While the world of beauty products is quite vast and diverse but if there’s one product that we are truly thankful for, then hands-down it has to be the concealer. It is a literal godsend solution to all our discoloration problems. We all know how under-eye dark circles and nasty acne marks and blemishes can leave our skin looking a little less than perfect. There’s no other beauty product that can do half as good job as concealer does to hide the imperfections on our face, mainly under-eye dark circles. But merely having the right product in your vanity isn’t going to solve all your problems, for it to work effectively, you should also know the right way to use this product. It’s essential to follow the right technique when you apply the concealer and with the help of these tips, you might be able to master the art of concealing your under-eye area perfectly.

Keep the area around your eyes well moisturized

As you age, the chances of developing aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles increase. And do you know what maximizes the chances even more? Lack of hydration. It’s extremely crucial to keep the area around your eyes well-nourished using a good eye cream. The skin around our eyes is extremely delicate, one little mistake can result in premature skin aging, therefore, always keep your under-eye area moisturized to not only eliminate imperfections but to also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Doing so will also help the concealer to stay put for longer and prevent it from getting accumulating in the folds.

Be precise with the application

Concealer can be a tricky thing to work with. While some people just simply apply it under their eyes in any random way, there’s the right of doing it as well. Instead of applying the concealer all around your under-eye, keep the concealer to a minimum and focus on the inner corners of your eyes which has grey and blue undertones. Apply the concealer in C shape around the inner corners of your eyes and blend it in an outward direction to achieve maximum coverage.

Use a brush to apply the concealer

When you apply concealer, it should look completely traceless and flawless. While applying concealer using fingers makes the blending process a lot easier but this step always requires a lot more product than you actually need. Therefore, to achieve a traceless application, always use a concealer brush to apply the product as it not only reaches the designated area properly but it also marks out and blends the product flawlessly.

Blending is the key

The main key to achieving flawless concealer application is blending. You should always make sure to blend the concealer perfectly into the foundation so that everything looks balanced out. Also, refrain yourself from pulling or sweeping your skin as the area around your eyes is really sensitive and you wouldn’t want to mess with it. Using dabbing or patting motion, blend the concealer around your eyes and try to take it downwards towards the cheek as it makes things look perfectly balanced.

Use concealer sparingly

Overstuffing your undereye area with concealer can only lead to one thing and that’s a disaster. To make sure that your concealer looks seamless and flawless, use the product sparingly around the eyes. Don’t apply the concealer all the way up to the outer corners of your eyes as it is where the fine lines usually appear. The concealer around this area should be sheer so that the fine lines don’t look prominent. However, if the need comes, you can always add a little bit more of the product to achieve desired coverage.

Smooth, soft, and glowing skin is a dream of all. But, unfortunately, it’s not we sail on when we hit puberty, right? But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have that anymore but just have to work a little more to restore the smooth texture of the skin. If we look at what exaggerates the texture of the skin there could be many underlying reasons to that. Acne, sun spots, scars, accumulation of dead skin cells, dirt, and seasonal changes, textured skin is a result of not one but many unpredictable things.
Uneven skin tone is not at all a pleasant thing to have and we constantly look to get rid of it. But getting rid of it solely depends on what skincare regimen you have and what skincare habits you follow. So, if you are thinking of how to channelize your skincare regime towards getting smoother skin do check out our simple and amazing guide that will help you to restore your smooth skin. Keep reading!

Exfoliate and Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the key to getting rid of uneven texture. Matured skin loses the ability to shed itself, therefore, it needs exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells. The skin beneath the dead skin is smooth and free from any texture therefore it’s really important to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Exfoliation gently removes all the dead skin accumulated over the surface to reveal the healthy skin lying beneath.
When you choose to incorporate exfoliation in your skincare regime make sure you’re switching towards a chemical exfoliation. Chemical exfoliation is a gentle process that not only works from beneath but inside too. On the other hand, physical exfoliation is infused with abrasive granules that leave tiny micro-tears on the surface of the skin and that’s not what we want.

Slather SPF

Sun exposure can be really harmful to the skin and by the time you have understood that this could be a major factor for many skin issues. Therefore, to get rid of uneven skin tone and texture you must slather a good broad-spectrum SPF before stepping out of the house whether it’s a sunny day or a cloudy skipping an SPF is a big no-no.
When choosing the range, opt for an SPF ranging 30-40 to get maximum protection. No matter how many blogs you read one thing you will go through millions of times is SPF. Hence, make sure you never compromise on that.

Try Vitamin C

Vitamin C infused skincare products, say it to be serums or moisturizers in the beauty aisle are the new game-changer. You can’t turn down the benefits of using this antioxidant-rich skincare. Vitamin C restores the skin textures by fighting with the skin from beneath. Any sort of damage vitamin C can easily reverse that while reducing the signs of pigmentation, sun spots, or even acne scars that could lead to textured skin. And make sure to see what other products you’re using along with vitamin C as many mismatched ingredients if taken together can reduce the efficacy of vitamin C.

Undertake A Chemical Peel

It might sound a bit scary but trust us it isn’t that scary as it might sound to you. A chemical peel is a great way to repair rough and textured skin. Not only a chemical peel restores the new skin but also reverse the damage caused to the skin. It stimulates the growth of skin cells and boosts collagen production. A chemical peel is a perfect road to clear and flawless texture free skin.

So, that was all on how to get rid of textured skin. We Hope our feed proves to be a great help to all those who want smooth and soft skin.

While monsoon season might give you some respite from hot, sweaty summer days, it can prove to be quite disastrous for all the makeup lovers out there. If truth be told, monsoon season is not exactly a blessing for makeup lovers, the increased levels of humidity can easily result in your skin becoming greasy and makeup coming off. We certainly don’t like the sound of either of it, but there’s a way that you can prevent your makeup from turning into a nightmare by switching your existing makeup products with waterproof ones. Switching your makeup products according to the current season is a crucial step to follow as it is the key to keeping your makeup intact and flawless all day long even if it’s a hot or rainy day.
We have listed a few essential beauty products that will get you through monsoon like a breeze with zero makeup mishaps.

Matte foundation

One of the most important beauty products to carry in your makeup kit during monsoon season is a matte foundation. When it comes to achieving a flawless finish, there’s no other foundation that can work half as good as a matte foundation. If you want to make sure that your makeup doesn’t start melting under high humidity levels, then you should always stick to using matte foundation as it doesn’t budge all day long and also provides a smooth and flawless finish.

Waterproof mascara

With the arrival of monsoon season comes unpredictable and intermittent rains. And what happens if you end up getting drenched during one of the rainy days? Clothes drenching with water is one thing, but washed off mascara settled down on your face is a complete disaster. If you don’t want to end up getting caught in such a situation, then make sure that you always wear waterproof makeup, mascara in specific, so that no amount of rain can ruin your makeup. Look for mascara that’s long-lasting, smudge-free, and waterproof so that you don’t end up ruining your makeup.

Gel eyeliner

Instead of using your typical liquid eyeliners, which can also come off easily during a rainy day, use gel-based eyeliner this monsoon. Not only gel eyeliners are super easy and quick to apply but they also stay put for longer and also allows precise application. While black might be your color, consider taking some break from it and incorporate some colored eyeliners in your makeup kit to make even the gloomiest of days look slightly vibrant and colorful. Playing with eyeliner is the easiest way to add some pop of color to your eyes and keep things pretty interesting. You can easily find these gel eyeliners in a plethora of colors ranging from greens and pinks to blues and whites.

Powder blush

No matter the season, blush is one of those makeup products that we cannot forget to add to our makeup routine. It helps to add a natural flush to the cheeks and gives them a healthy glow. And when it comes to using blush during monsoon, we would recommend you to not use cream blushes. While these cream blushes are incredibly easy to work with, they can look very unnatural when the skin is sticky owing to high humidity levels during monsoon. Therefore, stick with a powder-based blush as it stays put for longer and also doesn’t budge its place.

Matte lipstick

Creamy lipsticks are super easy to work with and they do look good every time of the season. But when it comes to monsoon, you certainly wouldn’t like to take any chances with your makeup. There’s no other lipstick that can work half as good as a matte one. A matte lipstick not only stays put for a longer duration but it also doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips, which is an added advantage. You can find these matte lipsticks in an endless number of shades; pick the ones that suit your skin tone.

We all can be held way too many times guilty on splurging in a plethora of skincare products that didn’t just work. And to be précise it’s not even our mistake. Every second the skincare world throws new products that we just can’t turn down before trying. But, unfortunately not everything we invest in shows us results. Question-time- what do you do with the products that just didn’t work for you? The majority of us just throw them. Gosh, it hurts investing so much and then trashing it. Well, if that’s what you do, this feed would turn out to be a great help and you’ll thank us later.
We have come with how effectively you can use the skincare products that just didn’t work right for you. We have listed 4 different ways in which you can use all the skincare products that just didn’t work out for you. And the selection of products is just general products we all invest in, so if anything you found relatable you can definitely try that out and make the product at least work in some way or the other. And, you will be blown with how effective the product turned out to be.

Physical Exfoliants-

If you find any of your scrubs didn’t work well for you or was way too harsh for your skin we have found an effective way to use it instead of disowning that. The harsh granules can tear your skin and as a switch, we don’t recommend you to even use it on your body. What we recommend you are using it onto your feet. The skin on your feet is thicker and using the harsh scrubs over there will help you get rid of the dead skin cells that might accumulate on your heels. It even works as a great aid in repairing the rough and cracked heels and making your heels smooth and soft.

Moisturizer –

We all love moisturizers and thus end up in splurging on every moisturizer that mentions our skin type. But, do all that suits us. Some find the moisturizer way too heavy and some way too light, right? So, what to do well don’t throw that out. We are here to even extract some work from that.
Even if your moisturizer is heavy or light you can in either situation use it as a moisturizer mask. And in that way, it works like magic. Before you wash your face just keep it for about 15 minutes and rinse it off. You’ll see your skin has that boost of hydration and voila you made something work that just didn’t.

Facial Oils-

Well, facial oils are something we all love. We mean who doesn’t love that glow and how flawlessly facial oil makes your foundation glide in. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean our love for facial oil will make every facial oil work. We all invest in some facial oils that just didn’t work. So, in that way what you can do is.
Make it work as a cuticle oil. If you have dry cuticle oil or just want to pamper your hands just apply a generous amount to your cuticles and let the oil sink in it. Isn’t that great?

Hand Cream-

Time to throw some fun fact, our hair, and nails are made of the same dead protein-keratin. So, if you find any of your hand creams just not enough for the purpose it’s meant to be. We are here with a quick fix. You can use the hand cream as your hair cream. Yes, you heard that right. Apply the cream to your hair to tame down that entire frizz and make your hair much more manageable.

Each season calls for updated skincare and hair care routine. And summer season is almost upon us and we have already started to count down the days till monsoon arrives as it gives us a much-needed relief from hot and sweaty summer days. As much as we are fond of this season, it can also prove to be a nightmare for our skin and hair. The increased levels of humidity can pose a threat to your skin and hair which can result in numerous hair and skin woes. While the change in season calls for new skincare and hair care routine, it turns out; your makeup routine also has to go under a few tweaks so that it can look more weather appropriate.
Monsoon season can be your foundation’s worst enemy. The increased level of humidity in combination with the excessive oil produced from your skin can result in your foundation becoming oxidized. It’s quite a common problem to face during monsoon but fret not, you will not end up looking like an orange-faced commuter if you abide by these makeup tips to prevent your foundation from oxidizing during monsoon.

Tone and moisturize

Prepping your face is one of the most crucial steps to follow to achieve the desired results. Toning and moisturizing are the two most important steps to follow to prep your skin. After cleaning your face properly, make sure to apply a hydrating and alcohol-free toner to your face. Follow it up by a lightweight and oil-free moisturizer. Not prepping your face properly can make your skin look either too patchy or oily; therefore, you have to be very careful here. After following these skin prepping steps, make sure to wait for a few minutes to let your skin soak in the products or else, the sticky base will make your face look orange.

Apply primer

Applying primer is one of the most important steps to follow in this makeup routine. It will come to your rescue in more ways than you know. This step is to be followed after prepping your skin and before applying makeup. A primer acts as a barrier between skin and makeup. It prevents the ingredients of your foundation to get mixed up with the natural oils produced from your skin. Primer also helps in providing a soft base which makes the application easier and smoother. Look for a primer in a waterproof and silicone-based formula to achieve flawless makeup finish.

Apply foundation

Now that your skin is well-prepped for the application of foundation, you can apply the product to all over your face. Even after following all the needed steps, if your foundation is still turning orange then you need to switch your foundation with a different shade. Instead of picking a foundation that is one shade lighter, pick a foundation that is two shades lighter so that when it oxidizes, it will match your skin tone perfectly. Also, use makeup brush or fingers to apply the foundation, using wet beauty sponge can worsen the situation. You can use a blotting paper to get rid of the excess product on your face.

Mattify it using a compact

It’s very important to set your foundation using a compact. Whether or not you are a fan of these face powders, following this step is extremely crucial as it mattifies the base and locks the product in. Lightly dab the compact all over your face and it will give you a long-lasting and matte finish. This tiny product can come extremely handy on several occasions and it’s also very convenient to carry in your bag. When your face starts to appear shiny, you can simply dab the powder lightly over that area and you will be good to go.

Who all doesn’t want a naturally glowing skin so that we can give highlighters and tons of makeup products we use to get that glow bang on, a forever farewell! Glowing skin is a great signal of healthy skin and getting that naturally solely depends on the type of skincare you use and how efficiently you feed your skin- mainly the steps. Before we proceed we would like to burst the greatest myth we all have. No amount of high-end skincare stuff can give you healthy and glowy skin and it’s not necessary to have 100 steps to make your skincare sound effective. Instead, the drill is to use the right steps and the right products that compliment your skin.
Dull and tired skin can be a result of many causes such as odd lifestyle choices, irregular sleep, unhealthy diet, stress, and age. Makeup products can give you that instant flawless and glowing skin but as a permanent solution, these makeup products are obsolete. What provides you a permanent solution is revamping your skincare habits that can seriously transform your dull complexion into a glowy one.
Here, we have scooped a few sterling tips that if implemented can surely make a huge positive difference to your skin. Stay tuned!

Drink suffix amount of Water-

You can’t imagine how much world of good drinking water can make onto your skin. It not only quenches your thirst but also hydrates dull and dehydrated skin. No matter how many high-end products you use but there is no substitute for water.
Water acts as a natural detoxifier thus removing all the bacteria, dirt, and grime from the skin that can be breeding ground of a fair share of skin problems. And if you make drinking at least 8 glass of water daily a habit, we can bet you are paving a foundation for healthy skin for your fifties. Before, anything, make sure you follow this step religiously to see other steps working.

Cleanse Regularly-

Cleansing regularly you are making sure that your skin gets rid of all the dirt and grime that can clog your pores and helps in developing tons of skin problems. Use a cleanser that is strictly based on your skin type. And wash your face morning and night by just a dollop of face cleanser and working with it gently in circular motions using your fingertips onto your face. Never rub your face vigorously while cleansing as that can lead to saggy skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin-

Sometimes our natural glow hides beneath the layers of dead skin cells that just accumulate over time. Hence, exfoliating is an absolute must. When you are exfoliating you are getting rid of the dead skin cell thus making your old glow bring back. But, make sure you never over-exfoliate your skin. Over-exfoliation can dry out your skin making it even more tedious. Exfoliate your skin twice a week if you use physical scrubbing and once a week if you use chemical exfoliation.

Hydrate and hydrate-

The key to get a naturally glowing skin is hydration. No matter what skin type you have you can never dare to skip a moisturizer. For that naturally hydrating and glowing skin apply a moisturizer twice a day. You can choose from tons of formulations targeting different skin types or go for serums and oils but to make a healthy skin barrier never skip the moisturizer.

So, that were sterling but easy to follow tips that you can upgrade in your skincare regimen to get that naturally glowing skin and that too with minimal makeup.

We all have by now understood the need for skincare. However, misleading promotions and product launch have made us wonder what to get and what not to. Therefore, it becomes important for us to play our role and guide you in the best manner possible. Thus, today we have got some of the skincare products that you must use since your later teenage to maintain a good, smooth, none- textured skin for the elderly days to come. Even if you are in your later twenties, that is the perfect time to begin the usage of these if not before. So let’s get on with the list of things you need.

Oil-Based Cleanser

One must get the oil-based cleanser especially if you apply foundation on your face. Even people with oily skin should use an oil-based cleanser with make-up. The reason is we do apply matt products on our face and not the creamy ones. So the matt products don’t come off easily. Therefore the oil-based cleanser easily remover the make-up from the face. The oil in it helps the products to meltdown thus, it comes off easily. Any skin type can use this cleanser. Besides, when we use wet wipes we do need to rub our skin to get off the products. Oil-based cleansers are gentle on your skin.

Gel-based cleanser

Gel-based cleansers are the lightest cleanser for any skin time. Every skin type, dry, normal, combination, and oily, these cleansers are the need of every skin. If you apply make-up frequently then you must go for a second cleansing. This will make sure that all the products are off your skin and you can apply skincare or make-up products on it. The gel-based cleansers are usually none foaming. So if you like foaming then you need to check its specifications.


A good exfoliator is necessary for the deep skin cleansing day. Even though you have got products which suggest daily exfoliator but you should not do this process every day. The same applies to the people who have oily porous skin. Everyday exfoliation means you are deep cleansing your face every day, first of all, it is a wastage of time and then the skin damage. Over of each and everything is bad for the skin. Thus you should never in life make the mistake of everyday deep cleans. For others, you must do this step once in a week and twice for oily skin. Anything more than that will be not good.


You would have heard people bragging about how serums have really made a change in their skin and life. It is true a serum can make your skin healthier than before. Especially if it has biotin and Vitamin C in it. However, don’t fall for any serum bottle which has vitamin C on it. Make sure you read the ingredients and the quantity of each ingredient before you add it to the vanity. It is important to get the good stuff. There are hydrating serums so if you are not using a moisturizer then you can get another bottle of hydrating serum and apply it over your skin.


The gift of the sun to our skin can be dealt with only the help of sunscreen. There are many types of sunscreen in the market, to get the ones that actually work on the skin you need to judge. Now how to judge a sunscreen will work on your skin. Check the label does it contain SPF 30 and above, anything less than that is of no use at all. SPF50 comes highly recommended. Along with it, you must see few sunscreens come with a PA+++ sign. The PA level is suggesting the protection from the Ultra violet rays of the sun. These rays cause aging, wrinkles on our skin, and the higher the PA level is the better protection you will have from the sun.

As warmer season upon us the blazing weather can take a toll on our skin. You need more than your CTM routine to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. Our skin doesn’t have cordial relations with this weather and maybe that’s why it shows up with a fair share of problems that are just awful. With so many products that claim to do your skin, a world of good but nothing seems to work, right?
Why not dig out your kitchen shelves for some real magical products that are tough on your skin problems and light on your pocket. We feel the best ingredients for any skin are the ones that not only hydrate and rejuvenate your skin but also prove to be a great aid in dealing with a hell lot of problems from suntan, excessive sebum production, to acne and acne spots. What say?
Who all doesn’t love DIY skincare masks? So, here we have scooped out a bunch of natural ingredients that you can use in your next DIY masks. And you can tweak up these ingredients bit by bit so that you can figure out what works best for you. But, remember to be a little patient with results!


We don’t think any warm-season would have been complete without this. Exploring your social media you must have come across the pictures of girls putting the cucumber slices onto their eyes. Well, it’s not any social media stunt or an influencer gimmick, but this product actually lives up to all that hype. The cooling and hydrating properties of cucumber make it a great toner for your skin in summer. Just gently rub a few slices of cucumber onto your skin and let the skin soak up the juice before you rinse your face. This will keep all itchy problems at a bay.


This magical spice is great for your skin. Turmeric’s antibacterial and healing properties make it a great natural ingredient for acne-prone skin. You can add a pinch of turmeric to any of your skincare masks to increase its efficiency and give the acne-causing bacteria a tough tussle. Besides, a savior for acne-prone skin it’s even great for uneven skin tone.
For your Turmeric DIY mask, you have to follow just a few simple steps and you’re ready with an effective mask to be applied. Mix one tablespoon of curd and a pinch of turmeric and apply it to your face. Leave it for about 15 minutes and rinse it off. In any case, if you feel reluctant to use curd, you can replace it with anything that suits you.

Green Tea-:

Who all doesn’t love to wake up with a healthy sip of Green Tea? Besides all the health benefits to your body, Green Tea is loaded with many skin benefits too. So, next time you take a sip don’t throw your tea bags as you can use them in your skincare DIYs.
Green Tea is a rich source of Polyphenols- A very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It protects your skin from sun damage, free radicals, and replenishes your skin cells. Just scrub the wet tea granules onto your face or use the green tea water to rinse your face, either way, it will work like a magic.

Fuller’s Earth-

If summer brings an oil tank to your skin, with all-time shining T-zone fuller earth is a real savior. This product works every time so a summer weekly session and no fuller mask, we think you just skipped on the actual summer-vibe. A couple of skincare benefits are it sucks out the excess sebum production, smoothens the rough texture of your skin, and detoxifies your skin. Many oily skin beauties swear by this ingredient.

Sometimes we wish that we had a magic potion with us that can help to keep our young and beautiful skin intact for years to come with zero signs of aging, but unfortunately, that’s a thing that happens in the movies only and no such thing really exists in the real world, quite a bummer right? Well, we understand how it feels to see your skin starting developing signs of aging but it’s a natural process and eventually, you will have to face the harsh reality and embrace it like a pro. You do can delay the aging process but that will not stall it for a long time. Your eyes are probably the first areas on your face where the signs of aging start to appear and there’s nothing you can do about it except for concealing the area with the use of makeup.
Makeup is one of the most powerful tools to have by your side always, it can come handy on several occasions, which is why it’s always good to learn a few makeup tricks that can help you hide the problems and make your face look youthful and flawless in no time.
We have put together a list of a few eye makeup tips that will help you conceal the signs of aging and make you look youthful in an instant.

Shape your eyebrows in a different manner

Arched eyebrows have always been the most loved look amongst the girls for obvious reasons; it adds more definition to your face and enhances your features. But if you have started to develop signs of aging around your eyes, then it’s for best that you stay steer clear of arched eyebrows in order to make yourself look younger. Instead of giving your eyebrows an arched shape, try to give them a softer appearance and mimic the eyebrow look that you used to have when you were younger to make them look more natural. If you already have arched eyebrows then try to soften them up using a soft eyebrow pencil.

Switch to a brown eyeliner

A black eyeliner may have served you for years in the most loyal way but it’s time that you bid it goodbye. While black eyeliner can make your eyes look more defined and bold but when it comes to hiding signs of aging, it’s probably for best to stay away from this. Instead of using your typical black eyeliner, try switching to brown eyeliner that has a warm shade to it. Unlike black eyeliner, brown eyeliner won’t draw any unnecessary attention to the lines around your eyes or cast a lot of shadow, instead, it will help to brighten up the area and make you look much younger.

Nude pencil for the win!

A nude pencil has more uses to it than we probably know. It not only helps to make your eyes look bigger but it also makes you look younger. If you have been dealing with dark circles and tired eyes for quite some time now then it’s time that you switch your white or black eye pencil with a nude one. And also try to invest in a nude pencil that best matches your natural skin tone. Apply it on your lower waterline and see what magic it does to your face.

Use matte eyeshadows

As much as we love glittery and shimmer eyeshadows, they are not the most suitable choice for you when dealing with signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. Stick to matte eyeshadow to create eye makeup looks. Applying glittery eyeshadow can draw a lot of attention to the problem areas and they also reflect light which could further emphasize the aging signs. Also, they can settle into those fine lines and wrinkles which could make things a lot more prominent and that’s not what we want.

We all are familiar with how important it is to get your makeup off before hitting the bed. But are you following it correctly? Do you include all the steps to get a squeaky clean face the next morning? It’s time to recheck on how you remove your makeup.
For a fresh start every morning it’s really important to remove every last bit off. By removing your makeup you are doing the ultimate favour on your skin. Leftover makeup is not the best thing for your skin; it can clog your face and exude a fair share of problems acne, wrinkles, blackheads, and whiteheads to name a few. Certainly, we all remove our makeup but the majority of us do it in the wrong way or not in a proper manner. Removing makeup includes getting even the last traces of makeup off! So, applying makeup doesn’t become an ordeal for your skin.
We have compiled a bunch of sterling tips from leading makeup experts that would be a guide on how to remove even the last traces off your skin. From eye makeup, base makeup, to getting your pout down we have included everything that comes under the head of a makeup removal.

Use A Makeup a Cleanser-

Your daily cleanser is not sufficient to remove makeup. As a makeup-removing agent, you need a product that is oil-based as oil can easily attract all the dirt and grime without leaving behind any residue, therefore oil-based cleansers are deemed to be perfect makeup remover. Massage it all over your face in circular motions focusing towards the sides of the nose, hairline, and under the chin, and leave it for about 10 minutes. Take a wet cotton cloth and wipe that all off.
Extra Attention on Eyes-
We often neglect our eyes but it’s really important to pay attention on your eyes as the toughest makeup products to be removed are applied on your eyes. Mascara and liner both are hard to get off. Don’t just vigorously scrub your eyes when removing eye makeup as the skin around the eyes is sensitive.
Use a gentle eye makeup remover and with the help of a cotton pad wipe that entire gunk off your eyes.

Double Cleansing-

After you’ve removed all your makeup with the makeup remover clean your face with the normal cleanser you use daily. As you are cleaning your face twice once with the makeup remover and once with the normal cleanser you’re double cleansing your face.
Double cleansing ensures that even the last traces of makeup are not left behind and you get a squeaky clean skin.

Avoid Baby Wipes-

It’s the very cringe to use baby wipes to remove your makeup. Baby wipes are a gentle stuff that don’t do the job of removing the right. Still, unknowingly it’s insignificance in removing makeup many women use them. For removing makeup you need a tough product that removes even the last bit off.

Be Gentle On Your Skin-

During all this makeup removing process, be gentle on your skin. While removing makeup you don’t need to be tough on your skin as it might affect the skin’s elasticity. Massage the makeup remover with light hands and using a circular motion that will ensure all the makeup is removed without pulling your skin. Go over all the same spots again that will loosen the makeup and you don’t have to go crazy while removing but make sure you don’t scrub back and forth. Always work in a circular direction.