Jackets are a way to add style to any outfit. Jackets were worn to protect oneself from the cold and feel warm and cosy in freezing weather. They were like just a shield covering the body from any discomfort. But like any other apparel, they have also evolved in designing and utility. Now they have become a style statement to make you stand out from the crowd without doing much. Have them included in your go-to cover-ups especially when you’re dressing down a fancy outfit. A fancy jacket avoids the dowdiness of a cardigan and too edgy feel of a leather jacket. Your favourite pair of jeans, trousers and even skirts paired with stockings and a cool jacket create transition straight from casual to club. Here’s a list of classic winter jackets that can be clubbed with any outfit and make you appear stylish in gatherings.


Tweed is the most classic piece of clothing ever. It has earned this position as a timeless posh piece for a reason. The fabric and designing of tweed is sure to attract your tension because it’s just so posh. We bet you to step out in this classy piece and not turn heads around! A tweed jacket is more like a cardigan and less like a corporate blazer, dressier than denim and much more feminine and ladylike than a leather jacket. The edginess and elegance of tweed keep you from dressing carelessly and sloppy in winters.


With this bomber jacket, you’re sure to look like a bomb. That’s why the name! This bomber jacket gives a really cool vibe to your personality and is not totally feminine in its design. You’ll see men wearing this jacket a lot because of the cool factor and comfort it has. Pair this jacket with your skinny denims and a plain tee with front open to look cool. This one is surely a utility jacket as it looks good with your gym clothes too but is still chic enough to wear on a date night. You can buy it in any shade you can think of. All neon, pastels and regular colours are evergreen.


Puffer jackets looks like cotton stuffed heavily in it to give a fuller balloon look. For all those in between season days when you want to cut out the chill without a full jacket so that your style doesn’t get compromised, a puffer jacket will do its charm. It can be matched and layered on any outfit you name. The best thing about this jacket is that you can layer it even above any other jacket for extra warmth, yes! Wear a sleeveless puffer jacket with a furry hood on any cardigan or a cosy fleece for just the right warmth and brisk temperatures.


With double breast buttons stitched in the front, this peacoat jacket looks ultra sophisticated and never compromises on style. Though this style is seen a lot but it still never gets old because it’s very classy. When you wear it, you yourself feel very stylish. It’s very classy to be worn to an upscale party or restaurant. Get it in a bright standout colour or go for evergreen black and you’re sure to rack up compliments. Pair it with a quilted handbag and add this to your collection without any second thoughts.


If you’re a fan of rain and wish to drench in it without looking all sagged out, then this one is your definite pick. A classic rain jacket or raincoat is not anymore a transparent plastic sheet. It’s actually a very stylish piece now with fancy hood at the back. If you love spending time in fresh air and beautiful rains, you’ll want this weatherproof jacket and you won’t be feeling rough in it. This helps to cope up with unpredictable weather and keep your look polished even in the downpour! Don’t miss out on this one.


Fuzzy equals furry and cuddly. Thus a jacket which feels so soft that you actually want to snuggle in it for warmth and cosiness. This one will make you look like a star for sure. One of the best options ever to flaunt in winters is this shearling jacket which has a touch of fur and feather to it. The length of this one is generally less than other jackets for a cool chic style. It can be worn anywhere from office to lunch dates. Definite but for your closet!

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