Fall is the most wonderful season to enjoy the cold weather in your cozy knits. The weather is not biting cold so you don’t need those puffer jackets or heavy knit-sweaters. You can go shopping and pick those cute oversized pullovers with graphics on it. You can even pick soft pastel colors in fall because they are so soothing to the eyes. It’s always to good to add new pieces to your closet according to the season. One must go out of their comfort zone and select different designs in pullovers like balloon sleeves, boyfriend pullovers, high-low pullovers, etc. These are available in various fabrics like knitted, ribbed, striped, tie-ups, turtle-necks.

We’ve narrowed down a list of pullovers that will refresh your wardrobe this fall and look perfect on every body type-


If you’re looking for something that would become your wardrobe staple then go for a ribbed pullover. A ribbed pullover is made of very soft material and almost looks like it is hand-woven. There is this unique feature to it that it looks great for all your outings. This is because it comes in different styles like turtle-neck and mock neck with color block designs and muted pastels. So if you want to put forward a formal look, go for a polished high-neck sweater in soft hues paired up with formal trousers. For casual wear, pick graphic and color block sweaters with flared jeans and boots. These looks can never fail you at any event.


This one looks really flattering for all those events when you want to add a chic look to your personality. It comes with a string along the waistline that you can tie at one side or in the center for a more relaxed but elegant style. These types of styles should be picked in thin fabrics with a satin touch. It is more of a cardigan and less of a pullover. So it can be worn to a sweet lunch outing and fancy dinner dates as well. It is flattering for all body shapes as it highlights the waistline. So bulky women should definitely go for this one. Wear your kitten heels and be ready to conquer the day.


A long-line pullover is like a tunic but only in more thick winter fabric. It is called longline because it extends up to the thighs just above the knees. Oversized has been the new trend in every apparel so pullovers can definitely not lack behind. This longline pullover can be picked in an oversized style and exaggerated shapes for a relaxed fit and chunky style. For those who want to show their defined curves can pick it in a body fit style. Either of the styles looks absolutely stunning because this is multipurpose. Pair them with skinny jeans, tights or even your stockings.


The most difficult thing we have to in winter is wearing full-coverage clothing because of biting cold. But what if we tell you that you can look fashionable in your winter clothes and also deal with the cold? Show off your skin as much you want with this fantastic off-shoulder pullover. It will keep you cozy all day and even make you look hot in this cold weather. They are such amazingly tailored pieces that you won’t be able to resist wearing them. In case you feel cold, just wrap a fur shawl around the neck with flashy earrings. Pick your skinny denim and get ready for the date in this stylish piece.


The balloon sleeves are the new ‘it’ in the fashion industry. They look very unique and extra because of puffed-up sleeves. With a very loose fit all over the arms, these are fitted at the torso. Whenever a pullover has extraordinary sleeves, it always looks very stylish. You can pick these in pastel colors for the perfect sunny morning during fall. Unexpected colors always work their charm! It solves the purpose of style and utility so effortlessly that in no time it will become your wardrobe staple. Another design called the ‘CABLE-KNIT’ pullover looks very attractive for formal outings. A combination of these two designs will turn out to be your best pick.


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