Maxi dresses have this unique appeal that makes the person feel secure and comfortable with their own skin. They are highly feminine, charming and have the ability to make you appear stunning for every occasion. With so many horizons now, all the possible designs have made their way into maxi dresses. Some of the best ones have been listed below so that you appear classy wherever you go! Have a look and make your pick for the next sexy ensemble!

Ruffled Maxi

Maxi dresses have always been in and the reason for this is their versatility and comforting factor. Other dresses like midi, shirt or even calf-length might make you feel conscious about your body parts. But a maxi dress provides you with the utmost comfort always. There are so many pieces in maxi dresses and we have made our first choice. This ruffled maxi is one of the prettiest pieces ever with all the charm and feminine feel to it. If there is one thing that we would pin-point about this, it would be its flirty and chic style. There is a unique vibe in a ruffled maxi that looks great for casual lunches and garden parties. There is a British vibe in it and that is why it is loved all over the world. No matter what age you are, this one will always look classy.

Sheer Maxi

Sheer is basically a see-through or transparent dress that has a lot of flirty features to it. If you look at a sheer dress, it is bound to keep your eyes glued to it. This charm and chic feel to this dress make it one of the most popular dresses ever. If you pick this one is a maxi style, there is no turning back. You can pick it in any color you want and all of them are going to look flattering. This sheer dress comes with half sheer and half solid fabric and has the necessary fabric in the right places. Going out with your girls for a fun evening? Pull this off in the most stylish ways by pairing your pumps or strappy flats with it. In winter you can complete this look with a jacket or muffler.

Metallic Maxi

While we are at it, a metallic maxi is another wardrobe staple for all your night parties. Because of obvious reasons, this maxi dress cannot be pulled off during the day time. A metallic dress is more like a disco dress with all the possible shine and sequin. Thus, it cannot be worn for your daily outings. But you don’t have to worry since this one is the perfect ensemble for your night scenes. Pair this one with a nice velvet or cashmere stole along, wear dangling earrings and bulky jewelry to make them look bold. Pair your embellished stilettos along or go for a mainstream pump style. A metallic dress can be picked in a fitted style or an A-line style. Everything depends on how you want to pull off this look.

Asymmetric Maxi

Who said that maxi dresses can be picked in a straight length design alone? Well, if you thought so then you are highly mistaken. Asymmetric hemlines have been a thing this year and they have made their way to almost every possible apparel. If you are looking for something unique that will add dimension to your look, then this is it. An asymmetric hemline has the most appealing look because you can show off your legs a bit and still look covered and classy. The design has been so carefully curated that the front hem is a bit shorter than the back hem. This can vary and go sideways too. The hem on either side can be short too. The point is to pick anything but straight hemlines. You can pair this kind of dress with fancy boots and dangling jewelry for the best looks ever!

Pleated Maxi 

This is the classiest edit out of them all. The sole reason why we have called this one a classy piece is because of its design. This classic piece reminds us of royal days when the empress would wear a pleated dress and rule the throne. This pleated dress comes in a lot of variations now and looks timeless in each one of them. No matter what you are looking for, this one will satisfy all your trendy cravings. You can wear this one for your formal outings, casual lunches, and night parties as well. For formal outings, pick this one in neutral colors or fancy designs. For a casual outing, pick this one in bright colors or chic prints like florals. It is bound to showcase a stunning look for your next outing!

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