Most of the time we have to face the unplanned events in life sometimes choosing your day outfit can be tricky and can take forever to plan what to put on. So we are here to help you style for these unplanned casual events in life with the help of simple tricks. You can just pull in these clothes off your closet and dress up in them. Without elaborating anymore; let’s begin the looks for the casual outing.

White Tee

Style your white tee in the following manner for your go-to look. What you need is wear your denim jeans with the white tee and dress some sneakers on your toes. This can be your easy go-to look at the time of the day or night. It’s a pretty comfy outfit. Now, for winters or even for summers you can layer this dress with a kimono. However, for summers you can pull up a long cardigan on top of it. Secondly, you can wear plain white sneakers if you like or the metallic star ones can work gracefully with this casual dress up. You can wear a non-chucky bracelet in one hand and wear your watch in another. Lastly, if you are into rings then you can wear them as well.

Matching Pant Suit

Wear your basis camisole and top it with your matching suit. It can be a fairly good outfit for your coffee meeting or drinks plans with friends. It can be something that you can wear to the office. If you have a plain pantsuit then you can definitely wear it to the office. However, if there are patterns on it then it becomes a more casual hangout suit. If your office allows semi-formal dress up then yon wear it in a subtle manner, by not accessorizing much. Talking about accessories you can wear a watch with it and a pretty necklace it shouldn’t be anything bold because it is a patterned dress. You can wear a sleek chain and pair some nude heels for the toes.

Animal Print

Animal prints are universal and they look great with anything you wear. Let’s talk about the most popular animal print the leopard print. I am pretty sure there is rarely a woman out there who doesn’t have leopard or let’s say any animal print in their closet. I personally have them all; leopard, zebra, snakeskin, etc, etc. You can literally just wear a black jean and thrown on a black jacket with this print and observe the magic happening. If you aren’t feeling cold then you can skip the jacket and wear your black boots with it. Take a black sling to wear some good jewels in your hand like the gold bracelet and rings in both hands. You can wear a necklace if instead of wearing a bracelet you want to wear a watch, go ahead. See leopard is again a powerful print and you cannot wear anything just like that with it.

Bows Blouse

The next in line is the bow blouse. If you have a bow blouse in your wardrobe that too which is full sleeves then you need not add any accessories with it. You can simply wear your legging or jeans with them. It is a simple look that you can carry out for various life situations like you can wear it to a friend’s birthday party if you wear some makeup along with it. Secondly, you can wear full sleeves blouse will be an elegant office outfit. You can wear it for shopping or to drinks to meet with friends. To style this look you need to wear your heels and if you aren’t much into accessioning then you can totally skip it. Else you can wear your regular watch or bracelet and throw some small earrings along.

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