To correct skin issues, color correctors are very important. There are many shades you can use to correct the respective issues such as blemishes, dark circles, and acne as well. These types of color correctors are just so useful for correcting the imperfections of your skin and that factor makes them the most important part of the makeup regime in every girl’s life. Also, these are available in colors such as green, peach, red, purple, and yellow, and all are designed according to their benefits on the imperfection.

If you are a beginner in makeup and color correctors, then you must read this further. Talking about creating a perfect base on the face. Color correctors work wonders for creating the perfect base for the all-over makeup. Moreover, you might be thinking that using these correctors can make you look like a clown but as said above these are the most important part of the makeup regime.

Hence, these are the color correctors, you must know about:



A green color corrector is just perfect for hiding and neutralizing the redness all over your face. When you have breakouts on your skin it becomes quite impossible to hide them with only the foundation. But when you use the green color corrector, it basically hides out like there was nothing on your face. This color corrector is just perfect for hiding scars and sunburns as well. Basically, this happens because the green hue is responsible to neutralize the redness and make sure that you are getting a perfect flawless look.



Yellow is ideal for balancing out purple or blue bruises, under-eye dark circles, and veins as well. Yellow color corrector certainly works on every skin type and skin tone, and it is also useful for evening out the skin tones as well. It basically creates a perfect base for the foundation and also, when you apply the foundation after using the yellow corrector, it does not feel cakey and hence leads to the lighter base look. Yellow corrector is perfect for hiding out dark circles and the tan on the face.



The brightest shade of all, orange and red color corrector, is used to hide the darkest circles under the eye. Also, it is pretty useful for hiding the tattoos and bruises that are hard to hide with any other color corrector. This color corrector basically the orange one is perfect for light-medium skin tones. Likewise, the red color corrector is perfect for darker skin tones. It definitely works wonders in the dark spots. Also, this corrector is pretty blended able and also has great coverage as well. But here is the thing to understand, you need to be careful while using this corrector, else you will end up looking all red.



If you have yellow undertones then the purple color corrector is the most magnificent for you. Also, if you have yellow spots on your skin then also you can use the purple color corrector. Basically, yellow spots occur due to aging and the sun effects as well. They are likely to be visible as the yellow discoloration of your skin. If you have a pale or pasty tone on your face then purple corrector will definitely work for you and definitely, it will work wonders.


Peach/Pale Pink

To get that brightening look under the eyes, you can use this shade of color corrector. For neutralizing dark circles on a light-medium tone, this shade is just perfect. When the fatigue is visible on your face, it becomes a lot difficult to hide it. A pink corrector comes in handy when you are looking for hiding fatigue on the face. Also, if you have a light to medium skin tone, this will work as many wonders as yellow do on the tanned one.

There is certainly no brand that is not providing color correctors. You name a brand and there they are with their quality color corrector. Moreover, color correctors come as a palette as well as they come as a single little container. It’s obviously your choice to choose the corrector according to your preference. Hence, this was the beginner’s guide to the color correctors.

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