Decoding the right way to conceal under-eye dark circles

Decoding the right way to conceal under-eye dark circles

While the world of beauty products is quite vast and diverse but if there’s one product that we are truly thankful for, then hands-down it has to be the concealer. It is a literal godsend solution to all our discoloration problems. We all know how under-eye dark circles and nasty acne marks and blemishes can leave our skin looking a little less than perfect. There’s no other beauty product that can do half as good job as concealer does to hide the imperfections on our face, mainly under-eye dark circles. But merely having the right product in your vanity isn’t going to solve all your problems, for it to work effectively, you should also know the right way to use this product. It’s essential to follow the right technique when you apply the concealer and with the help of these tips, you might be able to master the art of concealing your under-eye area perfectly.

Keep the area around your eyes well moisturized

As you age, the chances of developing aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles increase. And do you know what maximizes the chances even more? Lack of hydration. It’s extremely crucial to keep the area around your eyes well-nourished using a good eye cream. The skin around our eyes is extremely delicate, one little mistake can result in premature skin aging, therefore, always keep your under-eye area moisturized to not only eliminate imperfections but to also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Doing so will also help the concealer to stay put for longer and prevent it from getting accumulating in the folds.

Be precise with the application

Concealer can be a tricky thing to work with. While some people just simply apply it under their eyes in any random way, there’s the right of doing it as well. Instead of applying the concealer all around your under-eye, keep the concealer to a minimum and focus on the inner corners of your eyes which has grey and blue undertones. Apply the concealer in C shape around the inner corners of your eyes and blend it in an outward direction to achieve maximum coverage.

Use a brush to apply the concealer

When you apply concealer, it should look completely traceless and flawless. While applying concealer using fingers makes the blending process a lot easier but this step always requires a lot more product than you actually need. Therefore, to achieve a traceless application, always use a concealer brush to apply the product as it not only reaches the designated area properly but it also marks out and blends the product flawlessly.

Blending is the key

The main key to achieving flawless concealer application is blending. You should always make sure to blend the concealer perfectly into the foundation so that everything looks balanced out. Also, refrain yourself from pulling or sweeping your skin as the area around your eyes is really sensitive and you wouldn’t want to mess with it. Using dabbing or patting motion, blend the concealer around your eyes and try to take it downwards towards the cheek as it makes things look perfectly balanced.

Use concealer sparingly

Overstuffing your undereye area with concealer can only lead to one thing and that’s a disaster. To make sure that your concealer looks seamless and flawless, use the product sparingly around the eyes. Don’t apply the concealer all the way up to the outer corners of your eyes as it is where the fine lines usually appear. The concealer around this area should be sheer so that the fine lines don’t look prominent. However, if the need comes, you can always add a little bit more of the product to achieve desired coverage.

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