Accessories have always been a part of our wardrobe. Some things never go out of style and accessories are definitely one of them. No matter how much you buy them, they’ll never be enough. There is so much in this category that you can buy from shoes to jewelry to shrugs and scarves and yet, it will never be enough! Every year sets some fashion trends in front of us and some trends fail to leave this place. They are so evergreen and timeless that even if you wear them again and again, they will work the charm every time! Some fashion accessories hold a special place in our hearts and we just cannot live without them. They have the potential to amp up any look in your wardrobe, we bet! Here are the best picks from our recommendation that will not only amp your look but will stay in your closet for years to come.

A Pashmina Scarf

When you hear pashmina, you instantly think of ultimate elegance and sophistication. Pashmina has something else to it and we can never figure out what it is. All these years we have failed to understand what kept this one going! A pashmina scarf is one of the hottest picks for every season and can be paired with any outfit. It instantly creates a celebrity look without much effort. You can pick this one in different colors and patterns according to your preference. Whether it is summer or wintertime, this will never flop your look.

A smart Neckerchief

A neckerchief adds a chic element to your outfit. This has been a part of our fashion world since the 80s. You might have spotted actresses flaunting this one in the movies from that era. Today, they come in a more refined and improvised version like fancy chokers. A neckerchief stays intact and close to the neck just like a choker and boy, does it look sexy?! Sure it does with a knot on one side! There are a handful of ways how you can style this one. Wear it with a broad neck tee or an A-line dress with a wide neckline. It will highlight your collar bone and also make your neck look longer.

A Bold Clutch

A handbag never fails to add a style statement to your overall look. There are so many designer bags in the world and one can never have enough of them. But one such division in bags is a clutch. No matter where you go, this one will always work. And why have we mentioned bold? Because you must pick it in a color that is vibrant and outshines everything else. Why go for something mediocre when you have so many colors in the world? If you’re wearing a blue dress, pick a sequin pink clutch that will flatter your look even more. Such contrast combinations have never gone out of style. Pick them right away!

Heavy Danglers

Earrings flatter our makeup more than anything. Imagine a nice pair of earrings hanging down your ears next to your pretty face. They make the face look elongated for all those who have chubby features. Yes, they do! Earrings are the fanciest accessories ever so you should never understate their power to create an extraordinary look. Every woman needs a pair of heavy danglers that will go with every average outfit to amp the look instantly. They add a pop feature to every simple outfit and grab attention immediately! Pick them in colorful beads, chunky designs, and crafty pieces.

A Sequin Silhouette Belt

The waistline is something you should highlight every time in every outfit. And why not? It is the slimmest part of your body and deserves all the attention in the world. Pick a nice sleek belt in sequin silhouette so that it can catch everybody’s eyes wherever you go. Belts are anyway a wardrobe staple and go with everything- dresses, shorts, denim, skirts; whatever you name! A belt will do its charm when nothing else will work. That’s why we suggest buying it in a bold design or embellished tones. There is a thin line between shiny and gaudy so make sure you don’t overdo it. It will create division in the outfit and also make you look a style diva!

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