Having dark armpits really embarrasses some people, and naturally, they have to give up on their without selves dress and tops. One thing I will beg you to get rid of right now is the chemical deodorants, switch to natural deodorants. They harm your skin and not only cause dark skin underarms but rashes as well. Having said that today we will discuss some ways in which you will be able to cure these dark armpits which certain simple home tricks. I assure the products aren’t expensive and you can find them easily in the nearby grocery stores. Since I mentioned the name grocery store you are wondering are we talking about eatables; yes we are going to use a few of them. So let’s begin.
I am going to discuss four methods so, in case you are allergic to the products then you can switch to the next method.


For this, you will need the absorbent carbon powder and honey. Take a glass bowl and add 1 tablespoon of absorbent carbon powder. It’s a black powder as you must know carbon is black. So step one, clean your armpits with water and there should be no deodorants on the skin. Mix the two ingredients together add honey just enough to make a paste. Since you took 1 spoon of carbon, you can add around 2.5 spoons of honey to make a good thick mixture. Remember you do not have to make it in dropping consistency as you need to stick it to your underarms for five minutes. Remove it, after the time and you will see a miracle.




Lemon and sugar granules are what you need for this method. Remember is not a one-day solution, before going to bed every night, clean up all-day deodorant. Now, apply this mixture to your underarms and remove it in 10 minutes. It’s better to lie down and keep your arms up rather than, standing with arms up. I cannot keep it for straight 10 minutes above if you can then go ahead.

Method -3


The ingredients you need are sea salt, baking soda, hot water, and white vinegar. Again make the mixture into a glass or ceramic bowl; if you take plastic then vinegar is going to crack the plastic container. Add one spoon of sea salt, baking soda, hot water and one and a half spoon of white vinegar. Don’t use any other vinegar like apple cider, you wouldn’t find results. Apply mixture for about 10 minutes and see the results. You might feel light tingling that’s normal it happens because of baking soda. Don’t panic, just relax. But if you get an unbearable urge to itch then, remove it that very instant.


Things you need to get are a juicy lemon, baking soda, and water. Since its all-natural homemade recipe, you would need to apply them for a week regularly to get the results. What you can do is, make it in the first go for the week or make it every day. If you are going to store it make it in a glass or ceramic jar which has a covering lid. Keep it in the refrigerator and before you apply it make sure it’s at room temperature. Now, add these to a bowl and make a thick paste of it. Don’t add water till the last. For one day you need is: two tablespoon baking soda and half a tablespoon of water and lemon. Mix it well until you see a paste. You can add more water if you like but don’t over-dilute it. Apply it regularly for 5-10 minutes, after clearing your arms and you will observe the result in the given time.
Some people have got the result by mixing baking powder and water in paste and applying it for 15 minutes a day. Now, choose your method and get those glowing underarms.

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