Easy Makeup Routine to Prevent Your Foundation from Oxidizing In Monsoon

Easy Makeup Routine to Prevent Your Foundation from Oxidizing In Monsoon

Each season calls for updated skincare and hair care routine. And summer season is almost upon us and we have already started to count down the days till monsoon arrives as it gives us a much-needed relief from hot and sweaty summer days. As much as we are fond of this season, it can also prove to be a nightmare for our skin and hair. The increased levels of humidity can pose a threat to your skin and hair which can result in numerous hair and skin woes. While the change in season calls for new skincare and hair care routine, it turns out; your makeup routine also has to go under a few tweaks so that it can look more weather appropriate.
Monsoon season can be your foundation’s worst enemy. The increased level of humidity in combination with the excessive oil produced from your skin can result in your foundation becoming oxidized. It’s quite a common problem to face during monsoon but fret not, you will not end up looking like an orange-faced commuter if you abide by these makeup tips to prevent your foundation from oxidizing during monsoon.

Tone and moisturize

Prepping your face is one of the most crucial steps to follow to achieve the desired results. Toning and moisturizing are the two most important steps to follow to prep your skin. After cleaning your face properly, make sure to apply a hydrating and alcohol-free toner to your face. Follow it up by a lightweight and oil-free moisturizer. Not prepping your face properly can make your skin look either too patchy or oily; therefore, you have to be very careful here. After following these skin prepping steps, make sure to wait for a few minutes to let your skin soak in the products or else, the sticky base will make your face look orange.

Apply primer

Applying primer is one of the most important steps to follow in this makeup routine. It will come to your rescue in more ways than you know. This step is to be followed after prepping your skin and before applying makeup. A primer acts as a barrier between skin and makeup. It prevents the ingredients of your foundation to get mixed up with the natural oils produced from your skin. Primer also helps in providing a soft base which makes the application easier and smoother. Look for a primer in a waterproof and silicone-based formula to achieve flawless makeup finish.

Apply foundation

Now that your skin is well-prepped for the application of foundation, you can apply the product to all over your face. Even after following all the needed steps, if your foundation is still turning orange then you need to switch your foundation with a different shade. Instead of picking a foundation that is one shade lighter, pick a foundation that is two shades lighter so that when it oxidizes, it will match your skin tone perfectly. Also, use makeup brush or fingers to apply the foundation, using wet beauty sponge can worsen the situation. You can use a blotting paper to get rid of the excess product on your face.

Mattify it using a compact

It’s very important to set your foundation using a compact. Whether or not you are a fan of these face powders, following this step is extremely crucial as it mattifies the base and locks the product in. Lightly dab the compact all over your face and it will give you a long-lasting and matte finish. This tiny product can come extremely handy on several occasions and it’s also very convenient to carry in your bag. When your face starts to appear shiny, you can simply dab the powder lightly over that area and you will be good to go.

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