Going back to college and in a dilemma as to what to wear and what not? People can usually differentiate between the different kinds of students and what year they are in with the kind of clothes they wear. The people who are having the first day of college, the freshman, usually dress up and are fresh and happy to be there and the seniors can be seen in simpler clothes and are tired of the projects and assignments. But that is not the case with everyone. Well not with you if you read this article and get to know about what kind of clothes to wear to college and to style in a casual yet chic manner and look fresh and comfortable in the college.
1: Have some simple, plain tees

If you are going to a college then you need to have awesome good quality tees. These can be cropped, normal, oversized, stylish with different designs, and so on. There are so many ways you can style a simple t-shirt that you would probably not need much time and effort to select what to pair it with and it would be extremely comfortable to wear this when you are going to your class. Pair them with different lowers and rock any style
2: Good trousers and pants

Jeans are too mainstream. Instead of jeans, you should opt for different pants and trousers that you can pair with t-shirts, shirts or any other top. Pants and trousers are great and are available in many shades, designs, and styles, and you can get the ones that work best for you and style them as your college look. Look stylish and yet casual with these wonderful pants.
3: Jackets and shrugs

Layering your clothes adds a new texture to them and elevates the look. You should have some denim/leather jackets along with some shrugs that you can style up in various ways that would make you have a great style. These jackets can be used in different kinds of ways and can be made into stunning attire. You can go for warm ones for cold weather and vice versa. Layer your clothes for the aesthetic you are going in. you can also layer other clothes that you have such as T-shirts and shirts and other tops.
4: Comfortable shoes and sandals

You would be running around the campus for a lot of your time in college as you would need to go from one class to another. The campus is usually big and that means you would be walking a lot and also not only just the campus, going out with friends and having fun might mean you walking around the city and thus you need to have some comfortable pair of shoes and sandals. You need to get some boots and shoes that you can walk around comfortably and heels and sandals that do not cause you discomfort when you walk.
5: Midi skirts

Midi skirts are in trend and would look cute when styled in a chic casual manner. Styling them up for college would not be a difficult task. Pairing a midi skirt with a simple plain tee is a cute and casual look that you can carry in college. You can even go for a stylish blouse that you can pair with this skirt and add more chicness. Pairing different kinds of tops helps you easily style the skirt and get ready for your lectures.

Casual chic is a great way to style up in college and go to your classes. You would be required to walk a lot around the campus and that means that you need to wear clothes that would be comfortable and something that would be appropriate according to the weather outside. Being a student is a tough task, and you need to be studying, completing assignments, have a social life, and look great too. You can look great by just simply styling up the simple clothes and making them work. You need to be confident in what you wear and know what looks great on you and complement your body.

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