While some factors like environmental aggressors and unhealthy lifestyle will continue to remain our skin’s biggest enemies and affect its health, the blue light emitted from your phones and laptop screens is equally damaging for your skin and can give rise to a lot of skin issues. The blue light emitted from your gadgets can be very harmful to your skin, the sooner you understand that, the better.

The blue light is a high-energy visible light that penetrates deeper into your skin and causes it to age prematurely, which sounds super scary as no woman wants to experience premature aging. If you are someone who spends hours in front of your laptop screen or is always on phone, then you need to rethink your beauty routine and beauty products. While you may not have an option to not be in front of your laptop screen for hours, you certainly have an option to protect your skin against the blue light emitted from your gadgets and prevent it from aging. By including the right ingredients in your routine and eating an antioxidant-rich diet, you can keep your skin protected against blue light.


Use green tea infused day cream

Green tea is known to be extremely beneficial for the skin; it contains antioxidant properties that help your skin in multiple ways. While the consumption of green tea helps to remove toxins from the body, the topical application of this ingredient can help prevent free radical damage caused by blue light. You can apply this cream in the morning before stepping out of your house. It won’t only help to protect your skin from blue light damage but will also offer UV protection.


Apply zinc oxide based sunscreen

Applying sunscreen daily is essential regardless of whether you are heading out during the day or not. Instead of using just any regular sunscreen, you should use the one that contains zinc oxide. Zinc oxide helps to reflect and scatter UV rays, thereby preventing your skin from getting damaged. Apart from that, zinc oxide-based sunscreen also offers protection from blue light emitted by your gadgets. Just because you are working from your home, it doesn’t mean you can skip sunscreen. You should apply your sunscreen every day to protect it from damaged caused by blue light.


Pick liquid foundation with titanium dioxide

Commonly found in products like sunscreens and foundations, titanium dioxide is an amazing ingredient that can help provide protection from blue light damage. Apart from applying a sunscreen infused with titanium dioxide, you can also use a liquid foundation formulated with this ingredient to offer a supreme level of protection to your skin against blue light damage.


Use vitamin A infused night cream

One of the best ways to protect and repair your skin while sleeping is by using vitamin A-infused night cream. While it’s suggested to avoid using phones or laptops before going to bed, it can be slightly hard to resist the temptation of using your phone. The blue light emitted from these gadgets not only harms your skin but your eyes as well. But you can prevent or minimize the blue light damage by using a night cream infused with vitamin A.


Eat antioxidant-rich diet

Your diet can make a huge difference to your skin; hence it’s essential to eat the right foods in order to keep your skin protected from different factors, including blue light. Blue light in combination with unhealthy and processed foods can make your skin age faster. If you don’t want this to happen to you, then you need to make sure that you are eating right and staying away from foods that can lead to premature skin aging. Antioxidant-rich foods like broccoli, tomato, carrot, avocado, etc. are some of the best options to include in your diet. They will help to keep your skin protected from environmental and blue light damage.

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