Classic Jeans Waiting To Be Added To Your College Closet

Classic Jeans Waiting To Be Added To Your College Closet

There are lots of jeans out there. We all love to wear these and style them for various casual occasions, but at the same time, it can be confusing. Today we have such a huge variety of jeans that we can simply not make out which jeans to pick and which to avoid. Well, we are here to make your life simpler by suggesting a few jeans that will look great on you. These are some basics types of jeans a woman ought to possess. So let’s casually get dressing with our jeans collection.

Solid White Jeans

Having single pure white jeans in your wardrobe makes you appear someone who is responsible. Since it is an extremely high maintenance jean, not everyone can wear it. If you are someone who slips water or always has the issue of spilling your food over their clothes then you need to avoid these jeans or start regularly dressing in them. The reason to style them daily is when a person is wearing white jeans they are somewhere more aware of themselves. They are cautiously making effort to not spilling something or sit in an untidy area, which reflects in your personality as someone who is elegant and sophisticated. It makes you look bright fresh and clean. Therefore, it is a staple item for your closet.

Distressed Jeans

Having distressed jeans doesn’t mean that you are styling it in a full-on rap manner. It is pretty high rises distressed denim and styles it with a tee and layer it with cotton open shirt. This can a cool look but to make it into a boho look, you need to carry this look in a funky manner because it cannot be carried out as a serious outfit. You can have the distressed jeans in a lighter blue tone as we know that the fabric of the distressed jeans has the threads which are light blue in color. Wearing a darker tone brings a lot more focus on the distressed part of the jeans. Play it save by choosing a lighter shade.

High-rise Flared Jeans

Having high rise jeans isn’t more of staple jeans to have but it is ideal for today’s time. Now, these are the jeans which can suit all body type even when you have heavy booty these jeans can give you the lift and the flared at the bottom makes it relaxing for you to walk. Since these jeans have come back in trend you might have them before; however, if you don’t have them then, investing in these could prove helpful. Checking a high rise is extremely important not all girls have the same height and not every girl has two halves. So if you have a bigger torso then you need to check that the high rise is hitting on the right stop. People who are short can wear mid-rise and they will look at high rise jeans on them. Having denim flared jeans in not so dark blue shade can be done or if you have a heavy body then going for solids can be done.

Blue Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans were a part of denim style for a long, long time, with the changing time the blue skinny jeans have been replaced by the straight leg jeans of the mom jeans. However, it is stapled denim that you need, because of its versatile nature you can pull skinny jeans with tank tops or blouse. It isn’t like you need to have a thin waist in order to wear them. You can dress them up and down as per your comfort. Having them in mid-rise or high rise is your choice. Plus it is only the skinny jeans that look best with the high boots. Others create the bulge which isn’t a good look at all.

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