to look your glamorous best, this highlighter can be your safest bet. Its creamy formula is very pigmented which gives your face a very bold and flawless glow that is just the right way to work up that glam and fancy look of yours. The best way to apply this highlighter is by using your fingers as it will help in giving you an incredibly seamless and flawless finish. 

Stick highlighters

These highlighters are the most convenient to carry in your bags which can come to your ultimate use when your face feels too tired, dull and lackluster. Just pick up this highlighter and apply it on your high points to provide your face with a natural and subtle glow. This highlighter can prove to be super handy when you are in urgent need of giving your face a boost. Before you apply the highlighter on any part of your face, make sure that you have powdered all the areas to ensure that the highlighter stays in place for long and shows better on your skin. You can blend the product using your fingers or makeup sponge. 

Liquid highlighters

Much like cream highlighters, liquid highlighters are also used particularly on days when you are looking to create a full glam face. To intensifies things a bit and add more drama to your look, you can safely rely on liquid highlighters to do the job for you. Not only it can be used after completing your makeup but it can also be used before you start with your makeup. Yes, you heard it right! After you are done applying primer on your face, you can apply a liquid highlighter in dotted form all over your face and then blend it nicely using a makeup sponge, brush or fingers. This will be followed by the rest of your makeup including foundation, concealer, setting powder and all other things that you use. This will help to give your face a soft, dewy and extremely glowing appearance. 

Building the right capsule wardrobe for your office is probably the best thing to do for creating all your work outfits in the most hassle-free and effortless ways. It’s also important because you won’t have to stare blankly at your wardrobe every morning before you go to work. While most of the woman struggle with creating work outfit for themselves and claims it to be a really difficult task but in actual it’s not really difficult. Having a wardrobe that is filled with some classic office staples is all it takes to create some of the most office-friendly and comfortable closet for yourself. If you have a solid array of pieces in your wardrobe, you won’t ever have to worry about creating an office look for yourself every morning. To simplify your life and make getting dressed for your office a breeze, we have rounded up a list of 5 classic office wardrobe essentials for you that are a definite must to have in every working woman’s wardrobe for three solid reasons: they will always remain in style (for most of the time), will make you look well put together no matter what other pieces you are wearing, will probably work outside your office too.
Now that we have provided you with three solid reasons, let’s take a look at the top classic pieces that you must have in your wardrobe.

Black skinny jeans

There can be no other pair of denim than black skinny jeans that can help you in creating a polished office look. To all the girls who live in skinny jeans must definitely have this pair in their closet. The best thing about having black skinny jeans is its versatility that can work amazingly for all your outfits. No matter, what piece you are pairing it with, this pair of jeans will ensure that you always look well put together and polished in all your outfits. You can look for a high waisted pair as it’s not only the current trend but also looks stylish enough.

Checked blazer

No office wardrobe can feel complete without having at least one blazer in your wardrobe. Whether you are trying to create a formal look or something that looks well put together without even trying too much, a checked blazer will do the trick for you. It looks incredibly smart and instantly gives you that powerful look which can get too hard to be ignored. No matter if it’s a dress or black jeans; you can rock this blazer with literally everything while it does its job in tying your whole look together in the most seamless way.

Chic flats

While heels are an important part of office wardrobe but you certainly cannot deny a stylish pair of flats of being important as well. They tend to come super handy especially on days when you don’t feel like wearing one of your stunning heels or you just want to create a somewhat laidback look for yourself. Mules and loafers are probably the best choices when it comes to owning a stylish pair of flats for work. From dresses or skirts to jeans or suits, these two will go with anything and everything.

White t-shirts

Having a white t-shirt in every woman’s wardrobe is of utmost importance regardless of whether she’s working or not. And you shouldn’t own just one of these but several such pieces as they tend to come to use more often than you would know. Whether you are dressing it up by wearing it underneath your suit set, blazer or dressing it down by layering it under your dress, a white t-shirt can prove to be useful in so many stylish ways.

Slip skirts

To add that oomph factor and sexiness to your office looks, you should look no further than slip skirts to do the trick for you. This piece will help to give your office wardrobe a fancy and stylish flair that can also work beyond your office looks. It can be your ultimate day-to-night piece if you have styled it correctly which can be done by teaming up the look with a casual white tee. For your work, you can layer up the look with a checked blazer and stylish flats. Look for satin slip skirts as they tend to work equally amazing for office as well as night looks.

A trench coat is one staple piece that almost every woman has in their wardrobes. Very versatile and super easy to style, it not only serves the purpose of protecting our body from wind and rain but also adds character and sophistication to the outfit in whole. Although it may not provide a considerable amount of warmth to the body, but is still considered to be a must-have in every wardrobe. Especially during the fall season, it comes really handy during those rainy days. However, wearing it over and over again can get really mundane and this is when styling them in different ways comes as a savior. Today, they are available in many different styles, designs, materials, sizes, and colors. You can opt for whatever feels and looks the best to you. Layer it over your dress or regular jeans just remember to wear it the right way. Read more

If your love for shoes is a real thing and you can never have enough of them, then you’re at the right place. One can never have enough shoes because they literally define who we are! Everyone judges each other on the basis of their footwear choice intentionally or unintentionally. It’s one of the first things we’re noticed about. So they should always be attractive, perfectly fitted and in plenty! Because we don’t want to dress in the same shoe time and again. We discovered this amazing American footwear retailer that has one of the best shoes on their website. The DSW- DESIGNER SHOE WAREHOUSE is a US-based e-commerce platform that has more than 500 stores in America. It’s a top-quality collection, unmatched brands and incredible designs have come a long way since its foundation in 1969. Read more

Rainbow reminds us of all the beautiful colors in the world. ‘VIBGYOR’ as we term it, the rainbow colors are made of Violet, Indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and, red. Dressing up in streamlined colors is a thing of the past when stereotypes were rolling in all the time. But now it’s all about picking unique colors from the color palette. No one would have ever thought that clubbing all these colors together would actually bring out one mind-blowing outfit.

The rainbow fashion trend is the existence of all the rainbow colors in an outfit either in the form of stripes shirts or Technicolor skirts. As the saying goes, ‘You got it? You flaunt it!’ So if you have a closer look at this particular trend, you’ll know that there is no other way to brighten up your look than this one. We’ve picked the best out of the lot and listed some combinations from the rainbow trend that you can flaunt on your next outing- Read more

Everyone loves their hair the most. They are a natural accessory on our body that we can stylize in any way we want. Tying them up in a bun, leaving loose into curls or poker straight hair-there are so many styles to carry our hair beautifully for every occasion. With so much addition of colors in the wardrobe, there is no chance that hair could lack behind. You can add color to your hair too and sway them in cool breezy air with a fun attitude. Now unknowingly, many of us get out hair colored and then regret later. This is not because the color is not flattering but because it is not right for our skin tone.

Skin tone plays a huge role when you plan on picking the correct color for your hair. Skin tones vary from fair to medium and dark, so before you dig into getting your hair color done, have a look at these picks from our experts. It can be a really tricky business to pick the right color the first time. So, we’ve listed below the best hair colors for fair skin beauties – Read more