Your skin deserves all the pampering in the world and for this, you need to develop a good skincare routine. This skincare routine is incomplete without using a nice sleeping mask. If you are someone who doesn’t trust those high-end brands and creams, then you can create your own sleeping masks. These DIY sleeping masks are super easy to create and thus, make your skin feel fresh and radiant in no time. Use them every day and you will wake up with radiant skin every day.

Watermelon sleeping Mask

Surprised to spot this on the list? Well, we all know that water-based fruits are super refreshing to eat and thus, are strongly recommended for a healthy body. The same point goes for the skin as well. Watermelon is one of the most refreshing fruits and can actually transform your skin as well. With so many healthy ingredients, this fruit is a great option to transform your skin. It contains lycopene which protects the skin from all odds and prevents the skin from damaging in the presence of harmful gases, dust, and dirt. A DIY sleeping mask with watermelon is super easy and will not take much effort. All you have to do is grate a watermelon and squeeze the juice out of it. Then dab it with a cotton ball all over your face and go to sleep. Let it work its magic overnight.

Milk Turmeric Pack

Another overnight pack that works wonders is this Milk and turmeric sleeping mask. As we all know the rich properties of milk, it is a great option to treat your skin the right way. Pampering your skin is a must because it is very delicate and deserves all the attention in the world. If there is one thing that you must do to achieve flawless skin, it is using this sleeping mask. A mixture of milk and turmeric is by far one of the most effective ways to treat skin issues. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that work strongly to combat acne, blemishes, etc. Milk enhances the texture of the skin and makes it supple. Milk them in a ration of 2:1 and apply it all over your face right before you go to bed.

Olive Oil Mask

Any oil for that matter is a great option to pamper your skin. Oils have a lot of proteins and nutrients that are great for the skin as well as the body. If you are already using any carrier oil already, then you already know how it is working for your body. Olive oil is one of the most used oils in the household and thus, it has proven to be of utmost use. Olive oil contains a lot of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits that help treat the skin overnight. If you do not want to use this one, go for almond or coconut oil. But using oil is imperative. Just mix a few drops of any of these oils in your night cream and massage before going to bed. Leave it there and you are going to wake up with a supple skin for sure.

Aloe vera and Vitamin E Mask

Aloe vera doesn’t need an introduction. It is the best skin product ever curated and thus, had to be on the list for obvious reasons. With aloe vera, you don’t require any prior testing because it is proven to be effective in magical ways. Even if you don’t use it as a sleeping mask and simply use it as a toner or a moisturizer, it is bound to make your skin flawless and radiant. On the other hand, a vitamin E capsule is easily available in the market and thus, you can make this face pack without much effort. Use this vitamin E oil from the capsule and mix it with fresh aloe vera gel. Apply thoroughly on your neck and face and leave it overnight. This mixture will reduce the traces of blemishes, collagen, and wrinkles if used religiously. A patch test is recommended for Vitamin E.

Rosewater and Chamomile Sleeping Mask

One of the most useful masks ever created is with rosewater and herbal tea. Rosewater has soothing properties and extracts dirt and dust from deep down pores. There are so many benefits of rosewater and you can always make use of them in the best possible ways. It acts as a toner and controls blemishes. It also acts as a moisturizer for oily skin because it controls excessive oil. On the other hand, chamomile tea is a herbal tea and is definitely a great pick for your skin. Mix a few drops of fresh chamomile tea with one tablespoon of rosewater and apply it with a cotton ball on your face. Wait for its magic to happen!

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