Sometimes we wish that we had a magic potion with us that can help to keep our young and beautiful skin intact for years to come with zero signs of aging, but unfortunately, that’s a thing that happens in the movies only and no such thing really exists in the real world, quite a bummer right? Well, we understand how it feels to see your skin starting developing signs of aging but it’s a natural process and eventually, you will have to face the harsh reality and embrace it like a pro. You do can delay the aging process but that will not stall it for a long time. Your eyes are probably the first areas on your face where the signs of aging start to appear and there’s nothing you can do about it except for concealing the area with the use of makeup.
Makeup is one of the most powerful tools to have by your side always, it can come handy on several occasions, which is why it’s always good to learn a few makeup tricks that can help you hide the problems and make your face look youthful and flawless in no time.
We have put together a list of a few eye makeup tips that will help you conceal the signs of aging and make you look youthful in an instant.

Shape your eyebrows in a different manner

Arched eyebrows have always been the most loved look amongst the girls for obvious reasons; it adds more definition to your face and enhances your features. But if you have started to develop signs of aging around your eyes, then it’s for best that you stay steer clear of arched eyebrows in order to make yourself look younger. Instead of giving your eyebrows an arched shape, try to give them a softer appearance and mimic the eyebrow look that you used to have when you were younger to make them look more natural. If you already have arched eyebrows then try to soften them up using a soft eyebrow pencil.

Switch to a brown eyeliner

A black eyeliner may have served you for years in the most loyal way but it’s time that you bid it goodbye. While black eyeliner can make your eyes look more defined and bold but when it comes to hiding signs of aging, it’s probably for best to stay away from this. Instead of using your typical black eyeliner, try switching to brown eyeliner that has a warm shade to it. Unlike black eyeliner, brown eyeliner won’t draw any unnecessary attention to the lines around your eyes or cast a lot of shadow, instead, it will help to brighten up the area and make you look much younger.

Nude pencil for the win!

A nude pencil has more uses to it than we probably know. It not only helps to make your eyes look bigger but it also makes you look younger. If you have been dealing with dark circles and tired eyes for quite some time now then it’s time that you switch your white or black eye pencil with a nude one. And also try to invest in a nude pencil that best matches your natural skin tone. Apply it on your lower waterline and see what magic it does to your face.

Use matte eyeshadows

As much as we love glittery and shimmer eyeshadows, they are not the most suitable choice for you when dealing with signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet. Stick to matte eyeshadow to create eye makeup looks. Applying glittery eyeshadow can draw a lot of attention to the problem areas and they also reflect light which could further emphasize the aging signs. Also, they can settle into those fine lines and wrinkles which could make things a lot more prominent and that’s not what we want.

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