With intricate detailing and color options, chokers are the most adorable fashion accessory. If they are chosen correctly as per the occasion, they can cast an everlasting impression. Thus, if you are looking forward to creating different looks for yourself, then this fashion accessory is your ultimate getaway. Go for any of the following choker styles and beat everyone out there.

Pick Colorful Chokers for a playful look

Chokers are the one style in accessories that showcase a chic style for every woman out there. They work as an additional charm in the entire outfit and thus, there are literally so many types that you can pick for yourself. Picking them in a mainstream black color is a great choice for all those who do not believe in experimentation. It is a safe and sexy option for all kinds of outings. But if you are thinking of dressing up in a chic style, then colorful chokers are your thing. These colorful chokers should be picked according to your skin tone. This totally depends on what kind of tone are you. Whether you are dusky, fair or medium- this will define whether you should pick bright, neutrals or flashy colors. For instance, a black or a similar dark color looks flattering for every kind of skin tone. For an unusual look. pick a colored choker with a dark outfit. Fair skin beauties should go for a bright colored choker.

Pick a fabric choker for a chic look

Fabric chokers have been around for quite a long time now. This particular design has actually been a part of fashion accessories ever since chokers were curated. They have been extremely popular ever since and thus, you must pick them for the perfect chic style. If there is one thing that adds to the overall look of your cool personality, then this would be it. A velvet, satin or lace style choker looks extravagant and makes for the perfect classy look. Thus lightweight necklace also comes in an ornamented design to give your look a cosmopolitan twist to it. There are a lot of options in colors, therefore, you can pick whatever tone you like. Wear it with an off-shoulder blouse for the ultimate style.

Go for a Bohemian look with a Crochet choker

Crochet fabric is a refined piece of lace and thus, it is the ultimate stylish piece for your accessories. If you pick a crochet choker in multiple colors, it will add to the boho look that you want to curate for yourself. With crochet, it almost looks like this choker is handmade and because of the intricate work, it adds feminity to the look too. Although, we wish to create a boho look with this one, so it is advised to pick a broad crochet lace choker. It looks super fashionable and creative and showcases the perfect street-style. For trendy looks, you can also pair stud earrings and then wear this one along. Go for a bun like style for your hair so that there is complete visibility of this choker.

A leather choker for a Goth-inspired look

Goth style chokers are a really unique option because they showcase a mysterious personality. They have this inbuilt charm to them and nothing can beat this. If you are someone who wants to show their dark and bold side, then this leather choker is everything. It makes you look tomboyish and also adds to the fierce vibe that you want to curate. Such leather and goth-inspired pieces are sultry and thus, the first impression that they cast is bold and beautiful. Moreover, a leather choker gives a slight edge overall. You don’t have to pick a plain leather design in chokers. Be innovative and pick a studded style or a boho design combined with leather for the ultimate looks.

Go for metal or tribal choker for a bold look

When we talk about metal chokers, we are actually referring to gold, silver, and bronze. Anything that you pick in metal chokers has the ability to cast a long-lasting impression wherever you go. And the list does not end here. You can pick metal chokers in these designs along with studs and embellishments on top. This gold/silver metal choker will be the perfect choice for all your fancy outings. A tribal choker also comes in similar metals but is more on the bulkier side. It has the potential to make your neckline fuller and thus, you can pair it with any mainstream outfit too. These also bold statement pieces can actually make a real impact. Go for multiple chains and bands for the perfect bold look.

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