If you’re dealing with acne you must have read thousands of blogs but here we will provide you the root causes related to acne. Stay tuned!

Acne can be an awful thing with tiny or huge regular and occasional breakouts. You must be tempted to know what causes acne. Acne can pop up due to various reasons and you have to identify what is the reason you’ve been suffering through this. The reasons differ from individual to individual. If your friend is suffering from acne may have some other cause behind it than yours. It’s very important for you to know the reasons so that you can tackle the situation in an effective manner.

Acne can erupt on any part of your body with face, back, neck, chest, and shoulder the major parts of show-up. The acne that appears on your face can hammer your self-esteem than on other body parts. But, it’s nothing you cannot get rid of. You must be surprised to know that it’s the most common problem every third person is dealing with. Unless you don’t know the reason to counter, anything you use will be a waste of treatment.

So, here are we busting the underlying reasons allied to these knotty breakouts. If you are the one whose tiny bumps root up specifically on one area for say chin or forehead. There’s a sign that something is going wrong within your body. So, let’s map your face and give you effective treatment by making you aware of the actual reason behind acne.

Acne Banging On The Forehead-

If your acne only shows-up at the forehead or if the major explodes are on your forehead than maybe you’re suffering from a flaky scalp. Our skin has small holes in abundance called pores so when you are dealing with dandruff and since forehead is close to your hairline the area is more likely to get blocked. The falling flakes of dandruff can block the pores and that’s why you have to suffer from acne mostly on the forehead. So, before you treat acne you need to combat the flaky scalp.

We would recommend you to use Dandruff Shampoos that calm your scalp and thus controlling the acne in effect. Wash your hair with a dandruff shampoo twice a week or depending on your scalp state. Once the situation is under control you can swap for once a week but don’t go off using dandruff shampoos completely as dandruff is something that can come back.

Acne Knocking On the Chin-

If the acne breakouts constantly show up on the chin then your body is going with some kind of hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalances are a result of bad food habits, odd lifestyle changes, and in adult’s puberty fluctuations that our body undergoes and especially in women menstruation and menopause.

If you’re suffering from hormonal acne than any treatment or oral contraceptives you use will do nothing to combat the issue. The treatment lies in changing your food habits and switching your diet towards healthy additions and you have to undergo your odd lifestyle practices. Indulge in daily exercising that will increase the blood circulation and eat fruits, vegetables that will make your immune response better. Only then you can control the problem successfully.

Acne Flaring On the Cheeks-

Acne that flares on chin maybe a result of the weak digestive system that is affecting your skin. Indigestion potentially leads to breakouts. But, it’s nothing you cannot get a grip on. The first step is changing what you eat. The diet that is high in sugar, Trans, and oil is making your digestion weak. The processed food feeds your body badly so make changes in your diet that will promote stronger digestion and will aid in clearing your skin up.

Remember your skin is not what you are layering it up from outer but what you are feeding your body from inside.

Acne around the Lips-

If your lips are religiously surrounded with awful breakouts the underlying cause is a respiratory problem. Your lungs are weakened with factors like poor-quality air, pollution, and heat. All you have to do is maintaining clean air at your home and covering your mouth whenever you step out in polluted air. Make sure you follow this with medical treatment to see better results.

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