Collar styles that are worth making a statement this spring

Collar styles that are worth making a statement this spring

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when we speak of spring fashion? Probably vibrant, floral pieces and fun skirts, while they may be an important part of this season, but this year it’s all about big collars which is quite a refreshing and energetic trend that is too hard to be ignored. Everybody likes to wear collared pieces whether they fall under the formal or casual category, and when we have the chance and all the right reasons then why miss the opportunity and not try this dramatic collar trend in the upcoming spring season. The year 2019 was all about exaggerated sleeves and this year the drama got intensified and got translated into the collars to make a statement. No matter the style of collar, each one of them looks equally ravishing and dramatic in their own different ways. To add some drama and edginess to your look, you can swear by these collared pieces to do the trick for you.
We have rounded up a list of all the statement collar styles for you that you must keep an eye on this spring season.

Oversized disco collar

If you are wondering where did it get its name, as the title suggests, it was the 70s aka disco era from where we got the inspiration. No matter how you decide to style this, this collar style will keep up with all different types of looks. Its versatility is truly the best thing about this style as you can easily make it work for any kind of look regardless of whether it’s a sharp or chic look that you are trying to recreate. It will look equally amazing with a blazer as it will look with casual denim. It’s needless to say that this piece is a perfect sartorial choice you can have in your wardrobe.

Oversized bib collar

This style of collar is somewhat similar to oversized disco collar but the key difference between the two is the flat styled bib collar which makes it set apart from the other. However, in this collar style, the collars don’t really fall on the shoulder; instead, they lay flat on the chest making them appear pretty unique but really chic to pair with many of your outfits. If you are someone who loves experimenting and wants to add a chic flair to your wardrobe then this is just the right option for you to try this spring.

Peter pan collars

For all the cutesy looks you are trying to recreate, this Peter Pan collar style is just the right choice for you. This year it was introduced in a more modest version but it still had the same appeal and cutesy feel to it, making it yet another collar style to keep an eye on this spring. The flat style of Peter Pan collar happens to lay flat on the torso and its cutout is made to fit around the neckline perfectly. While peter pan collars never really go out of style and are an evergreen choice, they are having quite a major moment right now which is why you should waste no more time and stock some of these pieces in your wardrobe to keep yourself looking incredibly fashionable throughout the spring and of course, beyond that too!

Victorian collar

To all the girls, who have a thing for vintage clothing, you would be happy with the arrival of this 19th century inspired Victorian collar style. Exuding major Victorian vibes, this collar style deserves more credibility than it gets because of the amount of elegance and sophistication it reflects, no fashion junkie would ever be able to keep their hands off this style. This classic collar style is something that you must definitely consider splurging on as no matter what you are pairing it up with, it will look super amazing with just the right amount of glamor to it by slipping into a pair of pumps.

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