Women are fond of taking care of people around them in this, they sometimes neglect the fact that self-care is a must. So don’t ignore the fact and pamper yourself a little. The manicure and pedicure are something that will relax your nerves and let you have a day to yourself. These pedicures make your feet relax and look beautiful after the French pedicure. Well, we will today let you know some trending style and technique to apply the following nail art on your feet. It is not necessary that you can apply them to your feet only; they will look equally good on applying to the manicured hands.


French Pedicure With Transparent Beads

To get this pedicure you need to apply a nude pink shade to your nails as the base color then, take a thin brush and make a boundary of the grown nails with a help of white paint. Fill this area with white color on the edge. Let it dry nor on the thumbnail apply transparent color and add a line of stone to the center. It is not necessary that, you need to add line in the center, add it in any manner you like. To make all the nails have even surface apply a transparent coats on all the nails.


Millennium Look

To get this pedicure, apply the nude skin base color. Take a thin brush and add an arc shape to the end of the nail. Secondly, you need to use the same glitter paint to mark the lines of the grown area on the thumb. It is easy to do so for the thumb as the remaining foot figures are smaller and art becomes difficult on them. The look will be elegant and not too glossy. Don’t forget to apply a coat of transparent nail paint in the end.


Black And Glitter

Begin with a single coat of deep dark black color. If the colors seem light then let it dry and apply another coat to it. Following this, take a thin brush and paint the index figure of your foot. Apply and arc shape to the thumbnail and the top grown nail. Glitter nail paints come in various colors choose a color that will look good with black. Silver, golden are something too common. You can go for dark blue or purple shade. In the end, apply a transparent coat to give is a smooth texture.


Pattern With Shade
The look of this needs you to have a combination of three colors. I am going to explain it with the use of blue-black and white. You can choose other colors at the place of blue and black. For this, you need to draw a division to your thumbnail. The division has to be done vertically. Fill one side with black paint and another side with the light blue. Let it dry apply white line on the thumb grown nail. For the next two figures paint them black and the last two light blue. Then dry it and apply the final coat of transparent.


Add A Sticker

The final look of today is another simple trick. Apply little pink shade as the base color applies the French manicure to the nails. Finally, add the flower sticker to your thumbnail, leaving the rest in plain pedicure. You can add any other sticker as you desire. Flower is just a suggestion. A heart star or any other form will go well with it. You can add a stencil art in a similar form but for that the base has to some other color, suppose you have applied red shade to your nails. Then, after applying stencil you can fill the silver to it. Remove stencil and apply transparent nail paint coat to furnish the look.

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