Looking back to our old photos makes us remind how many mistakes we have done when it comes to fashion. We all make mistakes there is nothing new in that. Even the most voguish women have made fashion mistakes once in their lives but you know what made them stylish in your circle, the fact that they have acknowledged their mistakes and work on improving it. You learn from the fashion mistakes you make and look forward to not repeating them again which helps in improving your fashion skills.

Choosing the wrong outfit, overlook your body type, run for trends, copy someone else style, sticking to basics and not upgrading your style quotient are some of the fashion mistakes we all commit. But you really need to give up these fashion mistakes.

We have compiled a few fashion mistakes that you need to overcome this year and add versatility and elegance to your fashion sense.

Not Experimenting

We all tend to buy the same pieces over and over again. Look in your closet you can find a number of pieces that are similar to each other in design and color. Shopping the same pattern of jeans, tees, and shoes we all are addicted to splurging on the same items over and over again. And that’s the reason when we have to attend any event we have no clothes; nothing exciting and interesting to put on.

Experiment with your style, try-out different fashion pieces that you haven’t tried before. Just branch out your wardrobe by adding versatility and statement pieces that increase your style quotient. If you want to look stylish dare to experiment with colors and different patterns. Only then you can evaluate what looks nice on you and what not. Adding diversification is the best thing you can do to look stylish and trendy.

Splurging Unnecessarily On The Sale Items

Everything that is available on a discount doesn’t mean you have to spend on that. The most common mistake women make these days. Even if you are buying something expensive, invest in the item that you think you can very well extract your money from. We often spend on the items just because they are on sale and afterward we always find those items hanging in our wardrobe and we never wear them. Rather, invest money on the items or pieces that you feel yourself wearing. Shop the items that are a great value for money.

Buying Only For Occasions-

Girls can swear on this fashion mistake. You can totally relate to the fact that most of us buy fashion pieces when there is a specific occasion and then never wear them again, right? You surely need to stop doing that girls, it’s brimming your wardrobe unnecessarily and wasting your money. This year do your best to stop yourself buying specifically for occasions and try to invest in more versatile things that you can work with for different occasions and events. In that way, you can play with different styles and come out with something exciting.

Wearing the Wrong Bra-

We always overlook the importance of wearing the right bra with the right clothing piece. When you are dressed with the right bra that not only enhances your body type but also makes your dress fit you properly. It is the most essential basics when it comes to raising your style quotient and by ignoring that little piece you are making the biggest mistake. We stick to the same nude bra and wear it with every dress. Add versatility to your bra section. Shop for a different type of bra that you can pair with different dresses. Sports bra, t-shirt bra, a strapless bra, push-up bra are a few to start with.

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