Every skin tone is pretty. Every person is beautiful. It’s not ‘the fairer, the prettier’ game anymore. You will see dusky women in ramp walks and runways posing as models and even appearing in advertisements to endorse beauty products. Because beauty is not what you look like on the face, it’s what you feel on the inside. When you feel pretty on the inside, it reflects on your face and that glow is what we define as beauty! So the next time you hear someone saying, ’pink is your color!’ it means that color really flatters your skin and brings glow on our face.

Now, this takes us into thinking that different colors flatter different skin tones and bring out their glow. Maybe the color pink won’t do it as well as black. So study and analyze carefully what looks best on you and then go for the right option. We have listed different color options for various skin tones, have a look-


Fair skin tones have subcategories too. Fair skin tone doesn’t mean conveniently the whitest skin tone. They can have warm, cool and peachy tones underneath fair complexion. A dash of neutrals and less bright colors will always work and accentuate your fairness.

  • For fair-skinned beauties with warm undertones, shades of the earth will look great on you. Any shade of chocolate, light to dark or any shade of green, grassy to olive will flatter your skin and bring radiance to your face.

  • For fair-skinned beauties with cool undertones, go for light sweet colors like tamarind and rose. A dusty rose and bubblegum shade will put you in the highlight too. This is because cool undertones relate to pink and red, so if you wear such color, it will bring out a hint of color on your cheeks.

  • For peachy tones, you can pick clothes with cream and ivory hues. Grey is also a great choice as it will be in contrast with your skin tone. If you have a dull face, they will lift it.


As a matter of rule, always pick clothing in contrast to your skin color especially when it’s a dark tone. This goes well because of the thumb rule-opposites attract. So to appear classy in a crowd and for top-notch looks, pick all warm shades from the color spectrum. Pastels are also your go-to outfits for every outing. This is because warm colors show aesthetics and they will definitely add class to your outfit.

  • Fuchsia and shades of lilac and lavender have the ability to give definition to your skin tone. These are royal colors just like plum. They always look elegant no matter what.

  • On the other hand, shades of lemon and mustard are also a must for you. Don’t shy away from pairing them with gold and silver jewelry.

  • It’s a myth that dark beauties should not wear white. Instead they should and too much of it! You got it naturally because dark and white can never go wrong.

  • One thing you should stay away from is black and chocolate colors because they will make your skin look pale and dull.


 The safest place to be! You are such lucky girls. Being neutral, you can wear just anything from the color spectrum and nobody can stop you from slaying. You can walk into the room and turn heads wearing whatever you like. But for extreme flattering, it would be good if you prefer wearing soft and muted hues instead of very radiant colors.

  • Choose colors like jade rose and blush pink, corn yellow and blue lagoons. These will look amazing on your skin tone and never fail to impress anyone.

  • You can also choose grey and off-whites for solid color clothing.

  • Avoid picking bright colors like electric blue, hot pink and magenta because they will undermine your skin tone.

  • Never forget to pick red as your go-to color. We can bet on this one. Pick a mix of tamarind and bright red for yourself.

There are a handful of colors that look good on different skin tones. But it’s best to maintain a balance so that you don’t appear sloppy. Just be confident about your colors and attire and you’re halfway there!

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