No matter what style we are inclined towards, almost every girl has a bunch of t-shirts lying in their closet which of course falls more into casual clothing but if you are smart and creative enough then you can easily incorporate this piece to your multiple outfits. T-shirt is one of the most versatile pieces a girl could own but for the longest time, it has only been used as a means of casual clothing. But today if you peek into the fashion world, then you will get to know how a t-shirt has been helping girls serve some of the chicest looks, and shockingly not all the looks are casual, in fact, some of them are chic and classy enough to be looked dressier. Dressing up a t-shirt takes some serious skills and we believe every girl should know how to master it so that they can put their t-shirts to good use and do some justice to those overlooked pieces.
To make you believe that your t-shirts are worthy of being carried with your dressier looks and not just for sleeping or working out, we have listed some amazing ways to dress up your t-shirt in the most effortless manner.

A plaid skirt

While you may have worn a t-shirt with a skirt before but if you want to make your outfit look more polished and elegant then consider wearing it with a sophisticated plaid skirt. Nothing looks more polished than a plaid skirt and when paired with statement shoes, it instantly adds so much interest to your outfit and makes you look more put together in no time. Plaid skirts are one of the most versatile pieces any girl could have in her wardrobe and it definitely has all the charm and appeal that will help in amping up your basic t-shirt.

Layer it up with a blazer

It’s no secret that blazers have a very formal and dressy feel to them. No matter what you pair them up with, they will instantly make any outfit look more presentable and composed especially when it’s a plaid blazer in the question. In order to make your outfit look more impactful and strong, consider wearing a statement t-shirt underneath such as a graphic tee that has a quote or message written on it and your job will be done there. You can further spruce up the look by slipping into a pair of ankle boots which will only work towards making your outfit look dressier.

High waisted pants

There are certain pieces in our wardrobe that come more use to us than we would have imagined and high waisted pants are certainly one of them. Not only these pants look simply amazing on every body type but they also look incredibly stylish and quite fashion-forward when paired with a basic tee. The trick here is to play smart and make the outfit look more neat and polished and an easy way to do so is by tucking the t-shirt inside your pants to make it look more constructed.

A mini skirt

Skirts are easily the best thing you can team up your t-shirts with. They not only make your basic tee look more fancy but also do help in creating a statement look which is quite easy to achieve. Wear your favorite tee with a cool mini skirt and see what magic this combination creates. One thing we can tell you with surety is that you can never possibly go wrong with a classic skirt and tee combination, the two of them fit together like a puzzle. Just make sure to team up the look with a pair of ankle boots and you’ll be good to go.


Have you ever thought of wearing a tee with your trousers? You might have experimented this look and may also have tucked the t-shirt inside but this time you will leave it untucked and make the outfit look more effortless. You can try this styling trick with a pair of gingham trousers and a statement tee so that your outfit has all the elements that can make it look more stylish and chic.

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