Teas are gaining more popularity these days given their therapeutic properties and how much of a relaxing effect they have on their consumers. More and more people diverting themselves from mainstream tea and coffee and prefer infused teas (of fruits, flowers, or leaves). They seem to deliver caffeine in bits and pieces so one doesn’t get dependent on them as one yearns for coffee. It is a simple affair where one only wants to extract nutrients through regular consumption. Keeping these things in mind, we are putting out 5 tea options for you that will assist you in achieving glowing and supple skin. Watch out!


  1. Green Tea

Green tea offers many benefits for your skin. They have anti-inflammatory properties which work on redness on your face and body. You are least likely to develop oily skin when you consume green tea on daily basis. If you have suffered a sunburn or feel a headache crawling in, this tea can work wonderfully to reduce the effect. You may even apply the tea topically onto your skin to relax a burn, redness, or inflammation.

Additional benefit – relaxing

Green Tea

  1. White Tea

White tea comes from delicate young tea leaves. It is effective against hyperpigmentation and is rich in anti-oxidants too. This means that upon daily consumption, you will be better at fighting off free radicals, hence building a more functional skin barrier that is not often dulled up by outdoor exposure. White tea will also give you youthful skin as its collagen contents begin to work up as you drink it.

Additional benefit – refreshing

White Tea

  1. Butterfly Pea Tea

This blue tea comes from butterfly pea flowers that are dried and then used in tea. It has an engrained vegetable-like sweetness which can be further enhanced by cinnamon or star anise. This tea is packed with antioxidants, meaning that your skin will receive oxidants like dirt, and makeup better. Your skin would not stop looking lively and flushed when you have this. In addition to this, it has a moisturizing effect when applied topically.

Additional benefit – gladdening

Butterfly Pea Tea

  1. Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is famed for its many benign. It is foremostly anti-viral and anti-microbial in nature which helps your skin to fight unwanted microbes pretty easily. Next, this helps boost cell activity and brings in more circulation around the face. This helps make your skin look flushed. Again, it has loads of anti-oxidants too. It heals scorched, dry skin by providing more moisture.

Additional benefit – improved gut

Jasmine Tea

  1. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. It will work on reducing inflammation in your body. Along with this, it flushes toxins out of your body. It has great blendability, you can mix it well with food. Turmeric tea helps effectively to purify the bloodstream so that your skin looks acne free. Many people have observed that they witnessed some relief in their serious skin conditions with regular consumption of turmeric in some way. Add a few drops of lemon to enhance flavor and reduce bitterness.

Additional benefit – cold relief

Turmeric Tea

So, these were some of the tasty drinks that you can reward yourself with every morning. Don’t be skeptical about their delivery, they are what they are naturally, you may even grow them for yourself! Not only do these teas help keep your sugar intake and cravings in check but also help you work on your daily hydration goals. Have these varieties at different times throughout the week, hot or cold. Your health will thank you loads for your thoughtfulness and your skin will enjoy tasty hydration!


The facial skin is a canvas representing the various concerns of your body. That is why every inconvenience shows up on your face clearly for you or anyone to notice that something is not right or that you are going through something. Although it is hard to figure out what exactly has been happening or what you exactly ignored, some precautionary steps come in handy no matter how bad any of your bodily systems have been for some time. So, here we go through 5 such ways to help you deal with your cystic acne effectively.


  1. More Fluids

Don’t bother people taking it lightly but more fluid taken in would ensure more hydration to your skin. Water can not only help maintain your body temperature which will placate the causes of acne but also soothe your skin with the supply of hydration. This is why you should focus on drinking more water. Consider replacing junk snacking with healthy drinks. Another advantage here is that water will flush out toxins from your bloodstream.

More Fluids

  1. Detoxing

Yes, your body has been containing a lot of toxins for quite a long time and now it is popping out acne on your face to let you know. There can be innumerable reasons why your cystic acne is flaring up – bad digestion, poor diet and water intake, chronic disease, toxic topical cream, a medical condition like PCOD, and exposure to infection, among others. The toxins so developed can only be taken out if water intake is appropriate. Drinks containing lemon, turmeric, and green veggies will help tackle bodily toxins and would deliver radiance too.


  1. Topical Treatments

Once you have taken note of cleansing your body from within, figure out what ointments will act most responsibly on your cystic acne with your dermatologist. It is better not to be misled by the fancy advertising that promises acne treatment through random creams as they have no research to back them and this falsified information can only make acne worse on your face. Take an expert’s help and use topical treatments religiously. These essentially contain infection killers and protection for the skin barrier.

Topical Treatments

  1. Healthy Gut

A healthy gut is often compromised for the greed of the tongue and the tastebuds. This often leads to upset stomach and absorption processes. The water here plays a vital role in keeping your bowels in check. A healthy functioning digestive tract will save you from more cysts and pustules, clearing your uneven texture. Of course, your body will take its time to heal but this way, you will prevent any future acne.

Healthy Gut

  1. Oral Dosage

Whatever medication your doctor prescribes will target your acne most accurately. This oral dose of your medications will act most effectively and you will need to depend on them, not missing even a day. If you are through with bringing in positive changes in your diet and upkeep, they will do the rest for you. Focusing on the disease will simplify the treatment by eradicating the very cause.

Oral Dosage

Although it is always wise to consult a derma before you get started on your good-riddance journey, these steps can come fundamental to your needs like first-aid. These ways will also help you identify what is working and what is not given that the basic things are being taken care of. We know it is painful to deal with acne, the facial sensitivity is peaking and you run out of solutions. For this, connect with your doctor and try to understand the root cause while you work on your lifestyle.


Your skin needs are straightforward yet some mistakes can turn blatant to your cautious beauty regimes and harm in more ways than your efforts brought good. Accept that you are suffering and mean fully what you are dedicating yourself to. Nutrition plays a critical role in deciding the fate of your skin, its behavior, and its tolerance. From here you start building healthy habits that pay off in many ways as you grow older. Following are a few vegan recipes that will still do wonders for the upkeep of your skin.


  1. Red Juice

This juice comprises beetroots, carrots, grapes, oranges, turmeric powder, and a pinch of rock salt. Sounds rich, right? It has just the right dose of iron and vitamins K, C, and A. Make sure you strain the blended mixture as the fine grains of those rocky veggies may get into the glass. With daily consumption, healthy and flushed skin is promised because your bloodstream is cleansed out of toxins, and inflammation of the body is taken care of.

Red Juice

  1. Grainy Stew

As the name suggests. The stew is loaded with different types of grains. Broken wheat, rice, broken barley, amaranth seeds, sorghum, and other pulses are combined deliciously with your favorite vegetables and the right spices to create this goddess-like dish. This supplies a healthy dose of vitamin B and dietary fiber for radiant and blemish-free skin. Do not forget to drizzle some garlic oil all over to scare away the drooling eyes!

Grainy Stew

  1. Berry Smoothie

This decadent smoothie is a thing of beauty for every health-conscious individual. This intoxicating mix of banana, cranberries, blueberries, chia seeds, brown sugar, soaked raisins, and almonds in warmed-up almond milk is blended until smooth and thick. This makes for a nourishing and filling food option and can be a great pair for your lovely pancakes. Add vanilla extracts if you fancy, this will ensure enough intake of fiber, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, protein, and antioxidants.

Berry Smoothie

  1. Citrus Mocktail

A tangy and chilly mocktail is a major craving for hot days and one of the best boosters you can take in winter. Lusciously drowned with the goodness of vitamin C, this is made up of orange, grapefruit, lime, pomegranate, and rock salt for better absorption of nutrients. A daily dose of this drink will clear your skin in a matter of 2-3 months and help fight diseases better too.

Citrus Mocktail

  1. Kale Salad

Kale tossed in a creamy dressing of coconut yogurt, vinegar, honey, salt, pepper, lemon zest, and olive oil makes any day refreshing! This lush superfood is a promising option to keep your health in check because the haphazard olives, dried berries, feta cheese, and the green goddess address your concerns systematically. The kale used here is considered a star addition to anyone’s diet as it is enriched with many vitamins and minerals.

Kale Salad

Food rich in vitamins and minerals and that delivers antioxidants on daily basis are great supplements to your supple skin. A scorched skin only invites premature signs of aging and skin irritation. To keep such troubles at bay, it is important that you keep yourself hydrated in and out and manage inflammation well. These ingredients are packed with nutrients that are tailored to give rise to your dulled skin and also smoothen the texture of the skin over time. Many times certain diseases turn out badly on our skin resulting in darkening, bumps, discoloration, etc. They are nothing but indications of deficiencies that have been long ignored. With these food options, you will be a better fighter!


Acne is a constant worry for many. If not duly taken care of, it only worsens and doesn’t just disappear on its own. Indeed, because mostly acne is an indication of bodily imbalance, infections, and inflammation. If that hasn’t been acted upon, acne will stay around for quite a long time, and won’t care how miserable you’ve become. All this mess can be avoided when your diet is on the right track. So, this is why we are giving a list of foods that you need to include in your diet for a sufficient supply of nutrients. Stay tuned!


  1. Berries

Different kinds of berries like cranberries, blueberries, raspberries with raisins, and dates provide a wholesome dose of nutrients like vitamins A, C, and K, antioxidants, fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium, etc. that promise to glow from within. Add them to salads, smoothies, sweet porridge, juices, jams, etc. Berries can also be a sweet addition to your homemade baking experience.


  1. Citrus Fruits

A healthy dose of Vitamin C is essential to fight off infections and keep those bumps off of your face. This will be brought to you by oranges, kaffir lime, Indian Gooseberry, grapefruit, clementine, kumquats, and many more tropical fruits. They are tasty options that can be consumed throughout the day and make you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Make juice, jams, detox drinks, or lemonade, or you can eat them raw without any processing.

Citrus Fruits

  1. Kale

Kale is a powerhouse of nutrients like vitamins and minerals that are rarely found together in other food items. This provides an all-rounded safeguard to keep the acne away with a healthy blood flush. Kale can be best eaten in salads with yogurt, lime, salt, cherry tomatoes, avocado, honey, and figs to prep a delicious and satiating bowl. It can also be eaten in sandwiches or there is another option of rolling them with protein-based fillings and then cooking them like cabbage rolls.


  1. Milk-based

Dairy foods are great sources of protein, the component that makes your skin. Your skin needs its supply of amino acids which will replenish the skin by forming new cells. Foods like curd, cottage cheese, butter, and milk supplies with enough protein to give you younger-looking skin, and the fats present in them will enrich your skin with moisture. This moisture will build a tough skin barrier and cause much less skin irritation. Yogurt also has anti-inflammatory properties, proven to calm your stomach so to ensure heat balance.


  1. Papaya

This magical fruit presents many things. It is rich in dynamic antioxidants which help fight off free radicals that slow down the appearance of signs of aging. This one is loaded with vitamins, potassium, and folate, and boosts the digestive process. Overall, it will decide how bad your breakouts will be in the future because of the many things that it covers. Make smoothies or have salads made out of shreds of raw papaya, if you like savory.


For the different needs of your body, different types of foods have to go into your system. Anything going downhill quickly shows up on the face. So after a long homework, you will notice that cutting back triglycerides and high-glycemic foods are also bad for acne as they worsen them. They upset gut functioning which then brings out more pimples all over. Therefore, a holistic approach to the prevention of acne is essential. You can not fully depend on these foods to work up the wonder for you. It will also depend on how much of these foods are you consuming and in what form they are taken. It will all be good as long as you are reading the labels carefully. Keep hydrating yourself!


Back acne is hard to even look at! Can’t say for sure, are you that flexible? Jokes apart, acne can be a tedious thing to deal with. If you are not doing it the right way, you will probably struggle for longer! So, here, some methods are been suggested that can get rid of those irritating breakouts on your back.

Some of these are simple ways of exfoliation while others are suggestive of bringing improvements in lifestyle because, of course, you would want to prevent back acne whenever you can.


  1. Salicylic Acid to the Rescue

Salicylic acid is a great chemical exfoliant for acne of any kind. With regular use, you can prevent such acne from showing up now and then and also help fade away the blemishes from the reduced acne. The blackheads hate this chemical but don’t worry, it is much gentle on your skin than you think it is. If you have sensitive skin, you should probably try a patch test and start with a low frequency. You can choose from cream-based or water-based ointment over a clean back.

Salicylic Acid to the Rescue

  1. Mastery of Retinol

Retinol, too, is scientifically proven to erase fine lines, reduce hyperpigmentation, and give spotless skin. One product does a lot of things for you. All you need is retinol-based cream that you will need to spread over your back and then moisturize afterward with gentle hands. This will slowly work on those unruly breakouts and kill them. Within a matter of two to three months, your back will be mostly cleared out. Yes, don’t skip on derma’s prescription!

Mastery of Retinol

  1. Changing Clothes

Many acne types thrive on bad hygiene standards. You are not to be entirely blamed for this because, at times, your back can get very sweaty, for example, when you have worked out or have been running errands for a long, etc. Don’t worry, just ensure a thorough wash after you have finished your work and make it a solid habit. Apply the ointments post-wash regularly for maximum results. Change your clothes and sheets every day.

Changing Clothes

  1. Choosing What to Wear

Poor choice of clothing can irritate the skin to the extent that we sometimes don’t realize it. This results in sweating staying on the body’s skin for too long. Likewise, certain clothes are rough to touch and develop rashes all over our backs. If you wish to keep these problems at a safe distance, choose comfortable clothing, that is not only breezy and soft to the touch but is also clean. Never repeat sweaty clothing!

Choosing What to Wear

  1. Exfoliate Physically

Scrubbing your back can be hard but this is where bathing brushes come in handy. These brushes get rid of dead cells easily from your back when accompanied by quality shower gel. Don’t overdo it, you just need a few scratches here and. Avoid scrubbing when you have active acne, this will pop them up prematurely, damage the skin, and invite more infection. Rather, incorporate this method once your creams have done their work.

Exfoliate Physically

Besides the aforementioned ways, it is also integral for your back to get some air once in a while. After you have put on a pint topical treatment, don’t clothe right away, give the skin some time to absorb the medication by lying on your stomach. This will dry up the acne much faster, and yes, prefer sleeping on your tummy for some time, till the acne are not sore anymore.

These methods are not random advice but are very much endorsed by dermatologists so that you develop the habit of maintaining good hygiene. Great hygiene standards and good diet intake ensure clear skin. Whether it is induced by bodily heat or by infection, all of them can be dealt with. So, stay relaxed and keep moisturizing!

Soft skin is never out of vogue. It is the epitome of fresh, healthy beauty. A hydrated self supports soft skin, there is no denying that. This also directly implies that the blood flow and lymphatic drainage have been on the right track. Your proteins have been working on building enough collagen to support elasticity throughout your face and body. Don’t mind the wrinkles, they are little evidence of a smiling face!

Here are some simple ways to help you figure out how soft skin can be achieved.


  1. Moisturize

It is essential to use a moisturizer on your face when you want soft skin. This feeds in extra moisture deep into the surface of the skin. An effective moisturizer protects your skin by forming a skin barrier so that allergens and bacteria are not pulled into it. This moisturization helps in moisture retention because there is less water loss on the skin’s surface, gradually making your skin plumper and noticeably hydrated.


  1. Drink!

Drinking enough fluids is never a bad idea. Dermatologists advise religiously on how important is water for the overall health of the skin and nothing better than water to reach the right hydration levels. Being as hydrated as cucumbers makes you as crunchy without a second doubt. But improper water intake doesn’t give you any benefits, your skin will be drier and become too prone to infections.


  1. Be Gentle (Scrub)

This is a popular notion that scrubbing helps soften your skin, but there is much more to that practice than blindly following it. Yes, post-scrubbing, the dead cells are removed effectively which is why your skin is left feeling more clear and soft to the touch.

But that physical exfoliation has to be supplied in moderation because the process is essentially pulling the cells off of your skin. It is too much for the skin to go through daily if not weekly. If damaged, your skin will lose luster instead of getting better.

Be Gentle (Scrub)

  1. Right Products

If you are targetting radiant glow on your skin, make it so by choosing the right skincare products. The ones that deliver what they say. You can opt for products with the following qualities:

  • Products that are water-based or gel-based.
  • That have moisturizing agents such as hyaluronic acid.
  • They do not contain fragrances as they might have a drying effect on your skin.
  • Skin care products that combine moisturization.
  • Choose creams over lotions.

Right Products

  1. DIY Masking

Pamper routines ought to include masking times because not only they are a fun thing to do but also they are quite promising in terms of what they do to your skin. Plus, there are plenty of DIY mask recipes that make your skin soft and supple. You can try these for soft skin:

  • Yogurt and Honey
  • Oats and Milk
  • Yogurt and Banana
  • Egg Yolk and Yogurt
  • Milk and Maple Syrup

DIY Masking

Lastly, keep your skin protected from UV rays, dust, and dryness and you are halfway there.

Now if you have a few things cleared up, you must first know that a healthy mind and body rely on nutritious food. Everything can wait but fuel, can’t. So, it becomes necessary that you take in as many whole foods and greens as you can every day. From here, your foundation is built strong to proceed towards more complex methods as mentioned above. Soft skin should not only be beauty indicative. It should embark on important parameters of healthy skin and it would be wise to thoughtfully initiate in this direction.



Dark spots can be hard to deal with. They not only look bad but also get worse with time. Now, these dark spots all over the face could be a side effect of a medication, acne, or direct sun exposure. The last one is pretty damaging to the overall skin and can result in uneven pigmentation through the skin accompanied by rough patches. No amount of cold ointments can fix it. And yes, it turns only worse when not taken care of. So here are a few tips on how to help soothe hyperpigmentation on your face.


  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a holy grail for hyperpigmentation. That is why dermatologists keep raving about such a savior-like skin care product. Sunscreen helps placate the impact of UVA and UVB rays that dull the skin, makes it look patchy, and add dryness, even more. You must not miss out on this one essential product. It comes in the form of cream and sometimes sprays. Add a sufficient amount all over the face and neck (exposed areas of the skin). Wear a minimum of 30+ SPF during the day.

When not protected from the sun, the exposed skin faces damaging skin cells that do many other things as well, including hyperpigmentation.


  1. Retinol

Retinol is a proven ingredient in skincare that cures hyperpigmentation over time. It is miraculous to see astounding results. Among purposes like treating acne and smoothening fine lines, retinol helps relieve hyperpigmentation as well. It is not supposed to be used during the day as the ingredient replenishing function can damage the skin further with new cells progressively under the sun. Do this at night before so the product sits on the face in peace for a long.


  1. Vitamin C

Nothing can work like a charm other than a good dose of Vitamin C. Want to know why our parents always stressed about taking in more fruits? Vitamin C clears the skin and makes it look radiant and plump. It actively works on collagen and elastin, hence enhancing the overall look of the facial skin. It also helps keep skin looking younger as it supplies loads of antioxidants.

Vitamin C

  1. Moisturizer

It is important to keep your skin under the effect of a thick moisturizer during the winter season and a lightweight moisturizer during the summer season. This is because hydration reduces the skin from getting burnt or getting pigments. It will not be dry, rather the skin will have the time to replenish itself under protection. Hyperpigmentation looks more severe when the top layer of the skin is dry. Therefore, apply twice with gentle hands all over the face and neck.


  1. De-Tan Face Mask

Putting on face masks is a relaxing hobby for many and an objective-oriented task for others. If you had prolonged exposure to the sun and an unhealthy tan has become visible, it is wise to give your skin the things it lost, the moisture. This will also assist in turning over the top layer that has been damaged. You can use the following combinations:

  • Coffee and honey
  • Yogurt and turmeric
  • Cornstarch, honey, and turmeric

De-Tan Face Mask

So these were some of the most effective measures that will help you get rid of hyperpigmentation. Not only this, but the tips will also judiciously work on the pimple marks that have developed a dark patch or spot. After all, we all need flawless skin, not here for dull skin with unhealthy tanning. From a beauty perspective, you will say goodbye to color correctors in no time and get smooth and radiant-looking skin instead of parched one. Your face should glitter from within, not because of direct sunlight, only. Beauty doesn’t come with its terms and conditions.


Antioxidants are helpful ingredients in taking back the oxidative stress that our body faces. Such oxidation can be ignited by the work of free radicals that enter the body through many regular activities like sun exposure, too many polyunsaturated fats, smoking, infection, pollution, etc. The job of antioxidants here is to reduce the impact of oxidation. But you might wonder where this key ingredient could be found so that you can start right away. Don’t worry, this compound is easily found in foods that we eat, we just have to make sure that we are eating plenty enough.

So, here is a list of things you can east for boosting the supply of antioxidants in your body.


  1. Berries

Make a smoothie out of berries, bananas, chia seeds, milk, and vanilla extracts when you are feeling hungry. The vitamin-rich boost from the berries will help you fight off the disease-causing free radicals and you will naturally tame any inflammation that might be occurring underneath. The antioxidants will help keep illness at bay and help boost your immune system over time.


  1. Citrus Fruits

Like berries, fruits like lime, oranges, Indian gooseberry, and guava provide a flush of loaded Vitamin C that are known as precursors of antioxidants. A healthy inclusion of fruits in every meal is often suggested by mothers and specialists, especially when you are ill, to help fight those mighty free radicals. You can have them juiced or put in salads or mocktails!

Citrus Fruits

  1. Spinach

Put in some ricotta cheese with spinach and make your favorite ravioli for a comfort food favorite! Here, you get some protein for collagen and some lovely antioxidants from the leafy friend. Spinach smoothies are easy ways to fill in greens. If you like, you can opt for microgreens in salads and stews to fight antioxidants in the most efficient way.


  1. Brocolli

The superfood is famed worldwide for its many properties that have a healthy impact on the overall health of the body. Working against inflammation, this food keeps your skin looking young for a long too! The antioxidants act in full force to help control blood sugar levels. Any disease reflects abruptly on the skin but it often indicates that things have gone awry and the recovery may take more time. Invest in good amounts of greens intake.


  1. Pumpkin

The same spiced and creamy pumpkin can help you get a healthy gut and butt when done healthily. Pumpkins come in various colors and ripeness levels dictate the nutrient value of the particular pumpkin you have. They are low in calories and rich in vitamins B and C, folate, copper, etc. The rich composition turns favorable for anybody wanting to have a lively take on correcting their lifestyle.


  1. Sweet Potatoes

What better than a steamy sweet potato drizzled with shreds of cheese and pepper? Sweet potatoes are well known for acting against sugar, cancer, and obesity through their dynamic supply of antioxidants. If you eat some boiled ones daily in a stew, sandwich, or grilled, you can have the edge that many people don’t.

Sweet Potatoes

These food items, along with several others, can help you take in a healthy dose of antioxidants for the smooth functioning of the body. The free radicals are dealt with easier when you are eating healthy amounts of carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Excess of one food can lead to damage and sometimes irreversible. The many diseases procured from an unhealthy food habits only develop by the action of free radicals. This is why it is important to know what goes on in your system.

This list is nothing but a simple presentation of healthy foods to include on daily basis.

A beauty routine can take a lot of time and still not bear the desired results because it does need time in reality and the results depend on what products you use and how. Yes, it doesn’t deliver in a night, it needs patience before you start noticing the improvements in acne, scars, fine lines, pigmentation, etc. whatever your concern may be. Your facial skin turns new every 30 days or so and this decides how effectively your skincare will show results and how much time would that needs to sink in.

Nevertheless, if you want flawless skin all year, you will need to have some tips handy to not mess with skincare during the day. Since you have to prepare your skin for the rest of the day you have to make sure that the right products kick in.


  1. Ice Water

Feel like rejuvenating yourself? Is your puffy eye ruining your facial radiance? This step is going to help you for sure. The first thing to do right after you wash your face is to soak your face in ice water for a few seconds. This will depuff your face, brighten up your face, and give you instant energy so you start your day loudly. Ice water works wonders on tired-looking skin. You are much more motivated to start your regimen and your pores appear less under the ice.

Ice Water

  1. No Retinols

Dermatologists often warn people about overdoing stuff. Especially when they begin putting retinol when the sun is out, thinking that it will ‘activate’ the retinol but destroys the skin barrier. Remember to never use such activity during the day especially when stepping out of the house. To avoid irritation and save your skin’s healing capacity, you need to avoid putting on abrasive chemicals on the skin during the day. Leave that hustle for the night.

No Retinols

  1. SPF

No amount of words can stress the importance of sunscreen. We all know that the protection of the skin from sun exposure can help prevent skin irritation, skin cancer, and hyperpigmentation. Of course, you need your dose of sunlight for existence but wearing sun protection (SPF, hats, and sunglasses) will only save your skin from damage and you will thank yourself for being that cautious. Never step out without SPF and if you have Vitamin C on, don’t skip sunscreen, ever.


  1. Water-based

More calming elements in your morning skincare would ensure healthy-looking skin throughout the day that doesn’t suffer from acne unnecessarily. Such factors can be procured from water-based solutions or skincare products that will not only layer up easily but also boost hydration in the skin. Since you expose your skin to dust and sunlight during the day, this will help create a stiff skin barrier.


  1. Vitamin-C

Vitamin C serum can go a long way in improving the tone of your skin. This is because the serum effectively smoothens out discoloration or hyperpigmentation with daily usage (application after every 8 hours is recommended). When you are doing your morning self-care, you would need that extra punch to keep going. This not only brightens your complexion making you feel radiant but also boosts your skin health.


So these were some useful tips to have a beautiful and great morning skincare routine. Make sure you are in adherence with these tips which are rules in reality. The application of the products should never be aggressive, remember it is your facial skin at the end of the day. No matter how much it can withstand, go slow and soft. Feel the luxury and freshness every time you sneak into the self-care regimen.

Morning and nighttime skincare routines matter together and bring impact together, you miss out one for once and your face gets offended. While we love some skin preparation in the morning to start our day with extra bedazzlement, we should also know that nightly relief for the skin that was exposed to unwanted dirt and sun all day is also equally.

Here are some things that you need to keep in your skincare fridge for an effective nighttime skincare routine. This way you will be given ample time for your facial skin to recover and glisten up with adequate moisture.


  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps rejuvenate your skin over time by boosting radiance in your skin. With such brightening of dull and pale-looking skin, hyperpigmentation begins to fade away and your face feels, well, less lifeless. It is advised to apply Vitamin C serum, moisturizer, etc. twice a day or every 8 hours for its effect to show in time. So if you have applied during the day to avoid oxidation, repeat during the night too. Just keep in mind that you can’t use any actives right after. Wait at least 30 mins.

Vitamin C

  1. Retinol

Retinol should only be applied once the sun is down. Because even the slightest hint of the sun can be damaging your skin that is under the effect, be it the ointment, moisturizer, or serum. Overnight, your skin will bear the results of regular application of retinol. Such an amount of unhindered attention will give you smoother-looking skin in a matter of 3-4 months.

Since retinol has a scrubbing effect on the top layer of the skin, be sure to top it all with a soothing moisturizer.


  1. Hydration

An essential part of any skincare regimen is to make sure to put enough hydrating elements over the skin. If you have been out there running errands all day, sure is your skin begging for moisture and your lips yearning for hydration. Keep a lightweight moisturizer or hydrating sprays for the touch-ups as well as some thick moisturizer to pack your lips. Pack in multiple layers of moisturizing factors and be as exhaustive in your regime as you like.


  1. Massage

Since you have taken out some time for yourself, this is seemingly the most ‘me time’ you are getting. Make sure to make the most out of it. While you are moisturizing your skin plenty, which is great, you can depuff or enhance the softness of the skin using light massaging. Take a thick moisturizer with hydrating agents and glisten your clean face with it. Focus on cheeks, jawline, T-point, lips, etc. one by one till the product is well absorbed. You will the facial skin relaxing bit by bit.


  1. Eye Cream

An eye cream seems like a lifesaver. Been ignorant of taking care of your eyes? Pack in some thick moisturizer or eye cream (although you need not buy a dedicated cream for the eyes) that has a lot of moisture, and a little soothing effect. You can get one with special ingredients to work on fine lines, but that is entirely optional. Scorched skin around the eyes would anyway bear more fine lines.

Eye Cream

These were some great things you should be including in your skincare regimen. Without a doubt, they will help your skin prepare for the next day and recover fast. Use actives at night as the actives react adversely after sun exposure. Better safe than sorry. Also, if you are into experimenting, save that for nighttime, when you are going to hit the pillow sack and have brushed your teeth. Nighttime is perfect for doing something different, especially if you didn’t have time during the day for quality masking time, during the night you can relax with a face mask.