Eyebrows are the second most prominent feature in your face after your eyes of course. They add some sharpness and personality to your face and gives it a defined look. However, there’s always a right way of doing your brows as they can easily turn out to be a big fail and make you look downright scary. Much like a winged eyeliner, filling in your eyebrows the right way needs a lot of practice and learning. It isn’t something which you will be able to learn in just a day, keep practicing and you will surely get better at it day by day. Intentionally or unintentionally we do so many mistakes while doing the eyebrows that further can affect the way they appear. However, if you bear certain things in mind we assure you, you will become a pro at filling in your eyebrows in no time. Read more

There is nothing more double-duty than a highlighter and it is actually unfair to call it just double -duty. It is multi-duty and is truly a god’s gift in the whole makeup range. If you are looking for something that will add glow to your face and also highlight all your features, then this is your one-stop destination for everything. The following are some of the most significant ways of using a highlighter to get that oh-so-pretty glow every time! Use these tricks and pull off that flawless glowing look in no time! Read more

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing when it comes to skincare. You must understand your skin type and then choose the right regime for yourself. There are a lot of things that you might not know about skincare and some of them are so common that we ignore them very conveniently. If you crave flawless skin goals, use these tips to your rescue and achieve the kind of skin you dream about. Read on and follow these tips right away! Read more

A moisturizer plays an important role in any skincare routine and we simply cannot deny it of its importance. It helps in providing hydration and moisture to the skin which keeps your skin baby soft and supple. Regardless of what type of skin you have, moisturizing your skin is an extremely important step that you cannot miss out on. Moisturizing helps in numerous ways which also includes preventing and treating dry skin which most of the people suffer from during the winter season. Adding moisturizer to your skincare regimen also helps you in achieving beautiful, glowing and radiant skin. You can opt for a cream or lotion that works well for your skin type and gives the desired result. Light creams and lotions can be used during summers but you will need to use heavy creams and lotions during winters as your skin tends to become really dry in such cold weather. You can apply a moisturizer both in the morning as well as in the evening right after washing your face. And before deciding on your moisturizer make sure to check it for its ingredient to see if there’s any product that your skin may be allergic to. With so many good things about a moisturizer, we are sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on this gem of a product. Read more

Our skin requires a lot of attention because it is very delicate. It is our identification and we must always take proper measures to make sure that it receives the guard that is required. Because of so many impurities in the air and dust particles, our skin loses the glow and makes us look dull and boring. Preventive measures must be taken so that the glow is not lost and life is revived back into the skin. We picked honey because of so many added benefits that will cure all your skin problems and make sure that your skin feels lively and hydrated. Read about the benefits of honey and use it as a part of your routine! Read more

Our face is the most delicate part of our body and needs a lot of care. If that is not done wisely, it can cause some permanent damage that is hard to undo. Since we all crave glowing and refreshed skin, we end up using creams that are just chemicals and thus, wreck the skin. But as dermatologists recommend, one should skip the chemical creams and start investing in homemade or natural products. One should try and curate some natural masks that will not only provide glowing skin but also combat any skin issues that you are dealing with. Look out for these face masks that have been tried and tested to provide magical results in no time! Read more

Winters are all about frigid weather and cold days and night. And blame it on this frigidity; our skin tends to become very dry and flaky. While moisturizing does most of the job but exfoliating your skin is equally important and crucial as it helps in removing dead skin cells. Most of you must be aware of skin exfoliation but certainly not lip exfoliation. Yes, you heard it right! Much like your skin, your lips also require all the pampering and care it can get. You may think hydrating them must be enough but that’s not right. In order to get rid of all the flakiness, dry texture, your lips require gentle exfoliation. And that can easily be done by using a DIY lip scrub. These lip scrubs are made keeping in mind that it must do both the jobs and i.e. to exfoliate the lips and add nourishment to them. It basically helps in sloughing off the dead skin cells and chapped skin layer which further makes it easier for the lip balm to penetrate into the skin. Doing so on a daily basis will make sure your lips remain healthy, super soft, supple and rosier. When it comes to lip scrub what’s better than making one on your own with the use of some ingredients that can easily be found at your home. We have rounded up a list of some of the DIY’s that are very easy to prepare and will work very effectively for your dry lips. Read more

Concealer is that makeup product in our vanity which we can’t thank enough for its kind existence. It literally can turn out to be the best thing that has happened to the cosmetic industry. And when it comes to its application, it can work like magic and make you appear flawless and presentable in a go. It is specifically designed and formulated to conceal those skin imperfections such as dark spots, acne marks, redness, dark circles or any other imperfection you may find. Just a single stroke of the concealer and the job can be done. Until now we were only aware of certain uses of a concealer but in reality, there’s so much more to it than hiding those imperfections. There are so many surprising uses of concealer you didn’t know about and it’s time you know about them and thank it for its very existence. From being used as eyelid primer to being used on lashes for a fuller look, a concealer can be used in so many ways. Keep on reading to know about them. Read more

Nearly every person deals with skin problems like acne at some point of time, especially when they hit puberty. Whether it’s from hormonal changes or increased stress levels, acne can be introduced to skin in many different conditions. They not only look embarrassing but can also cause some serious damage to the skin if not looked after.

Acne can be of any type, from pimples to zits they definitely tend to grow further if irritated or touched. With that, it’s extremely important to only use certain products on the face which can help in alleviating the acne problem and not the other way around. We know they can be quite stubborn to get rid of but by making a few changes, you can shoo them away very easily. And you can get your clear and beautiful skin back in no time. Read more

With different weather comes a different skin problem. Our facial skin is extremely sensitive and delicate. Hence why it goes through various changes and in the process gets exposed to different weather, harsh chemicals, dust, pollution, etc. Just like any other normal person our skin also needs some time to get adapted to certain climatic conditions. Be it cold or hot, every season comes with different factors and affects our skin differently.

When it comes to summers it’s all about sweat and excess oil production but when we talk about winters it’s actually the opposite. During winters our skin tends to get all dry and cracky especially around the areas that are often exposed to the cold air. It loses all the moisture and elasticity making it appear dull and dry. And extreme dryness is also one of the major reasons for the acne problem. However, you can take some precautions to avoid your skin from getting all dry by following a proper routine. Read more