Everyone knows that the charm and vibe of velvet is something else. It has never failed to flatter any outfit because of its feminine and classy vibes. This fabric has been a popular pick from the bygone days to the present era. It has been loved by everyone and that is the reason, it has managed to survive on our closet shelf for all these years. If you also love velvet, you must pick the following edits in this collection for the ultimate style statement. Whenever you are not sure about a dress, pick it in velvet and think no more. Have a look at our favorite picks in this fabric and add them to your wardrobe collection right away!

A velvet dress

Velvet is one of the most classy fabrics ever and arguably the best one when it comes to fall wear clothing. With velvet, any apparel can look elegant and sophisticated. The thing is that velvet can never go over the top. It has the perfect amount of charm and vibe to it. It can flatter your outfit for every occasion and make sure there is a great first impression. Since this one has a feminine charm to it, it will make you look gorgeous in no time. A velvet dress is one of the first picks we would recommend for your collection because it looks super attractive. With the right fit, you can slay in this velvet dress in all your favorite colors. Pair your pumps with this dress and have the most amazing silhouette ever.

A velvet blouse

The perfect wardrobe staple! Tops and blouses of any kind look gorgeous with your denim and trousers. You pair them with almost everything in your closet like skirts, shorts, and all your apparel. There are so many designs and patterns in this line that no matter how many your pick, you would want more of them. Velvet blouses are actually classic and timeless pieces and make for great attire. If you are picking a velvet top, you can choose a lot of different colors because there is no limit in that regard. Any and every color looks great and can be worn to your workplace, cocktail nights and even shopping sprees. Style them easily with your high waist jeans and a pair for boots for a casual look. Wear fancy stilettos for a formal look.

A velvet skirt

When you are picking other stuff in velvet, then why not pick a velvet skirt as well? A velvet skirt has the utmost charm and feminine feel to it. It has the potential to impress everyone because you don’t have to put in much effort to make it look elegant. Elegance is an inbuilt factor when it comes to the velvet fabric. So, a velvet skirt has a lot of fan following as well as admiration for its tailoring. It is seen in A-line flares, pencil skirts, side slits, and other countless options. You are at discreet to choose the right one and pair it accordingly. What you can do is pick a simple top and pair it with this shiny velvet skirt along with your strappy heels for the perfect look. Accessorize a bit to add division.

Velvet Boots

Velvet fabric has made its way into everything possible and has actually managed to build an aura of its own. There is no doubt about the fact that velvet can impress anyone and can create flattering looks all the time. If you are picking velvet in apparel, then why can’t you pick it in footwear as well? Of course, you can. Velvet boots look ultra-sophisticated and are one of the best picks for every outfit, literally! They can be paired with everything from your denim to skirts to jumpsuits. If you want to pick velvet in heels, you can do that also. They have a unique vibe to them. Having different types of fabric in footwear is one great job that designers have done and made available to us. Add these to your wardrobe and showcase the perfect style statement.

Velvet Jacket

Jackets are a staple winter outfit and are also a need for the season. No matter what you say, you have to add them to your collection to deal with the biting cold season. Velvet has style as well utility to it. It keeps you warm throughout the winter season and also brings out the style factor in your outfit. Velvet jackets are seen as a part of sleepwear as well as daywear. You can pick both and have yourself at ease. They are a great way to add to pop of color to the dull outfits. Even if you are wearing a regular outfit, just have this one as an overlayer and you are good to go.

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