Does your hair also feel dull and tired post-traveling, or is it just us? We are sure so many of you experience this post-traveling dullness and tiredness in your hair, which is pretty common but is often ignored or go unnoticed. Traveling can affect your hair’s health in a myriad of ways, and some of the most common factors include water quality, sun exposure, humidity, and change in hair care products. These factors collectively affect your mane’s health and alter its texture. Additionally, having a hectic schedule could also mean you not getting time to wash your hair regularly, leading to product build-up on the scalp along with several other issues. Dull and tired hair is usually experienced by people who are traveling a long distance, the environment and the other factors of the place you are traveling to tends to be quite different from what your hair is used to, hence your locks find it hard to keep themselves healthy.

In order to keep itself healthy, your hair gets under a lot of stress, and that ends up turning your mane into a dull, tired, and tangled mess as soon as you reach home. Your first instinct might be to wash your hair to remove the gunk, but merely shampooing and conditioning won’t be enough to get your hair back to its health.

But you need not worry as long as we are here to guide you, you can rejuvenate your dull and tired hair post-travel in 4 simple steps.


Cleanse and condition

The first step in this routine is to wash and condition your hair before you do anything to it. Shampooing and conditioning your mane will help in eliminating dirt, oil, and product build-up from the scalp. Once you are done rinsing off the product, repeat the same step to detoxify your scalp thoroughly. If you want, you can use a conditioner as well as a shampoo comb to remove tangles and knots from your mane in the shower itself. Instead of blow-drying your locks, you should let them air-dry.


Apply hot oil to your hair

Oiling is extremely beneficial for the health and overall appearance of your mane, it can deliver even greater benefits when applied on a squeaky clean scalp. Since your scalp gets free of gunk or other impurities post-shampooing, it gets easier for oil to penetrate your pores. Also, using detoxifying cleansers for your hair often leaves it pretty dry; therefore, oiling will help in offering hydration to your mane post-wash. Instead of using oil at room temperature, you should heat it up a bit in a bowl and then apply it to your scalp and tresses. You can wash the oil off after a couple of hours of its application.


Expose your mane to steam

One of the best ways to expose your mane to steam is by taking a steam bath. Taking steam in the shower is a brilliant Korean hair care hack. It is not only beneficial for your hair but your skin as well. You can steam your hair while washing off the oil, place a steamer in a corner, and expose your scalp and lengths to the steam. Just make sure to place the steamer at a distance, so that your hair doesn’t get heat-damaged. Also, use a mild shampoo to wash off the oil from your hair.


Use a deep conditioning mask

And the last step in this routine is to apply a deep conditioning mask to your mane. Take an oil-based hair mask and apply it on damp hair. After leaving it on for 15 minutes, you can wash it off with water. Apart from making your locks super-soft, a deep conditioning hair mask also reinforces broken hair bonds. After you are done washing your hair, let it air-dry and make sure to apply a leave-in conditioner or serum to make your hair feel rejuvenated.

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