When it comes to beauty products, your makeup products certainly wins a big time for being a great multitasker and extremely versatile. The skincare line might not have as many versatile products as the makeup line does, but it definitely comprises a few products that can serve a lot more purpose than you can imagine. While there are quite a few such products to name, today, we will be discussing about the hidden uses of a foot cream whose main purpose is to keep your feet happy, soft, and hydrated. The skin on your feet is very different from your skin on the face, and for that reason, you require different creams for different parts of your body. Since the skin on your feet is a lot thicker than your facial skin, you should only use those creams that are thicker and creamier and not some regular face cream that is very light in texture.
A foot cream is one of the essential skincare products, and not many people are aware of all the great things it can do besides keeping your feet soft and hydrated. If you are someone who believes in making the most out of any product and love using versatile products, you might wanna read the article below where we have jotted down a list of 4 different ways to use a foot cream.

Works wonderfully as a soothing cream

Most foot creams are packed with natural and nourishing ingredients that not only help to keep your feet baby soft and hydrated but serve a lot of other purposes as well. It works excellently as a soothing cream, which can be used to treat a bug bite, bruise, or even a burn. The ingredients present in the cream accelerate the healing process and help to get your skin back to health. Other than that, it also helps to skin infections, which is another plus point.

Helps to keep your hands nourished

The skin on our hands is a lot drier than the rest of our body, and that can be attributed to various elements or factors our hands are subjected to on a daily basis. Hands get exposed to water several times throughout the day, and that can leave them pretty dry, and to make up for the dryness, most people use nourishing hand creams. If you happen to run out of one, you can use your foot cream as a hand balm; it will do a pretty nice job to provide moisture and nourishment to your dry hands.

Provides some relief from sinus

Sinus can be terrible and extremely uncomfortable or painful, to say the least. However, you can alleviate the pain by using one of your foot creams. Most foot creams are known to contain eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint as one of the core ingredients, and if you are not aware, these strongly aromatic ingredients help to soothe the body. If you happen to have a runny nose, you can rub some foot cream on your chest, and it will certainly help you feel a lot better.

Use it as a lip mask

It may sound a little bizarre at first, but believe us, a foot cream works wonderfully as a lip mask. If you are dealing with dry and chapped lips, you might find some relief in a foot cream. Given the number of nourishing ingredients it contains, you can use your foot cream as a lip mask, and it will do the rest of the job. Apply the foot cream to your lips, and after keeping it on for about 10 minutes, wash it off with a warm washcloth.

No matter how frustrated you might have felt during this whole lockdown, you can’t deny the fact that this period has certainly helped you evolve as a person in several ways. This lockdown period was a kind of an eye-opener for us and taught us things that have changed our approach towards life. Time-killing activities have now become hobbies, and maintaining hygiene has become a habit. While the initial days of the lockdown went pretty well, given we keep ourselves occupied trying new recipes, doing daily chores, binge-watching shows, and not to mention, working from home, however, it all has turned very basic and mundane now. But there is one thing we are forgetting about and, i.e. our hair and skin. Believe it or not, but your hair and skin have probably reaped the maximum advantage in this lockdown, considering you have been cooped up inside your home for days, which means less exposure of harmful UV rays, pollution, dirt, and other environmental aggressors.
When the pros of staying home are this good, we certainly don’t mind staying inside even for longer as long as it’s benefitting us.

Extra sleeping hours

Since most of us are working remotely from home, commuting won’t be a problem, at least for some time, and another great advantage of not having to go to the office is not worrying about getting ready and spending extra time doing makeup or looking for the best outfit for yourself. All the spare time you have got can be utilized in the best way by getting extra hours of beauty sleep, which is crucial for the overall health of your skin. A good night’s sleep also means feeling more energized, and you can make the most out of it by being extra productive during the day.

You can let your skin breathe

Since you will be staying at home for the most time, there’s no use of wearing makeup. You can make the most out of this lockdown period by keeping your skin makeup-free and allowing it to breathe, which eventually will help in improving your skin’s overall health. And we are just talking about your makeup routine and not your skincare routine; therefore, make sure you take care of your skin by using the essential skincare products daily.

Experiment with DIY hair masks

Now that you have got all the time you want, make sure to utilize it in the best way and reap maximum advantages out of it by taking extra care of your hair, which probably gets less attention than your skin. You might already have noticed some change in the way your hair looks and feels, and that’s because of the reduced use of heat styling tools and less exposure to harmful components. The best way to add some life to your hair and get it back to health is by using DIY hair masks. Use the natural ingredients from your kitchen and experiment with those DIY hair masks that can make your locks stronger, healthier, and shinier.

You can follow an elaborate skincare routine

Dedicating time to your skin and following a proper skincare routine was a real task before the lockdown, everything used to be done in haste. But no anymore, now that you don’t have to worry about reaching the office or boarding a train or bus on time, you can spend some extra time with your skin. A skincare routine varies largely from person to person, and if you have always wanted to follow an elaborate one, but couldn’t do so due to time crunch, now is the time you make it possible. Other than CTM, invest in other skincare products such as face serums, face masks, and eye cream, add them to your everyday routine to change your skincare game.

Having the right skincare products in your vanity doesn’t really make you a genius until you know how to use them properly. Every skincare product is formulated for different concerns, and they definitely don’t work in a similar way your makeup products work. Unlike your makeup products, your skincare products aren’t really capable of multitasking, considering each skincare product is formulated for different concerns.
Your skincare routine compromises an array of products, and now that we are becoming more informed about the importance of using certain skincare products, our skincare routines are also becoming pretty detailed or some might call it, complicated. Every skin has different needs and requirements, and it varies for different parts of your skin. The skin of your face is a lot different than the rest of your face. What works for your face doesn’t necessarily work for the rest of your body and vice versa. Therefore, it’s imperative to establish a difference between the skincare products and make sure to use them properly for the designated part of your body. Most women use a body lotion as a substitute to a moisturizer for their face, and this is one of the biggest sins to commit.
Wondering what this mistake could lead to? Take a look at the article below.

The skin on your face is extremely delicate

As compared to the rest of your body, the skin on your face is extremely delicate, and that’s why it starts to act out after coming in contact with something unfamiliar. The delicate nature of the skin on your face can be attributed to the fact that it replaces cells more rapidly than the skin on your body does, and as a result of that, your body requires something that is thicker and creamier in consistency to keep up with its needs, and on the other hand, your face needs something light that can get soaked in your skin pretty easily.

Leave your pores clogged

Body lotions have a slightly different formula than moisturizers, and considering how thicker and creamier they are, applying it to your face can leave the pores clogged that certainly is a recipe for disaster. The skin on your face finds it extremely hard to absorb the body lotion, and at the same time, it ends up inviting dirt and dust to settle on the surface of your skin, leaving your pores clogged, and that results in nasty acne. When it comes to moisturizers, they are formulated using gentle ingredients, which gets penetrated into the skin way easier and leave it nourished and hydrated.

Might cause allergies

Most body lotions contain harsh chemicals and potent ingredients in them, and using them on your face only invites problems. Such body lotions don’t go well with your facial skin, and in the worst scenario, it may also result in allergic reactions that can be a headache to deal with. Therefore, why to find yourself in the middle of a fiasco, when you can easily avoid this blunder in the first place? Stick to your trusty moisturizer and never use a body lotion on your facial skin.

Chemicals can damage your skin

Like we mentioned earlier, most body lotions contain chemicals in them, and that doesn’t work well for your facial skin, considering how delicate it is. Many manufacturers add artificial fragrances and colors to the body lotions, and these chemicals together can cause a lot of damage to your skin, such as allergic reaction, irritation, redness, and much more. Therefore, think straight and don’t look for ways to get into trouble that you aren’t ready to deal with.

While we’re stuck at home, working from home, we can see a drastic change in our normal routine and that’s not something good.
Building a proper morning routine is really important as a proper morning routine amps up your whole day. But, this lockdown has made us lazy and prepared our morning routine to sound unhealthy. Waking up to mobile phones in the hand, binge-watching the whole day, continuous sitting, and eating unhealthy is the new normal, these days.
In the feed, we have compiled a few healthy habits that you should follow every morning to stay healthy throughout the lockdown.

Drink Warm Water Empty Stomach

The perfect way to start your day is to drink warm water an empty stomach. We all know drinking water is really good but when you’re having it early morning and that too empty stomach you’re doubling its benefits.
Warm water helps in improving bowel movement, instantly freshens you up, break down food, aids digestion, averts constipation, helps with bloating, and eases stomach pain. So, you should start your day with a glass of warm water and you’ll see a huge difference in the functioning of your body.

Don’t Skip Morning Workout

A morning workout is really important. Not only it keeps you energized throughout the day but also helps you sleep better at night. Since we’re at home becoming lazier and adapting improper sleeping patterns a proper night sleep is something we all miss and, when you working out in the morning you are giving your body a healthy kind of fatigue that compels you to have proper sleep at the night.
Also, when you’re stuck at home eating unhealthy with no physical activity you will accumulate fat. So, a morning workout is a key to remain fit.

Spend Some Time with Your Plants

Stuck at home we can’t visit parks as we used to every morning so, if you’re really missing that session you can spend some time with your ingrown plants or grow some plants if you haven’t.
Studies show that when people spend time in greenery, they experience an increase in immunity and it also increases their attention skills and stimulates the brain. So, once you’re done with your workout you can drink coffee or tea while spending some time with your plants. Water them and regularly prune your plants, and while doing so you’ll feel much more relaxed.

Do Something Creative

While you’re at home devote each day in doing something creative that you wished to do ever since such as dancing, cooking, learning a new language, or anything that makes you feel happy. Assort different activities for each day and enjoy this time staying safe at home. During such a hapless situation we all can feel dejected so these fun and small things will distract us and we can cope with the situation in a positive manner.
The lockdown allows you to unwind yourself and step out of your comfort zone, so won’t you do that?


Another healthy practice you can adopt is to read every morning. And, by reading we didn’t mean you have to read a novel we mean you can read a novel if you love to but in case you are not much fond of reading, you can read a few motivational lines or quotes so that you stay motivated throughout the day. Rather than waking up to mobiles in your hand, keep a book that is full of motivational quotes at your bedside will accelerate personal growth and improvise your ideas and thoughts.

While we have had a fair share of ups and downs during this lockdown or quarantine period, it’s time we get used to the new normal and make some essential changes to our routines, including the beauty routine. Ever since the lockdown was imposed, our routines underwent a drastic makeover, and it’s not just limited to you working from home, cooking rituals or taking care of your skin, but it certainly has to do with your beauty routine as well, especially now that we are slowly moving towards the new normal and stepping out isn’t really frowned upon.
Life before the lockdown was pretty normal, with nothing to worry about and being able to wear your makeup any way you wanted. But since wearing face masks is the new normal, your makeup routine has gone under a makeover too. Face masks tend to cover the majority of your face, therefore, going for an elaborate makeup routine is just a waste of time, and it’s better to stick to the simpler routine that will work perfectly in the post-pandemic world. Another reason to skip doing elaborate makeup is the skin issues that can arise when you wear heavy-duty makeup under a face mask. Wondering how to simplify your beauty routine post-pandemic? Take a look at the article below to find out.

Pay attention to grooming and skincare routine

Protective face masks may help you to keep safe and prevent the chances of cross-contamination, they aren’t necessarily the best thing for your skin as they leave it feeling extremely dry and irritated. Thereby, you will have to pay more attention to grooming and your skincare routine in the post-pandemic world. Look for skincare products containing mild ingredients, and at the same time, they should be free of harsh chemicals, parabens, dyes, artificial fragrances, alcohol, and other harmful components. In addition to that, you should also indulge in regular manicure and pedicure sessions because maintaining hygiene should always be your top priority.

Trade your foundation for a BB or CC cream

Except for a few occasions, you should avoid wearing heavy and full coverage foundations. Since you will be wearing a face mask for the majority of the time, it creates a humid environment under the mask, which further results in excess sweating and production of oil. These two together never make for good news, and as a result of that, your foundation can melt off and clog your pores in the process, and other than that, it can also transfer onto your mask, and you want neither of the two to happen. Therefore, it’s best if you stick to a BB or CC cream.

Lip balms or lip tints FTW

Give your lipsticks some break and instead opt for lip balms or lip tints to keep your lips moisturized or naturally tinted in the post-pandemic era. Since your mouth is going to remain covered under the mask, wearing lipstick is of no use. It also eliminates the chances of transferring of the product on the mask, which would have been a problem with your lipsticks.

Accentuate your eyes

This is the time and opportunity for you to up your eye makeup game and flaunt all different looks like a diva. Experiment with eye makeup looks all you want, just make sure you are doing things the right way or else you will be drawing the attention for all the wrong reasons. Also, don’t forget to define your brows and coat your lashes with mascara to accentuate your eyes even more.

Opt for everything neutral

Colorful cosmetics are playful and all, but women are finding themselves getting inclined to neutral shades, which looks subtle yet stunning. Nude makeup is already very popular, and it will continue to be on the rise in the post-pandemic world as well.

Well, quarantine can be boring for us, but you can do some good and productive things that can easily help you too. Yes, one of the best things that you can do during this quarantine is to take care of the skin naturally. Today we are here with some of the best natural ingredients that you can use during this pandemic time for getting better glowing skin. We get you that this COVID-19 pandemic time could be a little boring, but this is the right time when you can take care of the skin in the best way. So, if you ready to test out these amazing natural ingredients for good skincare then you can check out the details that are mentioned on this blog and we are sure that these ingredients will give you 100% result for healthy clear looking skin.
To ensure that your skin can have good care during this Quarantine, you can check out the ingredients that are mentioned on this blog for maintaining the healthy youthful natural glow of the skin. You can invest this amazing time by taking care of your skin by creating various natural masks, scrubs, and cleanser at your home and you can apply them regularly to get the youthful glow of the skin. For more details, you can check out the listed items that are given below with their description.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel is one of the most ayurvedic and most skin-friendly natural ingredients that can offer various nutrients for making the skin look more healthy and natural. Aloe vera gel contains amazing components that can help to reduce acne, dark spots, dryness, and tanning of the skin. Similarly, the Aloe Vera gel can also provide better moisturization and enhance a smoother softer glow of the skin in the best way. You can use aloe vera regularly to get the best results and yes of course this amazing natural ingredient can also help to cool the skin and make it look more youthful.


Honey is one of the essential skin-friendly ingredients that can easily enhance the natural healthy glow of the skin. Similarly, honey can help to tighten the pores and can also help to make the skin look more youthful and glowing. You can create a variety of face mask using honey and honey sugar scrub to get the best clear results of clear healthy skin. You can try out this amazing natural ingredient to get the best softer healthy results of glowing skin during this Quarantine.

Grounded Coffee

Grounded coffee can be considered as one of the essential skin healing natural products that can easily maintain the natural and gorgeous healthy glow of the skin. Grounded coffee can also work as the best body scrub that can easily enhance the golden glow and also it can remove stubborn tan. If you are looking for the best natural ingredients for good skincare then you can use ground coffee to get the best results for healthy-looking skin.

Lemon Juice

Boost of vitamin C the lemon juice is considered as one of the super ingredients that can easily lift the glowing youthful and clear look of the skin effortlessly. Lemon contains various good components that can help to make your skin look brighter and can fight with various skin related issues like acne, dark spots, and tanning. So, during this Quarantine, you can use lemon juice regularly to get the best healthy-looking glow of the skin. Try out this ingredient now and get the best results during this pandemic time.
These were the best natural ingredients that you can use for taking care of your skin during this Quarantine. Hence, we hope that this article has provided you all the appropriate details about the natural ingredients that can easily maintain the healthy youthful and clear looking glow of the skin. Thus, these products will offer you the best results during this pandemic time so try them out now.

After following endless amounts of home remedies and preparing those DIY masks, not being able to get glowing skin can feel a bit disappointing and disheartening, to say the least. While your skincare routine is one of the main keys to having a glowing skin, sometimes all those products aren’t enough to make your skin glow. Not achieving the desired results might make you stop in your tracks and may also deter you from taking your skincare routine seriously; you don’t have to lose your faith yet. All these environmental factors and erratic sleep patterns might have a bigger role to play in this, and while working on these things, you need to incorporate a few habits and certain products in your daily routine at the same time.
Glowing skin is real and not just an imaginary thing or one of your Instagram filters. While Instagram filters do make you feel good about your skin and make up for the lack of glow, you don’t always have to rely on them to make your skin glow. To save you from all the trouble of experimenting with those home remedies and DIY face masks, we have created a step by step guide for you that will make your skin glow in a few simple steps.

Keep yourself well hydrated

One of the greatest keys to ensuring that your skin looks healthy and glow from within is by keeping yourself well hydrated. Hydration is the key, and the sooner you get it, the better for you and your skin. Drinking water doesn’t require any amount of effort, energy, or time; it is arguably one of the easiest and most effective ways to get glowing and healthy skin. Besides drinking plenty of water, you should also consume food with high water content. In the process of keeping yourself hydrated from within, don’t forget to put on your moisturizer to make sure that the glow doesn’t fade away.

Address your skin issues

Every skin type has different needs and requirements, and it’s imperative to address your skin issues accordingly. For instance, if you happen to have oily skin, you should build a skincare routine that will help to target skin issues, which mainly comprises excess oil production, large pores, acne, etc. Besides following your skincare routine religiously, you should also have the right products that are specifically formulated for your skin type. Having these things in the right order will automatically make everything a lot easier for you and help you achieve the skin of your dreams more quickly.

Dewy products FTW!!

Besides your skincare products, your makeup products can also come very handy to help you achieve glowing skin. Every makeup-junkie happens to have several dewy and hydrating makeup products, and these products are the ones you will be needing right now. You can use your illuminator mixed with foundation or moisturizer to add a natural glow to your skin. Using a creamy blush will also help to add a healthy glow to your cheeks, which will also make you look more youthful. Or you can choose to use a dewy makeup setting spray, which will make your skin glow instantly.

Buy a bronzer

Another makeup product that will come to your use is a bronzer. If you already don’t own one, it’s time you get one for yourself. A bronzer can do wonders for your face, it can easily transform your look in seconds, and the best part, it doesn’t look OTT. Apply your bronzer using a makeup brush on the required parts of your face and your job will be done there.

Whether it’s summer or winter, lip balm is one of such beauty products that we always keep handy at all times. Although it is most often used during winters to treat dry and chapped lips, there’s no stopping us from using it during summer as well, after all, who doesn’t like to keep their lips all hydrated and moisturized. Much like the rest of our face, the skin on our lips is extremely thin and delicate and needs to be looked after with utmost care. It especially suffers a lot during winter, as the drop in temperature makes your lips to become dry and chapped. And that is when our trusty lip balm or other means of moisturizing your lips come into the picture.
All this while, we have heard endless myths surrounding our skin and hair, with absolutely no truth to them, and if that weren’t enough, the myths surrounding lip care are also here that need to be debunked right away. It’s extremely important to feed your brain with the right information, especially when it comes to your beauty routine. And you absolutely cannot take your chance with lips, as nobody likes to deal with dry and chapped lips. Listed below are a few myths surrounding lip care that are anything but true and how you need to stop believing them now!!

Licking your lips will naturally heal them

This is one thing that we all must be guilty of doing on more than just one occasion. Our lips tend to get dry very quickly during winters, and to make up for that dryness, we often lick our lips to keep them hydrated. Sounds like an easy way to deal with this problem right? However, it is one of the worst things you could be doing to your lips. When you lick your kips, it may make them feel a bit easy and better for some time, but the saliva that’s sitting on your lips can be a major problem here, as it is known to contain certain acids, which can evaporate very quickly and also leaves your lips dehydrated in the process. Therefore, always use your lip balm containing nourishing oils or moisturizing ingredients to get rid of dryness.

Your lips don’t need sun protection

Your lips are very much part of your skin, and given the fact that they contain very less amount melanin makes things a bit more serious. Your lips are very much susceptible to sun damage, even more than the rest of your skin. The natural pigment of your lips helps in filtering the harmful UV rays, which is why they need to be protected at all costs. Therefore, when you look for a lip balm, always pick the one that contains SPF, and it will keep your lips protected from the sun damage.

Lipsticks are a great alternative to lip balms


Although the current lipsticks already come infused with several nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, which definitely makes things a lot easier, that doesn’t mean you no longer will need your trusty lip balm to keep your lips moisturized. These conventional lipsticks don’t contain the same nourishing ingredients as your lip balm does. Therefore, always stick to your trusty lip balms to moisturize your lips.

Children don’t need to take care of their lips

When it comes to a child, there’s a major difference between using makeup products and skincare products that are actually essential. While it’s completely fine to prevent children from using makeup products, taking care of their lips is quite important, since they are much more susceptible to dryness. Therefore, instead of using a lip balm, you can use something gentle and natural like vaseline petroleum jelly to curb the dryness.

No matter what skin type you are blessed with, every type comes with its own set of demerits, which of course takes some time to come to terms with. While every skin type deals with its own set of issues, a few skin woes are quite common in all, and dull and tired-looking skin is certainly one of the most common skin issues. A lot of factors can be held responsible for making your skin lose its bright and glowy appearance. Apart from some a few environmental factors such as pollution, dirt, impurities, and whatnot, erratic sleep pattern and of course, a poor diet can easily take a huge toll on your skin, leaving it dull and tired. Putting on layers of makeup might temporarily help you hide the reality, but that’s only a temporary solution, and you should look for something that will show permanent results and help your skin look bright and rejuvenated.
Besides working on your erratic sleep pattern, you should also pay attention to your skincare routine that will help you to put an end to this problem and up your skincare game. Listed below are a few ingenious skincare tips that will change your dull and tired-looking skin for good.

Religiously follow your dedicated nighttime skincare routine

Your skincare routine is the main key to ensuring healthy-looking skin. You should never skip your nighttime skincare routine, no matter how tired you feel or what time it is. Your skin gets enough time at night to work on itself and combat the issues. However, it can only be done if you have used the right products and followed the routine religiously. Having a dedicated nighttime skincare routine helps your skin in plenty of ways, besides infusing all the goodness of the products into your skin to make it appear healthy; it also helps to combat several skin issues.

A cooling eye mask can come super handy

Erratic sleep patterns can easily make your eyes appear very puffy and may also result in those annoying dark circles. However, taking care of your under-eye area is relatively a lot easier than the rest of your face, and do you know what makes it possible and easier? A cooling and refreshing gel-based eye mask is all you need to deal with this problem. Keep these cooling eye masks handy at your home, whenever your eyes appear too puffy or tired, you can place this eye mask under your eyes, and it will work wonders to reduce the puffiness and make you appear wide awake.

Take a cold shower

While nothing can beat the calming and relaxing hot showers, they aren’t necessarily the best choice for your skin, especially if it feels tired and dull. Instead of taking hot showers, you should root for a cold shower, which might not be equally relaxing but will certainly help your skin in quite a lot of ways. Cold shower not only helps you wake up but also rejuvenates your skin and makes it feel energized. The cold water helps in increasing the blood flow; hence, your skin feels cool and fresh.

Face massage will benefit your skin

A relaxing face massage comes with its own set of major advantages. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to brighten up dull and tired skin complexion, giving yourself a relaxing face massage for at least one minute will do the trick. You can do this while applying moisturizer. Using your fingers, gently massage your skin in a circular motion; this will help to increase the blood circulation and oxygen flow to that particular area, which will help to make your skin appear healthy.

Our face or visage is the first thing that a person will admire us for. Each feature on the face has its own importance but when it comes to eyes, they have to look fantastic. Wouldn’t you agree? If you are thin then you can look sleepless and tried most of the time; whereas, if your eyes are bright and shiny they can make you look refreshing and all attentive. So which look would you like on your face the thin eye or the big bold eyes? If you ask us then we will prefer to have big bold eyes all day long. So, let’s share some secrets with you on how can you make your eye look bigger and better.


The main thing that can make your face look similar or poles apart is the shape of your brows. They have to be equal to each other. If the arch of one brow is lower than another one, you are matching the sides of your face. There are brow gel and pencils that you can use to make them look alike. However, the trick of the soap bar is something that has worked perfectly for many women. There is no harm in trying a clear bar with a spoolie to comb your brows and give them the shape they are supposed to be in. Now, if you have got your hair colored blond then it is equally important for you to beach your brows. But in case you like them black or brown you can keep them that way. It will be better to look alike.


We all know that we have to brighten up the under-eye area using a concealer. You need to go in a triangular motion to make the area bright and light. It is equally important to use the concealer on the eyelid. You need to blend it and have the young look eye. As you must know that we are supposed to use a lighter shade concealer on under the eyes than the actual skin tone. You need to use a similar concealer over the eyelid as well. Blend it in carefully not pushing is too bluntly, keep on patting lightly.

Eye shadow

To make our eye look bigger the eye shadows have to be placed over the crease line and not on the crease. Another thing that we do when are applying eye shadow is that we blend the shadow from the crease line to the lid. Well, you need to highlight the crease line and not merge it till the lid. So you need not blend the line all the way to the lash line. Apart from that, you need to keep the crease darker from the outside and lighter on the inside corner of the eye. In order to, make them look wider you have to focus on the open end of the eye rather than the inner end of the eyes. Now, to add the brightening effect on the eye. Apply the eye shadow which is similar to the concealer shade. You need to apply it to the lash line blending it upwards till the crease line, and over the arch of the eye. It will make the eye look wide open.


Now, instead of using a dark brown or black liner use a more subtle shade liner powder or gel liner. Use it with the help of a brush rather than applying it straight to the eyes. The brush you need is a flat triangle top brush. Use the tip to apply it precisely to the eyes. You can apply a little on the tip of the brush and draw the liner adjoining with the lash line. You need to give a wing to the eye liner when you have crossed the end lash. Try to make the wing in the direction; as if it is meet the arch of the brows.