Fashion faux pas to be careful about during Rainy season

Fashion faux pas to be careful about during Rainy season

Being fashionable is not a matter of a day or two. Someone who pays attention to details thinks of fashion as a lifestyle and not for one particular event. There are so many ways in which you can build a fashionable look for yourself and this statement will grab attention everywhere. But amidst these fashion habits and lifestyle, you might encounter some fashion faux pas too. And they must be avoided at any cost. Fashion faux pas can turn out to be a big turn off for anyone who looks at you and so, you must take care while dressing up for a season or an event. Sometimes we fail to understand what looks good for what kind of occasion and that is when we make a cartoon of ourselves.
If you need a little clarity as to how you should dress up for certain seasons and occasions, then we have listed a few do’s and don’ts of dressing up in a rainy season. Have a look and dress accordingly.

Avoid thin fabrics

The foremost thing you need to pay attention to is the fabric of your clothing. There are a lot of fabrics that make us feel super comfortable but are not good for every kind of occasion- either because of their density or thin material or because of the color and design. Such additional factors must be paid attention to and then the fabric should be decided. The thing about monsoons is that thin fabric tends to hug your body when you get wet. So, this fashion faux pas can turn out to be really embarrassing for anyone. To save yourself from the horror, you need to avoid thin fabrics and pick something that is more dense and high-quality. Avoid synthetics and denim go for cotton instead, in trousers and shirts for that matter.

Say no to leather

There are so many fabrics in clothing and the bossiest out of them is leather. No matter where you go, leather is going to be your ultimate pick every time. This is because it has its own style statement and has the power to turn heads around with an easy-breezy attitude. But if you are thinking of picking it up even for monsoon, then you might end up in trouble. This is because the soaking and absorbing capacities of leather are nearly zero. It turns really bad instead and can make you look like a cartoon drenched in water. Moreover, it loses its luster once it comes in contact with moisture. So, you should never wear leather in a rainy season, no matter what happens.

Avoid Chunky jewelry

The best way to keep your jewelry intact and protect them from moisture and wearing off is to not wear them during monsoons! There are so many times when our jewelry comes in contact with water and starts to lose its shine and metal. this rusty and oxidized look of jewelry looks really bad and thus, you should make sure this doesn’t happen. Opt for sleek jewelry maybe, if you really want to wear it. Otherwise keeping them at bay is the best option. Wearing jewelry during monsoon is also a bad idea for the skin because it can cause irritation and itchiness. Artificial jewelry is too good at inducing allergies so you must avoid them.

Footwear at fault

Out of all the things that matter, footwear is one of the most imperative ones. If you are going out in a rainy season dressed all pretty, but you are wearing a pair of flip flops or stilettos or strappy sandals, then you have conducted a fashion disaster. This season calls for that footwear that can give full coverage to your feet and protect them from airy and watery surroundings. Wearing open-toe sandals is a bad idea and instead, rain boots or lug boots should be picked. They will cover your feet and will keep them safe all the time. If you are going to a business meeting, you must be thinking you can wear heels. But that is also a fashion faux pas during rainy days. Instead, pick closed sandals, boots or heels that are all zipped up. Avoid high heel sandals and make life comfortable in general.

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