Nearly every person deals with skin problems like acne at some point of time, especially when they hit puberty. Whether it’s from hormonal changes or increased stress levels, acne can be introduced to skin in many different conditions. They not only look embarrassing but can also cause some serious damage to the skin if not looked after.

Acne can be of any type, from pimples to zits they definitely tend to grow further if irritated or touched. With that, it’s extremely important to only use certain products on the face which can help in alleviating the acne problem and not the other way around. We know they can be quite stubborn to get rid of but by making a few changes, you can shoo them away very easily. And you can get your clear and beautiful skin back in no time.

Whether it’s your skincare routine or skincare products, there are certain things you should take care of from further irritating your skin.

1. Follow a proper skincare routine

A dirty and oily skin is considered to be a safe haven for most of the acne-causing bacteria. They further result in the form of acne and acne spots. However, if you follow a skincare routine religiously on a daily basis. It will help a lot in soothing your skin and alleviating the  acne problem. With that, it’s also important to only use those products which are suitable for your skin and doesn’t irritate the skin further.

  • It’s highly advisable to wash your face twice a day as it helps in getting rid of all the dirt that gets accumulated on the skin throughout the day.

  • After cleansing, a toner can be applied to the skin as it shrinks the pores which makes it difficult for bacteria to penetrate the skin.

  • Moisturizing your skin is very necessary as it provides hydration to the skin cells and makes it look all soft and supple.

  • Exfoliation or scrubbing also forms a major part in skincare routine as they help in getting rid of all the impurities and dead skin cells which are one of the major causes for acne formation. However, with that, it’s also important to know that this process should only be done once or twice (only if recommended) a week. As it tends to dry out the skin and can also irritate the skin further. Always use mild exfoliants or scrubs to do this step.

2. Use non-comedogenic face products

The product you are using on your face greatly influences the texture of your skin. A wrong face product can further intensify the skin problem. So it’s extremely important to only use certain products on your face. For people dealing with acne problem are always recommended to use non-comedogenic products. As products containing comedogenic ingredients can result in more acne problems.

From your moisturizer to cleaner, everything should be comedogen free.

3. Purchase face products containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide

Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are known to have many great properties. While benzoyl peroxide helps in killing all the bacteria due to its antibacterial property, salicylic acid helps in dissolving the dirt, oil and dead skin layer clogging the pores. These two together go hand in hand and serves as the most effective way to treat acne problem.

4. Apply essential oils to the affected area

Applying essential oils like tea tree oil serves as a great way for fighting off all those pesky pimples. It contains several antibacterial properties which help in killing all the acne-causing bacteria. But this oil should only be used on the affected areas by dabbing it with your finger or a cotton pad. And make sure to use the diluted version of it as an undiluted version can burn and further irritate your skin. Always read the label on the bottle before applying it directly to your face.

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