Fashion trends that we hope never come back

Fashion trends that we hope never come back

Fashion evolves itself every now and then. It means new trends are introduced, some old fashion and their trends make a comeback, and so on. There are several ways you can style yourself and create a look for yourself. There are so many ways you can pair different things from different eras and make them work together. On one side there are several trends that are coming back and are gaining popularity among the people and on the other hand, there are some trendy that we wish never make a comeback. These are the trends that were famous in their era but we wish that they never come back as trends in the fashion industry. It is a good thing that they are not a part of the styles and aesthetics of today.
1: Everything camo

Camo was a huge part of style back in the days when people would love to get anything in camo style. They would go for t-shirts, shirts, pants, shorts, caps, gloves, socks, even shoes, anything and everything in camo. It was such a big trend that people used other colors together to create a camo and wear them. This was a great trend back then and now it would be great to keep them there. There is no need to get this trend back.
2: Useless belts

There was a time when people, celebrities, and everyone around would wear these belts around their waists, over the top, romper, dress, skirt. The belt would serve no purpose and was just a part of the look and was there on the waist. People would wear thin, broad, shiny, metallic, all kinds of belts. They were of no use and sometimes would not even match the look. They should not be back in fashion. It is a good thing that they are a part of the past.
3: Dresses over pants

You have to make up your mind and select either the dress or the pants. This was a weird trend back then and is weird even now. People would pair mini dresses with pants and wear these two together. This trend was popular among a lot of people back then and it is a good thing it is not popular now. There are so many other ways you can style a mini skirt or a dress and a pant separately. There is no need to combine things together that would work well separately.
4: Platform sneakers

This was used for a long period of time. People would wear this when they want to have additional height and at the same time wear sneakers for the athleisure look. This was a mix between platform sandals and sneakers and look uncomfortable. It looked like a block of material attached to sneakers and seems uncomfortable to walk in. the platform would have some weight to it. These were a mix of two styles that did not work well together.
5: Skinny scarves

Scarfs are supposed to be broad and have a good amount of fabric to wrap around your neck or to cover your hair. It is not a single piece of fabric that kind of looks like a thick tie. This trend is something we wish never comes back. People would wear it with all kinds of tops and dresses and it would not look good at all. This cannot be styles as a scarf no matter what and thus you should never add this to your fashion wardrobe.

Try not to recreate these styles or use these in your fashion aesthetic. There are so many different styles and fashionable items that you can add to your wardrobe to create trendy and stylish looks. These are the ones that never looked good or the one that was weird or uncomfortable. These might be a thing in the era that they were trendy and famous but now they lack the style and it is better if we keep them in their respective eras and not get them back in today’s time. This is a small list of the things we wish never to make a comeback. There are loads of other fashionable items as well.

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