Dress In Leopard Prints in These Ways

Dress In Leopard Prints in These Ways

Leopard prints are really fascinating even if you are any animal lover you can wear these prints, not in the leather or fur but other fabric material. We can say that animal prints are timeless pieces because they don’t lose their style at any time. They are the perfect wardrobe piece and you can style in them for several occasions. Trust me one can never look bad dressing these prints. However, today our main focus is to style the leopard print in your regular everyday dressing. So let’s just begin with it styling the outfits for you.

Leopard overcoat

Dressing a leopard overcoat over a leopard dress can be tricky. But if there are color contrast and the fabric is merging with each other than you can pull this look. However, if you are wearing a neutral tone solid dress then wearing a leopard print can be the look for you. It is such a powerful print and makes a person feel that they have the power to run the world. So if you haven’t got this piece in your closet, it is time to add it because it is another basic that you need to have in the closet.

Leopard Dress

All leopard dress can be so easily paired with your black stocking. These can be drape dresses or any other forms that you like but these work for women of every age. A leopard can hide the worries on your face because you are dressed up in a powerful pattern. You can wear this dress alone; however, accessorizing it will lead to a more polished look. You can wear golden accessories on top and wear brown boots or heels with it. Depending upon the weather of the state you live in; you can wear a leopard coat over it if they are in a different fabric. Besides that, you can wear a brown belt and brown shoes with this dress to sort of look elegant and chic. The belt has to be a big brown solid, not a print belt.

Leopard Jacket


Leopard can be the stable of your outfit. It has to work that way because it is a busy pattern. So you have a leopard jacket then you need to style it with solid basics and nothing else than that. Firstly let’s get to the outfit you can pair with it. You can wear a white tee and light shade blue denim. Make sure the color of the denim is falling in the color tone of the jacket. Usually, leopard prints are warm tone so you need to wear slightly warm tone jeans. Now, you can tuck the white tee in the jeans and wear your jacket over it. This is a perfect well-dressed outfit for a casual outing. You can wear platform white shoes with it to give the finishing touch to the look.

Leopard Sweater

Leopard sweater can be worn both professionally and casually. So to wear the leopard print fur sweater you need to style the basic outfit first. Since your sweater is in fur it will look just awesome with the black leather leggings. The leather makes this busy pattern come out in a more graceful manner. If you happen to have a loose fit or oversized sweater than make sure you tuck it from the front or the side any place you like. If it is bigger in length then you can tuck them from the front and leave the back sort of rough and hanging. For the shoes, you can wear black heels or leather boots to elongate your legs.

Leopard Blouse

A leopard can not only be dress up casually. A leopard blouse with a pencil skirt can look equally great for regular office wear. Firstly, you need to wear the blouse and tuck it into the skirt and pull on nice nude heels for the toes. You can go for black or brown heels but nudes would look much better.

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