Some of the best things in the world are unsaid and unseen. And this goes for skincare tips as well. If you think the following tips are mere words and are not going to help you, then this is a myth. They can change your game in no time and make you look flawless and radiant just like that! Just trust the process and make sure you follow all these tips religiously. Add them to your routine and then, wait for the magic to happen!

Stop over-cleansing right away

Now, cleaning your face is a must thing to do because it takes away all the unnecessary dirt and impurities from your face and body. Cleansing is important because if you don’t do this, it will make the skin look dull and rough eventually. Whenever we go out, our skin attracts a lot of impurities on the face and that’s why cleaning the right way is very important. But over-cleaning your face actually takes away the essential oils from your face too. It is important to clean your face at least twice in a day or thrice, maximum. But more than that is just mere wastage of product and harmful for the skin. The face wash and soap have a lot of chemicals that are good enough to clean the skin but harmful enough to over-clean the face. Shun this habit and watch your skin transform!

Gently pat your face, do not rub!

Now, this is one of the most important points to execute in your routine. After you have cleaned your face thoroughly, do not rub it with a towel. This is the most common habit of people around the world but little do they know that this harms the skin a lot! Rubbing your face harshly with a towel actually results in stripping of the skin. It might make the skin peel off because it is very delicate and sensitive. But if you dab your face instead and do not rub it, it is going to result in desired results for sure. This is actually a part of the Korean skin routine too. After cleansing, they slap the face a lot of times and this results in enhanced blood circulation thus, making your skin glow. So, pat your face gently and let the cleaning process work.

Use Humidifier for your hair

Another unique tip that no one is going to tell you about is this humidifier. As the name suggests, a humidifier has a lot of reasons to be on our makeup shelf. A humidifier makes sure that all the dust, dirt, impurities that have found a residence in our hair are shunned. This way, you get back those silky and shiny hair. Smooth hair goals are everyone’s need and that’s why having this one is a must. A humidifier is great for the skin too as well as your hair. It prevents breakage and hair fall, takes away extra oil and also adds to the smooth texture. Whenever you are having trouble in detangling your hair, this one will help them be less sticky. Pick it right away and add it to your routine!

Never use a non-sunscreen moisturizer

Using a non-sunscreen moisturizer along with your sunscreen is the worst thing to do. What is the purpose of using a sunscreen? It is to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and if you are using a sunscreen for it, do it well. Using a sunscreen with enough SPF is itself contented and doesn’t need any other carrier with it. Doing this may interfere with the effectiveness of your sun protection cream and not let it work at its best. If you dilute your sunscreen this way, it is not going to work its magic for your skin. So, make sure you never use a sunscreen with a non-sunscreen moisturizer. Just use a nice sun protection cream with an SPF higher than 30. Set out in the sun and shine like a star!

Must use a foundation

Even if you don’t like using makeup a lot, experts recommend using a foundation or any high or mid coverage cream for that matter. Now the sole purpose here is not to add a cakey look to the face or make you look glamorous. The thing is that the sun can be harmful in many ways and this damage can be permanent. It can wreck your skin in ways that you can’t even imagine. So, if you add layers of protection over your face, then it will protect it from all the possible damage. Moreover, a foundation is something that can make you look flawless too. So, multi-purpose? Yes, this is the reason why experts recommend using a foundation or concealer on top of your sunscreen for more protection. It will also result in fewer wrinkles and blemishes.


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