Makeup on the face is incomplete without eye makeup for obvious reasons. Eyes bring precision and drama to the face. They speak a language of their own and have the ability to attract others. All the makeup lovers will understand that eye makeup is one of the most important features of makeup because it grabs so much attention. Even if you haven’t applied anything else to your face, just put a little eye makeup and bold lips, it will be enough. You can also go for nude lips, bare face and drama eyes. So the most basic thing used on the eyes is kohl and eyeliner. One dash of liner can take you from casual to classy in seconds!

If you’re an honest fan and use it every day, you would love to learn new techniques of applying it in a different way. Why do it in a mainstream way when you have so many options? Read on and find the best one for yourself-


You must have heard of this one before and also tried to apply it but failed? It looks really simple but might need a clean hand for the perfect result. This eyeliner is a regular liner but with smudged and smokey features. It gives the illusion of being softly rubbed. And though it is rubbed intentionally, the trick is to make it look very effortlessly sexy. What you have to do is pick kohl and put a line on the eyelids. Then take a soft brush and rub it over the liner to smudge it. You can also use your finger or a cotton pad. This look will be very dewy and give your eyes an amazing vibe for the night.


Regular eyeliner is everyone’s pick for going to work or casual outings when there is not much time to apply a fun looking eyeliner. But for those extravagant parties where you want to stand out in the crowd and grab instant attention, winged eyeliner is your definite thing. It won’t come easy at first but you must have the patience to practice it every day. As the name suggests, this eyeliner ends with a wing on the corner. You should never compromise with style when it is a night party. This winged eyeliner will look as fab as your dress. Just apply a regular liner and softy swing the end to the upper side making a tickmark shape. Voila! You got it.


Why we call it bold is because it is a single line of kohl on the eyelids which is applied in good thickness. And why we call it drama is because it shows a very careless chic look. This will become your personal favorite if you’re the kind of girl who loves to grab attention from a distance. Go bare on the lower lid and simply apply a thick line on the upper lid. You can also apply a white liner on the waterline to make your eyes look bigger in a drama eyeliner. Make sure the liner is evenly done and there are no rough ends because that will look very messy and spoil the overall look of our face too.


This one is quite famous for its dramatic features. It is also known as feline eyeliner and adds up so much to your character. What you have to do is apply a single line of kohl with a wing at the end just like a winged-eyeliner. Then you have to create a dramatic illusion by thickening the line gradually as it moves towards the ends. This technique will give a very sharpened look to the eyes and make them look narrow at the center but big at the corners. That’s what a cat’s eye looks like! Make it bold, make it stunning and wear it for your next outing.


As the name suggests, it is a double eyeliner and has to be applied both on the upper and lower lids. The difference is that it won’t be just a regular line of kohl. Instead, the upper lid eyeliner ends up in a sharp but tiny wing and the lower lid also ends up in a sharp end just near the upper wing. Simply when you’re applying the lower liner, take the end a little longer towards the upper liner and leave it as it is. This look is not meant for elegant parties or workplaces. You can put this one for fancy color-pop events and concerts. Tap the badass chic in you and get going!


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