Chic and fun ways to wear disco makeup

Chic and fun ways to wear disco makeup

Who doesn’t really like some hints of glitz and glamour in their looks? we are pretty sure everyone does, and if that’s a kind of look that always get you excited and makes you want to try it right away, then you’re in for a treat as disco makeup is having a moment right now, it is believed to be one of the hottest makeup trends of the year. If you don’t believe us, just go and take a look at some of the best looks served on the red carpet at Grammy’s this year or you can simply admire the models showcasing the fall/winter 2021 collection on the runways. Shades like grey and black took the center stage when it comes to eye makeup. Paired with nude lips, these jeweled tones and smokey eye makeup looks are mask-friendly. Considering they draw all the attention to your eyes, they are perfect to wear with your mask.

If you want to hop on the trend and are looking for some inspiration, then we have got a couple of amazing ideas.


Mix of sparkle and shine

Silver is easily one of the most stunning shades out there, it instantly adds a hint of glitz and glamour to the look in an effortless way. If you always wanted to experiment with silver eyeshadow but never got a chance to do so for some reason, now is the time to use this shade liberally on your lids. You can either stop at using silver eyeshadow or make it look more dramatic by adding some silver rhinestones and star sequins. You can use lash glue to keep these rhinestones and sequins in place.


Glitter pink eyeshadow

Glitter eyeshadows aren’t always easy to work with; you need to be really careful with the application. But when used correctly, they can help create some of the most stunning and bomb eye makeup looks. Glitter eyeshadow in the hot pink shade is particularly trending right now. It strikes the perfect balance between glamour and drama. Start by wearing some glitter eyeshadow all over your lids and then apply a tiny amount of pink glitter right in the center of your lids for a more dramatic look. And lastly, wear some voluminous lashes and apply black eyeliner to finish the look.


Create magic with rhinestone

If you are looking to create an ethereal disco look, then you need to try this makeup look as it fits the theme perfectly. In order to make everything look more bold and intense, start by tightlining your upper lid with black eyeliner. Once you are done with that, take any colored eyeliner, preferably blue, and use it to create winged eyeliner. Now take some rhinestones either in the same color or contrasting and stick them on your brow bone and that is the finished look.


Shimmer color-blocking

Want to take your eye makeup game up a notch? This makeup looks fit your needs perfectly. Right from drama and intensity to glitz and glamour, this makeup look has everything. You can either use two contrasting shimmer eyeshadows to create this look or opt for loose glitter for a more interesting and statement-making look. If you are using loose glitter, make sure to apply lash or glitter glue on your entire lids and let it get a bit tacky before layering on your loose glitter.


Embellished smokey eye

Can’t get enough of a smokey eye look? Then you have got to try this elevated version of smokey eye makeup look. Start by drawing floating eyeliner using black eyeliner and instead of extending eyeliner to the inner corner of your eye, stop at the middle of your crease only. Now take some crystals or sequins and join them to the inner corner of your floating eyeliner. And make sure to smoke out your lower lash line using black eyeshadow.

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